My Favorite Kind Of Saturday Night

No, not out on the town, at a movie or having dinner with friends – my favorite Saturday night is bad weather outside, college football or basketball on tv, sewing at the machine and drinking beer! I lead a simple uncomplicated life, huh?

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Because I was worried about our storm warning for this morning, I didn’t sleep well and got up at 5 and by 8 I figured the ladies brunch at church was a Go. I grabbed my purse and set off for town. When I looked for my ticket, I couldn’t find it in my purse – what? You mean I left it on the counter at home? Oops, my phone must be there with my ticket because I did t have it.

Many people didn’t come because of the awful weather that had not actually started when I arrived at church. Breakfast, talking with friends, a program and the little girls sang 3 songs which I played for and it was sleeting when the brunch was over so we all hurried for home.

So with no camera, there are no pictures to show you. Ugh. It was a slow trip home on roads with a buildup of slush and trucks that wanted to go faster than I wanted to go. I hurried to the house where I expected to see my phone and ticket on the counter. NO PHONE OR TICKET! You’ve got to be kidding. Life was easier when I knew the phone was hooked on the wall in the kitchen.

I searched the house, the sidewalk, my car, Rick called my number repeatedly but no phone and I couldn’t call anybody because I didn’t know their number even if I used Rick’s phone to call. I stewed and worried and decided I couldn’t relax until I drove back to church to look for it.

I walked right to the coat rack where I laid my purse while I hung up my coat – no phone. But I reached clear to the back against the wall and yes, there was my phone and my ticket to the brunch! Obviously it slid out of the front pocket of my purse and since I thought I had left it at home, I didn’t even search for it. Oh, my heart was in my throat!

So no pictures of the brunch, weather will worsen tonight and cold temps will freeze the rain and slush into ice and then we’ll get snow on top. I’m quite sure we’ll have church in the morning but it might be a slow trip to town.

What a stupid post! Is it any wonder I’m happily drinking beer, sewing and watching football? Reed and Kathy and I sewed until 10 pm last night – very fun! Back to the game. Surely I can find something fun to talk about tomorrow. Don’t give up on me!

32 thoughts on “My Favorite Kind Of Saturday Night

  1. Dixie

    We all have days like this! Wouldn’t dream of giving up on you as I so enjoy your posts! Glad it all turned out ok!

  2. Sharon Ernst

    Hehehe! Mary, you are just as human as the rest of us! Except you can drink beer & sew at the same time! I can’t do that! My sewing ends up a mess if I drink & sew! Enjoy your evening! 🙂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon Ernst – it takes lots of practice but I have it perfected – haha!

  3. Dee Winter

    It was a really weird weather day for sure. It was icy here, then got better, but now the wind is blowing. I live in Shell Rock. My daughter lives in southern Iowa, they are on track to get it again. Her husband works in Des Moines, she went up to spend the weekend, but when they saw the weather, they came home. I am so glad I don’t have to go out except to get the paper tomorrow. I had a shopping trip planned today but we reconsidered, we are planning next week. Be safe.

  4. Paula N.

    Of course we won’t give up on you! I’m glad you found your phone. Did something similar. I was substituting and couldn’t find my phone in my backpack. I use it for the time to stay on the class schedule. Toughed it out until lunch time, then looked in my car again. I had accidentally covered it up with papers. Out of sight equals lost!

  5. Rita S

    Sounds like a sewing party. Enjoy your sewing time. Worked this week on a Christmas stoking for my Grandson, and a quilt challenge of Ribbon Runs Through It. Our quild chose the color red and the color had to go from one side of the quilt to the other side. It didn’t matter how just had to get there. I chose to take a water color quilt I started, take it apart and make it look like window panes. Even mitered the borders which I hadn’t done for awhile. It was 30” x 30”. Perfectly imperfect.

  6. Betty Klosterman

    I stayed inside all day except to get the paper and mail and just looked out the window when I went by it. The weather said we got about 5″ but it is hard to tell as it is very wet and sloppy. It is about 30 but the wind wasn’t blowing so it looked was nice. Been working at sorting thru stuff and finding a place for it. Sewing would be great but I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do first. Think I’m making some progress. There weren’t any warnings on the local TV so people must have all been out and about. The storm must have went a bit south into Nebraska and missed us. It either misses us or really hits us. The people out here aren’t bothered by the weather unless we get a real blizzard.
    Everybody, stay safe as bucking the storms is dangerous.

