Day 2 in the Big Apple

Here’s what Connie sent – written in her words.

Here we go again – church at St. Patrick’s – always inspirational. The music was great, you would have loved it and in that huge space —- anyway, the church was packed….standing room only, luckily we got a seat at one of the side alters.

Next we crossed the street to Rockefeller square and the Christmas tree. I tried to give you an idea of how crowded it was…everywhere people and their cell phones.

(Connie told me not to use this picture but I wanted to see the ice skating rink – sorry, Connie.)

Next to Gotham Quilts — I’m always surprised when we can find an actual store we were looking for!

Only modern fabrics for sale and also sewing machines. Here are the fat quarters I bought.

Dan and Serena in a coffee shop – it is still nice enough to sit outdoors.

Today Dan and Serena are off to work so Roy and I are off to Central Park, an exhibit on Michal Angelo and whatever mischief we can come up with. I sure miss Hope! Loads of dogs everywhere — along with people and cell phones – ha!

Thanks, Connie, for a glimpse into the Big Apple – looks like you’re having a great time. Hope misses you for sure – she hardly wants to eat! See you tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Day 2 in the Big Apple

  1. Martha Engstler

    Thank you so much for sharing Connie’s pictures. Cell phones can be great when taking pictures like these. Some are better than a camera and so easy to share the pictures. I always wonder how you take such good pictures, camera or phone. Appreciate all .

  2. Sue

    Looks like (by her forbidden photo) that they are having a great time. That’s great!

    Her fat quarter selections are great looking, but I am still in love with small prints and old standards and country colors. The modern ones leave me wondering what in the world would I do with them?? I think I had better figure it out because there are more and more of the modern type now. I keep working on the stash in my sewing room without buying the new.

    Thanks for the great scenes of New York, Connie, via Mary.

  3. Rebecca

    Loved all the pictures. Many thanks for sharing. Oh that fabric store and its modern fabrics!

  4. Launa

    Loved seeing NY sights again. We resided in CT years ago.
    Dan’s creativity reminded me to look up the Victorian wire sculpture I had bought many, many years ago from Guy Pullen…WOW…some on sale online for far more than I had paid for my tall Victorian house. Looking to find a place to hang it here.
    Good to see the stack of fabrics Connie bought. Great colors.
    We have a gingerbread house and a village kit all ready for our granddaughters to put together and decorate here. They arrive this week.
    Had about 9″ of snow yesterday and a light dusting last night…plenty of work plowing while Pepper jumped at the blown snow and ran thru it….had wet snow balls hanging on her long fur. Got that thawed off her and she slept in front of fireplace. So much energy.
    Enjoyed seeing your half square triangles, Mary.

    1. Mary Etherington

      Launa – I can almost see Pepper with those snow balls hanging off her fur – I know she’s having a good time in that new snow. I’ve never made a gingerbread house – I’m jealous. Would love to see your wire sculpture.

  5. Judy Knorr

    I hope Connie went to see the current exhibit of quilts at the American Folk Art Museum. It’s a fabulous display of quilts made by men while serving in the armed forces.

  6. Mary Etherington

    I’ll bet Connie wishes she had known about that exhibit – IF she didn’t see it. She and I visited the American Folk Art Museum years ago.

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