My Problem

See this sweet little ginger jar? It was probably made in the 40’s and the original cost of 25 cents is still marked on the bottom. I paid 50 cents for it at the thrift store because I think it’s so sweet. Here’s my problem — I have no earthly use for it, no reason to buy it, no one to buy it for …. but I think it’s pso sweet I bought it anyway. Why do I do this??? What am I going to go with it? My house is full of these types of purchases – this is my problem. I even hate to display it outside and be the person who ended up breaking it after it survived all these years! I could use some advice – got any for me?

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  1. PJ

    It is precious just as is…but if you ever want to part with it let me know…I love it!!!

    1. Kat

      I can relatet to that, I say the same thing, my kids will sell it all someday

  2. Vicki

    Love vintage pieces and you manage to find some lovely ones. Have you ever considered offering it in your shop? It would make a great button jar. Customers tend to be very careful with vintage items. Just an idea.


    PS. You have a great online shop to order from!

  3. MartyCae

    I see nothing wrong with this type of collecting! You have a lot of good company amongst your customers! There is something about possessing an item that is visually pleasing, even if it does not have a purpose. My home is full of such items and between quilts, cat, feedsacks, antiques ( items older then me – ha!) when I wake up in the morning I have a feast! I am happy! Your pictures make me happy too!

  4. Diane

    Hi Mary–Use it on that quilt–it looks great. In the bathroom with potpourri? Take lid off when company comes:) Use as vase for little pink roses? Put all pink buttons in it? I love it, too.

  5. Suzanne

    Take the lid off and put it pretty side up beside jar. Fill jar with short stem flowers, greenery, Baby’s Breath…..anything you want. In other words, use it as a little vase.

  6. Norma Gebhardt

    I think you should make your own potpourri from some of your beautiful flowers. Keep the jar with potpourri in your powder room. Take off the lid off once in awhile. I too am drawn to pretty things from the past. I have a friend ,in her eighties ,who once asked for a deviled egg plate. She now has about one hundred. She said her kids will give them to people at her funeral.

  7. Michele

    Looks like an adorable baby gift if you could put q-tips or cottonballs or something like that in it!!

  8. Launa

    ENJOY IT MARY….. It was probably the Rail Fence quilting design with the Daisy pattern that caught your eye and mine. You are one in a million when it comes to bargain hunting.

    My little granddog, Mercy, goes home this evening. She was so good here.
    Happy 4th of July tomorrow!

  9. Sharon Hultgren

    Call it your, “smile jar”! If it makes you smile, it’s worth more than anyone would ever pay for it!!

  10. Dorothy

    Do you have a consignment or antique shop close by? I buy lots of similar items and take them there, and they resell them for much more than I paid! We both make money!

  11. Ginny Jackson

    I have and will do the same thing. At the very least you and I and others are enjoying it now. Due to me being paralyzed and not living in the house I had before my divorce; I have my “Christmas tree” collection, basket collection and quilts stored in bins in my brother’s garage and basement. I can’t see them now but I have some with me and the memories of them and someday I hope to have them displayed again. If not my heir will no doubt have one heck of a great garage sale. Don’t stop picking up what appeals to you.

  12. Marcia B

    I actually don’t see this as a problem…you liked it, you bought it, pack it away. It will be the perfect gift for someone, someday….a baby gift with flowers, a valentine gift filled with candy. Don’t fret…

  13. sue dietz

    You love it and it brings you joy. Keep it and just love it until you tire of it. I’m finding that those things of beauty are so important. If we make it to you one of these days, I’ll buy it from you. I love it too.

    Sue Dietz
    East Tennessee

  14. Carrolyn Vidal

    Just enjoy and feel the happiness when you look at it. Know that buying it and owning it deprived no one of what they needed. If it brings you joy,…..even only for the moment… is a wonderful thing. And if that feeling repeats when you see what…..what harm can that do? Life is so hard and difficult at times that we must take time to enjoy the “little things.”

  15. Bonnie

    It is a lovely piece, I would put it on a table where I could look at it often, there is always room for one more thing!!!

  16. Mareen

    Happy Birthday beautiful lady – I know you are “proud to be an American!”

  17. Nikki Mahaffey

    Love it, then when the opportunity presents itself past it forward for someone else to love. How about a shelf or corner in the shop for previously loved items to be sold forward?

  18. Anita Fetzer

    I do the same thing I have lots of “isn’t this adorable” things…this spring I went thru the cupboards and shelves etc and donated those cute little things (most of them) to our Sr Center Garage sale…It’s a really good feeling but not sure your ready for it….think about it…and good luck…

  19. Nanette

    Well….I do know that either food, things, or for those in the quilt world, we collect or buy things to give us pleasure. I say, put it on the shelf and enjoy it! Life is short

  20. Packer Pati

    What a sweet ginger jar and for what you spent just sitting there pretty is all you need! Could store old buttons or favorite tea bags OR when you are really old they could hold your false teeth at bedtime!!JUST a thought!!!

  21. Donna

    You rescued the jar and someday it will be passed on. I have lots of family treasurers that somebody rescued, and they make me wonder about all the previous owners, most of them out on the Kansas prairies. Meanwhile keep it and enjoy it along with that wonderful quilt in the background!

  22. donna j

    Happy Birthday Mary!
    The Ginger Jar…my grandma used them to store rubber bands in the kitchen, buttons and thread in her sewing room, and another in the kitchen to capture little things like pins, paper clips, tacks, pennies. I love the little pink jar. It is sweet just like you. You got some good suggestions up above.
    dj from south central KS.
    Happy Fourth to all of you, too!

  23. Malynda Reed

    If I were you I would save it for a Pet Urn, in case a customer, or someone you know, has their cat cremated. It would be a purfect jar for a female cat urn!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I said the same thing about it being an urn – its not very big tho ‘ so the cremated pet would have to be small!

  24. Susie

    Just enjoy all your “finds” ! I think we just like to surround ourselves with interesting items,and if they are bargain priced…even better.I have a friend who removes one item from her house for every new item that enters. As long as you feel good about your home and have plenty of space to live your life,these items are just a bonus! As quilters we just love the hunt,the deal,the color,the texture…..enjoy!

  25. Lee

    Mary, I, too, enjoy picking up cute little items. I live in a condo so my storage is smaller than a house. I have items I label winter display. I display them in winter then replace them with the spring collection. Summer replaces spring and fall replaces summer. It is fun and I find space for a rotation.
    Enjoy your find and if nothing else….pay it forward. Enjoy!

  26. Ann Barlament

    For those of us that find treasures, we don’t need any reason for wanting to own it – other than “I love it”. Who knows, someday someone will cross your path and tell you, “if you are ever willing to part with this, I would be interested in buying it from you.”

    I never questioned my hubby’s need to surround himself with all computer gadgets. And he didn’t comment on my “junk” treasures. When he died (a year ago) – there were over 22 computers in his computer room! Each to their own…

    1. Gwen Herbert

      It is just a silly little addiction we all have & buy that that something we really don’t need. Live with it & enjoy!! It’s sweet!!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – 22 computers! And I can hardly run even one – ha!

  27. Jo

    Oh Mary you and a caretaker and an awesome one at that. There are a whole lot worse things to be in life!!

  28. Renee

    You know what the zen masters say…”if you can’t pick it up, put it down…if you can’t put it down, pick it up”. Keeps it simple!

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