  7. Marilyn Cook

    Raining all day in Ohio. Cheering for Ohio State to beat Northwestern. Go Bucks!!

  8. Carol

    Well, I had a nice Saturday, too. Went to the thrift store to help my mother find an “ugly sweater” to wear to the senior center Ugly Sweater party…success!
    I found a super cute apron, gingerbread boy fabric, little buttons on the front, handmade, very well made. I just love it.
    I also found a cute runner, red and green Christmas fabric eight point stars, red and green points, on a field of white. Handmade, not the best Workmanship, but just right to teach my sister to stitch in the ditch and meander without wrecking her own handwork.
    And best of all, a beautiful fluted Polish Pottery bowl, with greens and blues, flowers and leaves… and a salt and pepper shaker set, again Polish Pottery, a man and a woman, decorated in blue and green…they make me smile,
    Oh my, I feel like I had a “Mary” day, because I came home and worked in my sewing room and sewed for hours…it’s the third day in a row that I spent hours and hours in my room, fixing my little sister’s work on her first quilt! Some sad little blocks that needed some love and attention, and I also took all her scraps leftover from the blocks and cut them into usable bits, threw out the tiny strings and nasty bits…and finally, this huge project is manageable and on on the way to completion! Phew!
    And I managed to get grilled chicken, sweet potatoes and steamed fresh green beans on the table.
    Watching season four of the Great British Baking Show Master Class on Netflix! Yea for a good day!

  9. Anne

    Oh.. I love you Mary!
    You are so human! And I love to see and have a few beers! As long as it isn’t something too precise:)

  10. Sue in Oregon

    Ah-h!! A relaxing evening after that hard driving sounds great! A nice fire and things you like to do with family you love. Now That is special. Happy sewing, Mary.

  11. Sherry Whalen

    Sewing and drinking beer, best night ever! I would be doing that – but we are at our son and DILs house babysitting the 2 littles here. That’s a pretty good gig too ( but they are in bed now and I could definitely use a beer lol). Their crazy parents drove to St. Paul for an overnight event. I am always looking for stuff – usually my cheater glasses, and they are usually on the top of my head. Or hanging on the neck of my shirt. Or on my face. Sometimes all 3 at the same time…… I am glad you found your phone. I have all of my red and white 4 patches sewn and I have all of my blue and white HSTs cut out and ready to sew! Maybe tomorrow night.

  12. Pat Smith

    Is there any more sickening feeling than opening your purse, finding no phone and not having a clue where it is? Well yes, opening my wallet and finding the space that holds my Capital One card empty! Beer and sewing is the answer! You are a very busy person. A few things are bound to fall through the cracks. I feel like more and more things are falling through…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – I decided I’d tackle that home page photo again tonight and so far I’ve managed to delete the chicken coop and animals logo and our photo is filling the screen!!!! Not the effect I was trying for – haha!
      Yes, missing phone or credit card makes me weak in the knees!

  13. Kathy Hanson

    Didn’t you have an interesting day!! I love your Saturday night, I am not a beer drinker but if I was I would have been right there with you! (I am a margarita girl instead!) Looks like you had the perfect Saturday night! I have spent the day working on a Friendship Quilt and just have the borders left to finish tomorrow. Enough snow that my husband didn’t want me to drive to church this evening so I am hoping it will be better tomorrow. Loved that even Reed was up sewing until 10pm! What fun to have him be such a wonderful friend and Adventure partner!

  14. Karen Juergens

    I concur with your idea of a perfect night-we live in Oregon and the dark, rainy days have returned-perfect for sewing, reading and watching old Christmas movies! We took the grandkids to an old German Colony Museum, where they re-inacted Christmas in 1872-candlelight and quilting-it must have been hard to sew at night without electricity. We are so lucky ( unless the power goes out)!

  15. Katie

    I have days, when I loose my cell in my house, w no land line, I get frustrated, I even look in the washing machine, and I have the days I am down the road and-leave my cell at home, they r In control..😯

  16. Robbie

    Mary, glad you found your phone! Recently my daughter (who lives in Indianapolis) attended a conference for work in Michigan. I went along to stay at the hotel and to work on a quilting project while she was busy at the conference. I cut patches and patches from clothing my sister had collected during her missionary years in Africa. I started assembling the quilt, and wouldn’t you know it, I couldn’t find a whole stack of them. I was so desperate, I cleaned my sewing room and my fabric closet and everywhere I could think of. I have about half of the quilt done now and still can’t find those patches! I just know the day I finish, they’ll turn up.
    Oh, well. I love your blog and the pictures. Thank you! I close every ad I see.

