New York City Trip

The picture of Roy at the farmer’s market just posted – ha! Connie and Roy are in New York visiting their son Dan and they had a fun day yesterday being tourists. Here they are on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Connie said everybody was using their cell phones taking selfies. She thinks she must have walked 20,000 steps on Saturday! Everybody in NY walks – Connie got her workout in without even trying.

Here is her son Dan at work as an artist working in acrylics and she sent some more pictures of a paper project.

I think these are the paper projects – she didn’t explain too much to me. How would I know? I’m sitting in Iowa!

I’m sure you will have questions about these pictures – so do I- ha! We’ll all ask Connie when she gets home.

Here’s a picture I know something about – it’s Colton in the chicken nest.

And here’s the latest chick roosting under Mama.

FYI – Betsy has 35 baby goats. They raise these goats for sale. I got an early Christmas gift which I’ll show you tomorrow. Back to sewing – here’s a pile of triangle squares waiting for me.

Connie’s dog Hope is staying with us while they’re in New York. She feels like part of our immediate family – I love her!

Notice that her legs are covered with a white powder – she loves to go in the feed room! She loves to do chores with me – city dog that she is! Ha!

14 thoughts on “New York City Trip

  1. Jane dumler

    Those Labrador’s love barns and ranch and farm activitie#. We have had a black lab in our house for more than 40 year#. Must say they are not particularly fond of lying in the sewing room. Not enough activity there. Love Hopes picture—our current lab is called Mandy and she is our third rescue.

  2. Louise

    Thank you for all the great photos…however…I think Hope’s diet might need to come down a notch, she
    looks like she has packed on a bit of the pounds lately..just sayin..☺️

  3. Diane

    NYC is always fun:) The artwork looks like some kind of punched paper? It will be interesting to hear. Hope just loves to be with you , Mary, that’s why she’s in the feed room and “helping” with chores. Great to see Colton and the little chick. Warm here in Central Ohio for getting our Christmas trees today. We had three tree lots in Western New York that I helped to prune so I truly appreciate all the work that goes into a great looking tree:)

  4. Kathy

    We are like Diane in Ohio with some unusually warm weather here in western NY so I am glad it’s great weather to be out sightseeing south of us in NYC. Walking is how you get around there for sure. But after looking at your pictures I have a new use for one of my children’s old bulletin boards from their rooms!!!! Perfect for holding pieces of cut fabric together to get them over to the sewing machine
    Without moving around. I have seen cookie sheets used, flannel boards but this one is the best cause it’s a reuse of a found object.

  5. Susan

    Hope is a beautiful Lab with a wonderful name. Eagerly awaiting what you are going to do with those triangles! It’s has been a gorgeous week here in southern Ohio. Yesterday after church people were out raking huge piles of leaves, doing the last bit of mowing. I quit raking last week. It is supposed to be 61 today so I will finish up the outside Christmas decorations. Some snow flurries possible this weekend.

  6. Barbara

    Nice to see Connie and Roy visiting the Big Apple to see their son Dan. The paper projects look interesting. They remind me of foundation pieced stars. Love the weather here in Western Pa today. But rest of week is forecast to be in 30’s. Good quilting weather.

  7. Sue Davis

    Good morning Mary
    Oh how I love Colton! I came up there for a camp the year before you closed, Colton was a teenager then. You were willing at that time to let me take him home, but I told you I already had a cat! You called me a “light weight” lol. But I’m glad he is so loved and still is a silly boy. And I enjoy seeing him. What would he do without you and the farm! Have a blessed Monday. Sue Davis, Argyle Tx

    1. Mary Etherington

      Sue – I hope you weren’t offended that I called you a lightweight – ha! There are 16 cats around here right now including the 4 in the barn plus JB and Colton who love it in the barn, too. Some are getting pretty old – but nobody dies.

  8. Joyce C

    Love your blogs and your farms goings ons!!! I’m a farm girl at heart ♥️ Hmmmm… I bet we’re going to see a polka dot kid arriving at your farm soon..😊

  9. Ann Barlament

    Sure, distract us with sewn triangles. I want to hear about your Christmas present. Will Reed get one too?

  10. Ann Barlament

    I LOVE Hope! I remember back in 2007 when Wayne said he was getting a roommate…a big Black guy named Buck. I had been out to my folks and stopped to use Wayne’s bathroom. This growling Black Lab met me at the door. I asked, “Buck?”. We were buddies from that moment on!!! He gave me a reason to get up every morning!!

    1. Mary Etherington

      What a great memory of Buck!! Yes, they do give you a reason to get up, don’t they?

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