My Newest Treasure

Look at this awesome old print – fruits in shades of faded reds, greens, and orangesI  I just love it and think it might suggest a color palette for a future quilt.  It was $7.00 at a thrift shop.  I set it on the mantle for now.

And look what I found on my biggest tomato plant – yup, 3 small, almost ripe tomatoes!

Becky asked if I wanted to go to the fair today (I thought she knew something I didnt) and when we got there it was set-up day which is what I thought.  Passing through Britt we stopped at the tiny quilt shop there and I bought these Australian fabrics for my Gypsy Wife quilt.

They are inspiring me to try out a block.  I am attracted to these fabrics but still don’t really understand how to make them work the way I want them to work with other prints.  Trying again to be brave.  Ha!

16 thoughts on “My Newest Treasure

  1. Sue Dietz

    This must be the season of brave. I’m working on two quilts, one applique and one pieced, that are really out of my color comfort zone. I decided I wanted to stretch myself while I’m recouping from back surgery. Healing going well, not so sure about the quilts.

  2. Holly

    Those tomatoes look delicious! And I love the Australian fabrics, too! What fun to find a treasure for $7.00.

  3. Anita Fetzer

    I don’t know either but they are GORGEOUS…. Maybe not use all of them in one block ? Can’t wait to see what yu come up with….They certainly say GYPSY…

  4. Martha C Engstler

    I look forward so much to your emails and your pictures. I think you found a real treasure with your $7 fruit picture. I enjoy seeing your blocks, I’d never have the nerve to try some of those fabrics but it’s fun to see them work for you all.

  5. Louise

    Love the me they are screaming out to be in your gypsy quilt. The tomaters look delish and the print is sweet, soft and vintagey.

  6. Diane

    Wow–two things money can’t buy, true love and home grown tomatoes:) The picture is great. My painter husband said use the two blues with a solid or near solid dark blue or navy and the two others with a solid or near pinkish, salmon whatever that color is!! He’s my go to color guy:)

  7. Nikki Mahaffey

    Love the fabrics……… Gypsy Wives I think almost anything will work…love the movement these fabrics suggest

  8. Mary C.

    I love those Australian prints & think they’re just right for the Gypsy Wife. I really like the reproduction blocks you posted yesterday, those are the fabrics I always gravitate toward when shopping, but I’m trying to break out of what I usually do and pick prints I normally wouldn’t consider in about a million years! It isn’t easy!

    Aren’t thrift shops great? I stopped at Goodwill today to look for an extra office/sewing chair to shlep to retreats. No luck finding that, but I ended up with 4 nice little frames for less than $5 total that will be perfect for punch needle projects. Now all I have to do is actually finish one!

  9. Carol

    Love the print, love the fabrics! I think some solids and Australian fabrics would be great in a Gypsy’s Wife…wish my stash was full of those aboriginal fabrics! I would do a whole GW quilt with those and solids!

  10. Launa

    Mary, Those Aboriginal prints are truly beautiful. I’d decide on a pattern number, then take recipe file cards, trace and cut out the various pattern shapes as viewing holes to “audition” before cutting.
    The old fruit print is just wonderful.

  11. Mary Says Sew!

    The fruit print reminds me a bit of the radish print fabric with an aqua background from a few years ago.

  12. Teresa

    Your tomatoes look delicious, mine aren’t ready yet but I hope they will be soon (I live in Port Coquitlam, BC). Those Australian fabric are gorgeous, can’t wait to see them made into a Gypsy Wife square.

  13. Becky Rose

    Hey, Mimi!
    Maybe we will have to try the fair again on Sunday — after church!

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