  17. Vickie

    I know the fear. My phone fell out of my purse at Office Depot while checking out and trying to wrestle some boxes. Went to the grocery store after several other errands and didn’t have my phone for the recipe ingredients. Came home and got on the iPad and looked under the app, find my iPhone and it showed at it was at Office Depot. Thank goodness it was safe behind the counter. The sound was tuned off so calling it did no good either.

  18. Vickie Lemonds

    Oh, Mary, you look so pretty! We are the same age but you do it so much better! I love your posts and you provide much laughter in our household. My husband always asks, “What did Mary and Hazel do today?”

  19. Beth

    It sounds like a perfect Sat. Night to me. I remember as a teenager that a Friday or Saturday night with no date was not a good thing. Now it is a wonderful thing…. LOL. Except for the beer. Can’t get past the smell to drink the stuff but my dh loves all the local brewery’s IPAs. I watched the Alabama/Georgia game, and as an Auburn Fan I was rooting for Georgia. (My dad taught at Auburn when I was just a wee young thing.) No snow here right now, and actually a warmup…. But RAIN and more Rain. Have to worry about local rising creeks flooding. Sigh………

  20. Rita Mulvey

    I’m glad you made it home safe. Ice is the only thing that frightens me. I slipped on black ice two years ago and hit my head on the blue stone step split my scalp four fingers width. Had to call for an ambulance because I knew driving myself to the hospital for stitches wasn’t a good idea. They used staples and didn’t have to shave my hair. Yay!
    Happy that you found your phone mine is in my pocket almost always and when it isn’t I start to panic. Funny how these little devices have become such a part of our everyday existence.

  21. Ellie

    We all have those kinds of scary times of losing things. So glad you found them again and got home safely from the second trip! Of course the most irritating part is you had to negotiate icy roads to boot! All’s well that ends well!

  22. Diane Bauer

    My Saturday fun was Art Therapy for Therapists, an event a dear friend puts on several times a year. We all bring appetizers, she and her husband each make a soup creation, there’s a bottle or two of wine, and we all create. I’m not brave enough to paint—not one of my life skills—and did a collage the last time I went so didn’t want to do that again. So I dug into the rather massive pile of UFOs and pulled out a star wall hanging that needed binding (mind you, this was an hour and a half before I was due at her house and I hadn’t made my appetizer yet either!). I got the binding cut, stitched, and attached, so was able to stitch all evening. Not quite done, but close!

  23. Launa

    Mary…was home with Pepper so I cut some pieces for a quilt block I wanted to try. Got 30 pieces sewn and decided the Alabama/Georgia game was too exciting so quit sewing and came out to check the new wood stove and sit in my power recliner. Pepper had claimed her cozy spot in the other recliner. No new snow then, but the trees are heavy with it.
    Weather predicts single digits a few nights. Heard some wolves howling far in the distance…we know they are around, but thankfully have never seen one here.
    Good to hear so many other quilters love sports.

  24. Diane in Central Ohio

    Hi Mary, The photo of you and Connie said a big HI to me when I opened it–lol. You both look great!! Yes, losing the phone is an awful feeling. Sooo glad you found it. It was 53 here in Central Ohio yesterday, but it rained alllll day while we went to buy our Christmas trees. Beer, games, and sewing sounds like a plan. It’s going to be 60 here today so I’ll go for a walk because the outside lights are up and everything outside is decorated:) No wonder it takes me so long to read your blog. I clicked on all the ads and one from Etsy kept me occupied:)

  25. Ann Barlament

    I’m enjoying everyone’s day…
    Mid-October I hired an Auctioneer to sell my house and items in it. The clean out guy saved more than I requested and Saturday, I decided it was time to attack the first box. It was packed full of paper and genealogy!
    I now have a stack of empty notebooks at my side and the box is half full of data to be tossed. I’m actually glad I printed much of this out, because the PC I asked him to bring me, probably won’t boot up and it has 50 years of work on it.
    Sunday, was much of the same. Genealogy and a 4 hour nap! Ahhhh…only thing missing, I forgot about football?

  26. Annette

    That sounds like my kind of day! We had a fire in the fireplace and watched college football all day. Still have a few Summer Shandy beers to enjoy until they start selling it again next spring. I stock up in August to get me through the winter.

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