A Discussion About the Slab Quilt


Last week I started making these blocks from black, brown and rust scraps. I was introduced to “slab” quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg who wrote Sunday Morning Quilts. I used my design wall to start placing blocks together in big slabs. Here is the finished quilt laying over the quilting machine.


Here is a picture showing just one slab block and the cover of the book I referred to. Also shown is a picture of a Gee’s Bend quilt that could be categorized as a slab quilt. To quote Amanda: the slab concept is sewing scraps together to make a piece of fabric, p. 48 of Sunday Morning Quilts.
Now what could be more fun than randomly sewing pieces together, squaring up and adding another piece which also could have been created by sewing 2 pieces together? I loved it! Yes, I’m sounding giddy again here because it was so much fun with so little stress. I’m going to be sorting my scraps from now on with the intention of making more slab quilts.
Someone asked about the little quilt hanging on the design wall – it is Little Farmer’s Daughter.
For more pictures of slab quilts, go to Crazy Mom Quilts, Amanda’s blog site and look in her older posts. If you make a slab quilt, I’d love to see a picture.

10 thoughts on “A Discussion About the Slab Quilt

  1. Mary Etherington

    Phyllis – I have no email address for you but if you would like to reach me, please email to maryecountrythreads@gmail.com. I think you are referring to a barn quilt that we sold to JJ Quilts in Sun Prairie but Country Threads is closed permanently so they are no longer available.

  2. Diane

    I bought the book because you suggested it, and I love it. I sometimes just look at the pictures:). I haven’t made anything yet, but I will. I’ll be honest; i didn’t like your quilt until I saw it all together. I will try one. Thanks for the ideas. Love them and receiving your blog!

  3. Holly

    I have the Sunday Morning Quilts book, too and I’ve made quite a few slabs and turned them into two dozen of the boxes that are in the book. I gave most of them away and it was great to use scraps and turn them into a nice little gift. I have a bin of floral scraps and strips and after seeing your quilt, I think I’ll try the slab method on them, too. I actually spent a day sorting my scraps as described in the book. It’s pretty handy when I need a certain color to reach for the container with that color in it. It’s a great book– I’ll probably make almost every quilt in it.

  4. Jan Mittler

    I agree with Linda. Thanks for clarifying what is a slab………
    A slab in Texas mean the foundation of your house. HAHA! It is a precious quilt.

  5. Leslie

    So glad you continued to blog! I missed knowing what was going on in Iowa! Love the puppy standing on the blocks! That would be cats at my house!

  6. Karen

    Love how it turned out! If using sll similar neutrals, would also be great background for prim appliques as well.
    I also LOVE your foam puzzle-pieced flooring — is that the stuff we get for kids to build with?

    Thanks for sharing your top and insights — one day I WILL make something a la Gee’s Bend!

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