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I promised an update from the quilt shop on new projects. I made a new Disappearing 4 Patch from Bartholo-meow’s Reef charm pack – it’s the one with the paper embellishment quilted into the back-ha! We have 10 of these packs and will cut backing and binding if you wish. Same goes for Mirabelle Disappearing 4-patch – 9 charm packs left.
And here’s the Sew Happy quilt by Sandy Gervais. Kit price is $24.95. It has little pockets for sewing supplies.

And here’s Connie unwrapping Howard Marcus Collections Circa 1852 — it is just beautiful in red and brown and we will be cutting fat quarter packs today.
I think that catches me up in the quilt shop- our next big announcement will be the Goat Sampler pattern and kit. We’re almost finished! Thanks for being so patient.
We are under a storm watch until tomorrow – April 3 and 4!!!

8 thoughts on “New projects

  1. Diana

    Everytime I see your announcements I get excited thinking it is the goat sampler and pattern. Yippee, you said it would be next and I can order it! Hurry, hurry, but I know you have other things to take care of first. Just anxious.


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh, how I wish we had ordered about a hundred red and brown charm packs. I am using it for Charm School in May and have just that number on hand and a couple extra in case someone signs up for Charm School at the last minute. It’s a beautiful fabric line – very traditional colors and patterns. Why don’t the fabric companies take note of what our customers yearn for?? We cannot order more charm packs – we had to make that decision last November when we saw the swatches.

  2. Gwen Herbert

    Are you using the reds / browns in a disappearing 4 patch pattern ? & how much for this as a kit? I love these colors!

  3. nancy wingo

    Love the quilt with the circle quilting on it! Did it make you crazy going in circles?

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Good luck with your snow. We got 7″ of it yesterday in Rapid City and it is almost all gone this afternoon. Water all over! Moisture. Betty

  5. Ann Barlament

    Love the smaller quilts with the spiral!! Many of my smaller UFO’s are surfacing to the top of the pile and might get done.

    I am just west of Mpls. and it’s like we are in a snow globe and some jerk keeps shaking it. Been snowing since early afternoon, big FAT flakes and will probably continue all evening (sigh).

  6. Linda Marquette

    I so enjoy your blog with updates on the shop and farm. Great to see the smaller projects! What is the name of the quilt displayed behind Connie’s shoulder? It looks like fun to me! We’re in the snow globe again too…

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