My Boarders

The Anderson dogs are here this week and they don’t let me get out of their sight, night or day.  Here is Dakota,Heidi’s beagle dog.   Dakota  must be about 11 or 12 years old now but you’d never know it.  I love this little dog!  The “girl” Heidi died at age 16 of kidney cancer – she is the special person who gave me Heidi the cat and her namesake.  Heidi Anderson loved animals and Dakota was her very special companion when she was so sick with cancer.  She was so loved and is so missed.

This is Toby, a retriever mix with tons of energy.

This is Moses, a mastiff mix who is the gentle giant.

So this week will be a “stay at home with the dogs” week.  I have several projects that need to be quilted.  I made this one from a jelly roll with some added solids.  When I get it quilted, I’ll post the directions for you.  The zip lock bag shows  what was left from the 50 strips I started with.  I can’t wait to make another one.

Remember Jackie, the quilt shop cat?  Well, she’s still curled up in any convenient basket close to wherever I’m working.

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  1. Vicki

    Our quilt group had a fabric exchange where we started with a yard of fabric and kept cutting it in half and exchanging pieces, cutting that in half and exchanging, etc, until we ended up with 8 pieces of different sizes and fabrics. We were then challenged to make something with those 8 pieces. Your jelly roll quilt gave me the idea to make a wallhanging using the 8 fabrics (all batiks but so different in color and patterns) and adding some from my stash. Amazing how those 8 fabrics actually looked pretty good together! So thank you for all the inspiration you provide with the projects you make.

    I do have a question about your quilting. I love the straight line quilting you do and plan to do that on this wallhanging. How do you choose what color of thread to use in your quilting with so many colors in the quilt? Thanks again for sharing all the projects you make!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Vicki – I always choose a neutral thread color – usually from white to ivory to beige to tan. I rarely choose colored thread – just a personal preference of mine.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Hey, Ann! I think they will but today they’re pretty bored!

  2. Lisa Kogan

    Love the critter update! Jackie was always fun as a companion sewing at CT. Can’t wait for the quilt instructions. Love it!

  3. Carol

    I am sure you don’t think your posts are anything special, however, they are an inspiration to many. I, for one, get so inspired to make each day count when I see how jammed packed your days are. Gardening, pets, quilting, shopping, entertaining, playing the organ, reading, chores, mowing, and I am sure a bit of cleaning and cooking….you exhaust me, ha. I would love to know what your diet consists of because you have so much energy and such a love for life. You have probably always lived your life on the go so you don’t even think it is exceptional. Love your blog!

  4. Paula

    Just noticed the measuring tape? Is there a reason other than knowing how big the new quilt is?
    Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula – no reason for the measuring tape except it helps keep things contained on the design wall. I love when I can use 44″ or 60″ backing.

  5. Jeanie

    I loved seeing the picture of Jackie. The first time we came to the shop, you were gone for the day, but we met Jackie outside. She went in with us and promptly jumped onto the counter and settled into a box for a nap–so cute.

  6. carol fun

    Your boarders are so sweet… I know they will have a wonderful week at your place. Love the quilt… what length did you cut those strips? This makes a very striking quilt and I’d love to play with this idea. Thanks for sharing… and that ball of fluff in the basket is just too cute!

  7. Donna Ondler

    Mary your posts really complete my day/week. Your days are always so interesting with pets that come and stay with you and the projects you roll out. Your my inspiration to not sit idle but do something productive. I love Jackie in the basket. What is it with cats and we who sew at our machines???

  8. Carol

    What a sweet kitty pic. I did not know your Heidi had such an important background story. I’m so glad she’s safely home with you.

  9. Kathy

    You are such a wonderful animal lover and I’m sure the “boarders” can sense your love and compassion for them. It’s poignant to see the namesake for you kitty represented a young life cut short due to cancer. That makes your Heidi so special. I hope the wandering habit subsides whenever Heidi is outside so you don’t get panicked. Your kitty Jackie looks just like my tortie, Brownie, who is a rescue from a moving neighbor. If she’s like my Brownie, you have a sweet and lovable kitty. The basket “bed” with Jackie in it makes for a great photo. Have fun this week, quilting and caring for the “boarders.” I love your life!

  10. Dorothy Sheldrake

    Noticed the measuring tapes on your design wall. I have one going across. Use it often. Will now add one top to bottom like you have.
    Love those sweet doggies. Adorable pic of the “Cat in a Basket” Good title for a Dr Seuss book

  11. Christina

    I loved the picture of Jackie so much I posted it to my Pinterest quilting board . Thank you 🙂

  12. Kathy

    Such sweet pictures of your boarders that you treat like they are your own. The cat looks like mine who sits on a pillow next to my sewing machine watching me sew as well. A very nice quilt to be home with this coming week. Can’t wait to see how you quilt it and post directions . Thank you as always for sharing your pets and day with all of us.

  13. Angie Rowland

    I can see Jackie saying to herself, “Not only do I fit, I can nap here as well.” The notes you send make us feel that we are right next door. Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. Betty Klosterman

    Glad to see that you still have the fur fiber content in your quilting. Animals are such dear friends.

  15. Launa

    Watching NASCAR and cutting different bkgrnd groups (30) for the PUMPKIN QUILT from Laundry Basket Quilts… Sorted thru some batiks and am waiting for the little granddog to leave with her family. Lawn got mowed….new neighbors have been moving in slowly.
    Your coin style quilt is attractive and I do appreciate seeing it and your boarders. It’s always fun to see the sleeping places cats find.
    Not a triple digit day here in the valley so I’m glad for that.
    Enjoy youe sewing and “boarders”, Mary.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – bet you’re glad it’s not so hot – hug the grand dog for me!

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