I have collected several Nativities over the years. It all started with the one in the closeup which we had as kids and Mom let us play with it. That would be the reason Baby Jesus has to lay on the floor now – we broke the manger many years ago – probably about 60 years ago and even though Mom tried to repair it with toothpicks, it didn’t survive. Neither did the stable so I bought a new one. I also have several children’s books but my favorite is The Nativity by Julie Vivas.
It’s raining steadily here with a temp of 35 degrees – I wonder when “the shoe will drop” and it becomes snow?

16 thoughts on “Nativities

  1. Peggy

    Mary, with all your talents . . Grab a piece of old barn wood & put together a little “bed” for that poor baby Jesus!! His gonna’ be cold!

  2. helen

    I am sure you mentioned in the past, but tell about the Christmas sampler quilt in the background, please. Thank you.

  3. Lauren

    Love all your pictures of your collections. I guess we all collected different ones over the years.
    Love the Christmas sampler quilt hanging on the wall — is that one of your patterns?? Tell us more!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Launa

    Mary, Your display is wonderful with the quilt in the background. Just have two Nativities out this year. My retired son was visiting last week and asked where the one he and his brother played with as youngsters was. One Christmas after both sons were married I took all the ornaments each had received over the years and let them take them to their own homes.

    Just damp fog here this morning. Santa will be needing Rudolph and don’t forget to watch for Santa and his sleigh on NORAD!

  5. Susan

    What charming memories! Raining in southern Wisconsin as well. I’ll miss not having a white Christmas but it sure beats last year’s winter!

  6. Carol Schmidt

    I really like that sample Christmas quilt. Was that in a book or a pattern that I didn’t notice? Carol

  7. Jan VanDeWalle

    Thank you for sharing your Nativity scenes with us, I wish that I still had the one from my childhood, not sure where it ended up. Merry Christmas.

  8. Joan

    Enjoyed seeing your Nativities. I have more than one myself and they are my favorite Christmas decorations. Wonderful to still have the one from your childhood!

  9. Bernadette Jackson

    Love the quilt wall hanging. Is it available for purchase anywhere. Probably not but I had to ask. I wish I had the manger we had under the tree as kids. They were cardboard cut outs. Very lovely.

  10. Karen

    I, too would love to have that Christmas quilt pattern. Is it still available somewhere?
    Christmas blessing to you as you enjoy your retirement.

  11. Ann Barlament

    I too have our childhood Nativity set. I received it the year after I bought mom the “all white Nativity set” she always wanted. I cherish the old set, but now that mom is gone I also have to deal with the all white set (which I hate).

  12. Felicia Hamlin

    Greetings Mary, and a Merry Christmas to you! I never made it to your final sale, but read your postings of it. I am glad you still have the animals, but will miss the quilt shop even when I didn’t make there to often.

    God bless you, Felicia

  13. Andrea Mitchell

    I purchased an adorable Nativity from Fisher Price. All of the pieces are made to be played with. It even plays music when baby Jesus is pushed on. I don’t have to worry about using some of the other Nativities that I have.

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