My Christmas Gift

No, it’s not a baby goat like so many of you have guessed. I sorta wish it were but I remember those days of bottle feeding and I’m just too old to go thru that again. Plus I could not give it back – it would be mine forever and if I die, who will take care of it? Reed maybe?

No, this special bag arrived in the mail from Jean S.

And here’s a closeup – it’s made from selvages! I can’t believe it – I’ve heard of selvage quilts but I’ve never seen this in person.

And here’s a peak at the lining – chickens!

What a thoughtful gift, Jean! Thank you sooo much!

See – I told you it wasn’t a baby goat. Next post – Christmas decorations.

Our weather went from 66 degrees yesterday to 20 degrees this morning with a wind chill of 5. Yikes!

27 thoughts on “My Christmas Gift

  1. Kelley

    How very appropriate to have a chicken lining in your new bag. What a thoughtful gift. I also thought you brought a baby goat home.

  2. Susan

    Beautiful bag, Mary! I have friends save me all their selvages in hopes of making something with them some day. That is a wonderful gift.

  3. Diane

    That will be great to use when you’re shopping at the thrift and antique shops. Great gift:)

  4. Launa

    Wonderful gift…great use of selvages. Lucky you, Mary.
    Reed would love a goat baby!!! He seems like a most responsible young man.
    It was exceedingly cold last night up here in Idaho, but no new snow predicted for a while. Trees still have snow on branches…hope to cut our tree this week. Have outdoor and inside activities planned for our granddaughters.
    Enjoying your pictures.

  5. Helen Davalos

    Your gift is awesome!!!!! Wow, it’s cold there. I need to stop pouting- it’s 54 degrees here in San Diego county and I’m freezing. I need to go outside and sit in the sun😃

    Happy Holidays Country Threads🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

    1. Ann Barlament

      Sounds like perfect weather (said the frozen kid from Minnesota)!!! I’ll trade you the 50’s for a pile of snow!!! LOL

  6. Paula in Texas

    Stay warm, the cold front has reached North Texas too! Love your new bag, a gift from a special friend, is always the Best!

  7. Janice

    I love your bag! Great Christmas gift, so creative. I know what you mean about bottle feeding, this gift is no maintenance! It’s still around 42 here in Topsfield, MA. No snow yet but we are supposed to get some this weekend I guess. As long as it’s not a foot of it, that’s ok with me!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jean – and I’m not the only one who likes it! Readers do, too. It is a special gift – I’ll bet I don’t get another one that is this thoughtful!

  8. Lynda Nelson Arduser

    So cute, and I’m looking forward to the Christmas decorations. Have a great day and stay warm !

  9. Brenda archambault

    Had a baby lamb once who required bottle feeding. We named her Cleo and it was a happy day when she moved out of the back porch. And 15 capon chicks in the front hallway. My daughter named then Tom, Dick, and Harry, figuring she’d have better chances of calling them by the correct name. And yes, I’m way too old for any of that any more.
    It’s “cold” here in the Phoenix area, tho up to 66 so I won’t complain too much. But we could use some rain. It’s been more than 100 days without any.

  10. Sue Davis

    Hi Mary.
    That is an amazing gift, from a wonderful gal. You will put that to good use and it will be a show stopper!!
    Oh Mary, you didn’t hurt my feelings, you were right I am a light weight! But I still love Colton!
    Stay warm
    Sue Davis

  11. sandra

    I love the bag made .I think,I will search the internet and get some directions.Thanks for sharing.The weather is fairly warm in Indiana for December.

  12. Kathy

    What a perfect gift for you. I save all my selvages and made a tote bag many years ago, I also made tree shaped ornaments one time for our quilt guild members and tried to incorporate as many names of the fabric designers on the selvages into the ornaments. Boy did they have fun when I told them to look on the tree for the selvage ornament with your same name. I had a lot of selvages with Judy and Diane written on them but we didn’t have one member with that name! I think you will collect them too.

  13. Anna M

    The bag is very nice. I save my selvage, too, but so far have only used them in the garden. I use them to tie up the tomatoes. Maybe someday I’ll do something cool like your bag. Lucky you didn’t get the snow with the cold. I had to walk thru drifts to feed the chickens today. ( I live south of Sioux Falls). I think winter has arrived!

  14. Sharon Geiger

    Love the bag – inside and out! We have similar weather right now. Instead of the wind chill we have the GUSTY winds of 35+ mph. Hang on to your hats!

  15. Kate

    Well, I’m just completely jealous. That bag is wonderful and the lining. Oh, I love it. I save my selvages, especially those with writing on them, so I can see a project in my future.

  16. Paula

    I love selvages, I have made a tote bag, checkbook covers, pot holders out of them. The cold is hitting KY now. Paula in KY

  17. Ann Barlament

    Maybe you will have a new goat, but after it passed all those bottle fed mornings??? One for you, one for Reed, one for Myra, one for….

    I’ve been saving salvages as well. I wonder if the packers kept them for me??

  18. Wendy

    I thought for sure you were going to get the dappled goat! Not that the bag isn’t nice…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo – she must have had an awful lot of selvages,huh? Yes, I love my bag, too!

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