Connie and 2 grandkids


Stopped at Connie’s house on Saturday to see Claire and Ben who were spending the weekend. They live in DesMoines and I don’t see them very often – their squabbles are entertaining to me but probably not so much for grandma.



We went up to Connie’s sewing room and her shelves of fabric looked so beautiful, I knew you’d enjoy seeing them. She is working on several projects, one being Civil War for January.
I’ll show you some Christmas decorating this week. Thanks for all your kind comments.

19 thoughts on “Connie and 2 grandkids

  1. Penny Carter

    Thanks for sharing. Connie’s Grandchildren are adorable and they look just like her!!! Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Linda Lutz

    You have made amazing progress and have adapted well to your “new” life!! I’m working on my new life also as I decide whether to go back to long arm quilting and/or back to working in the quilt shop. Life will be “sweet”! Also, did anyone adopt the kitty??

  3. Launa

    Nice to see a girl who enjoys using fabric. My oldest granddaughter is a Marine Biologist, but as a young girl about the same age as Connie’s Claire would come along to the local quilt shop with me, sit and visit with quilters who had finished a class or just “shopped til they dropped”. She now has some time to quilt.
    Yippee……..the Raiders won their game!

    Looking forward to the Christmas decorating pictures. Someone posted a pic of packages of Valentine candy hearts showing up in a store already. I am hooked on Jelly Bellys.


  4. mary rhodes

    Thank you for sharing! You are enjoying yourself! Wow ! What a wonderful sewing room! I love how she arrange the room! Looks large! That will be my goal for 2015!

  5. Lenore Guajardo

    Her fabric is SEW neat….pun intended….I wish my fabric could stay neat that way…
    I do keep trying though.

  6. Dee

    I am loving your email! Now I don’t feel quite so much like I have lost my favorite quilt shop entirely.

  7. Cynthia

    Connie you look great – glad you get to enjoy your grandchildren. Merry Christmas to you, Roy & family!!! From the New Mexico cousins:)

  8. mimi du moulin

    J adore les armoires de patchwork c est tjs bien rangés!!!
    bonne fêtes de noël à votre famille

  9. Jeanie

    I loved seeing Connie’s grandbabies and her wonderful sewing room. My favorite pic was all of them on the loveseat; the dog seems okay with the extra family visiting.

  10. Ginny

    Ben looks so much like my grandson Niko…same shirt and expression. I showed the picture to my daughter and she thought Niko had escaped!

  11. Becky Monroe

    Seeing Connie’s storage solutions for her stash totally inspired me to reorganize my own storage. Everything has been crazy since Mom passed away, while I tried to figure out her stash, figure out what to do with unfinished projects, and how to figure out what fabric I have in the house! I am not thru yet as i have to sort be shade and size of fabric, but I am well on my way and SO excited!

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