My Easter Break


Yes, I’ve been on Easter break – that’s why you haven’t heard from me – ha!  Dakota came to stay here on her Easter break and she went home this morning.  She is the best little dog!  The only thing we couldn’t agree on was what time to get up in the morning.  I’m on retirement time and she’s on “exploring the grove” time.  Kelly picked her up this morning and Dakota was thrilled to see her! 


Here is a series of pictures showing what kind of fun Dakota had last weekend when Emma wandered up to the garage.   


And Dakota loved to bark at the train going by. 



And a final series of pictures showing the destruction of my newly seeded lawn by the house.  Faye must be digging to China for something!  At least she only digs at the base of the trees and not in the middle of the lawn – I’ll have to be satisfied with that, I guess. 

14 thoughts on “My Easter Break

  1. Diane

    These pictures were precious! I’m sure they brought smiles to everyone who read this . . .Thanks for sharing.

  2. Launa

    Had a few sprinkles here today Mary so I cut one DEVIL’S CLAW block from CIVIL WAR REMEMBERED. Last night during the Duke game was no time to be wielding a rotor cutter!
    How fun to see Dakota’s reactions to Emma.

  3. Sue Davis

    I too figure if the dogs dig in only one spot it’s best to let them dig there until they get it out if their system. If you tell them that’s not a good idea to dig in that spot they will just find another. A chicken laid her eggs in one of our dogs tunnels to china.
    Please Mary buy our poor Emma girl a hair brush. It is much needed for that pretty girl.

  4. Patrisha

    Is that a quilt on the chair made as a protective cover? Anyway that is what it looks like and it is a wonderful idea. Love the love the pets portray. Thanks for all the inspiration you’ve been sharing as well with the new quilt book, gotta have.

  5. Mareen

    Oh it so reminds me of Tripper Mary – and maybe she is finding mushrooms?? She does have Terrior in her right? Thanks for sharing – made my day!

  6. Jeanie

    I absolutely love your blog, Mary. I really enjoyed the pictures of Faye’s “China hole.” It brought back precious memories of our Carly, who had one behind the hydrangea bushes; I think she liked the coolness of the dirt. There would be mulch all over–and we would just laugh at our sweet girl. These animals enrich one’s life so much–love all your stories and pictures. The little beagle who spent her spring break with you was so cute. I am looking forward to an Iowa road trip from IL for your June yard sale! Thanks for taking the time to share with us.

  7. Ann Barlament

    Looks like Dakota expected Emma to give chase, but Emma thought it was a silly idea!

    Oh my….a hole digger or were they just spreading that wonderful black dirt around the yard. Sometimes “helpers” are not what you need! LOL

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