News of the World, 4-2-21

Yes, the movie “News of the World”! I went to see it tonight at our local theater opening and I LOVED IT! Tom Hanks will surely be up for many awards himself as well as the movie – a western taking place in 1875 in Texas Hill Country which I also love. A great evening and now women’s college basketball is on TV.

The wind blew 48-50 mph today from the south but I braved it and went outside to rake from south to north letting the strong wind help me move the debris in the lawn. Oh, so many sticks I picked up and the wind has now littered the yard again. Ugh.

Did you read my post yesterday to say that the April Dirty Dozen number is 2. Here is Connie’s #10 from last month.

Here is my #10, an old Country Threads quilt called Morning Glory.

Now, I’m going to set the records straight – I never said I created the Easter basket with the crosses and the tomb. I saw it online and you guys just assumed I created it which was very sweet of you but wrong, so wrong! I should have said more about it but I don’t know anything except it popped up on the feed somewhere and I loved it. I can tell you liked it, too. Next year I’m going to make one myself.

We had a Maundy Thursday service last nite and I missed the cross walk today because I went to Mason City to get a pedicure and I eventually waited over an hour. After 30 minutes I decided it was going to be too long to wait but they just insisted I was “next”. Ugh – next was another 30 minutes – so I missed the Good Friday cross walk.

So tomorrow is a ballgame Saturday nite and Moe is coming to play for the day. Fun for Hazel and Telly.

I don’t have time to tell you what I’ve been working on but I will. Connie and I are going to have a rummage sale with the city wide garage sales May 7-8. Yikes!!

More tomorrow! Good night!

Guess who came back today for an extended stay? Siri!

20 thoughts on “News of the World, 4-2-21

  1. Sue Jacobson

    I was snuggled under a quilt made from the same collection that Siri’s quilt is made of! Loved those fabrics! From about 1998-99!
    Happy Easter!

  2. Sherrill

    I’ve wanted to see that movie since it first came out but still haven’t made it. With Covid, it seems they only have showings in the last afternoon/evening and I don’t like going then. I’ve always preferred late morning/early afternoon. One of these days I will see it!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherrill – we have one choice – 7 pm Friday, Sat, or Sunday. I’ve never gone to a movie in the morning in my whole life! Haha!

  3. Beryl in Owatonna

    We probably thought you did the Resurrection scene because you are so talented! It looks like something you would create!! I may save the picture and try one my self next year too!
    Siri is so pretty!!
    I hope to start sewing again soon. I just haven’t been able to concentrate since I had that virus…soon I hope.
    I have spring fever…I bought 3 planters and soil, now I have to wait for warmer temps and the flowers to come into the stores!! I will do a couple of hanging baskets too. No other place for flowers at the apartment I am in.
    Have a wonderful Easter!!! He is Risen!!

  4. Ginger S.

    I also loved News of the World. I had read the book last year and really enjoyed it. I couldn’t wait to see the movie. We actually rented it through Netflix so watched it at home. Tom Hanks was the perfect Captain Jefferson Kidd. Love your blog!!!!

  5. Jean Elliott

    Where are you having the rummage Connie’s? I’m going to be in Garner that week so will be going to the rummage sales!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean Elliot – yes, at Connie’s house – 795 Bush St.

  6. Charlotte Shira

    Love your quilt and Connie’s too! The Resurrection Basket popped up on my Facebook yesterday. I really like it. May try to make it next year….if I remember!
    He Is Risen!!

  7. Carol

    I encourage you to read the book. It is very short but impactful even after knowing how it ends.

  8. Frances E

    So, is your Morning Glory quilt hand appliqués or machine appliqués? Siri is such a sweet girl.
    Happy Easter!

    Frances E.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Frances E – it’s both hand and machine applique. Honestly when I found it was my number 10 I no longer liked it very much so finished it with machine appliqued morning glory blooms and some of them aren’t very nice. I quilted it and even had trouble with the longarm on those fused flowers so this quilt is going to enjoy the remainder of its life outside where I can enjoy it from afar. I think I’ll hang it on the fence that I can see from the house.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    I once went to see a Christian Movie in the morning and thought it was a nice time to catch them from now on. Well that changed once covid hit!
    I have been working diligently to finish my DD #10 – Harvey- so hoping today I will just in time for the very important date. Holy Week is a tough one for me since losing a parent during it and this year it all lined up just the same dates as we went thru the calling hours and funeral service so made it even harder for me dealing with the walk on Good Friday. Sadly I am losing a friend and another one died a couple days ago so trying hard to feel life. I wish covid was over.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in western NY – I am so sorry,Kathy, for all your losses!! I hope they all haven’t succumbed to Covid – yes, I wish it was only a memory for all. I feel so lucky to live in such an isolated area that has never seen a big hit of Covid even though it’s around. I’ve been vaccinated now for almost 8 weeks and I feel such relief!

  10. Julie D.

    Oh, the next time you come to visit your friend in Charles City you need to make an appointment ahead of time with the gal who does my pedicures-Robin. She is wonderful! She loves all animals, rescues many, and helps other people find homes for them. So plan on an hour of wonderful relaxation, great conversation, beautiful toes, and smooth feet!! I am definitely going to go and see that movie–love Tom Hanks! Happy Easter to both you and Connie!!

  11. Jo in Wyoming

    That does sound like a great movie.
    My little quilt group is planning to have our textile blowout this summer, aka garage sale for all things quilting. My contribution is getting bigger and bigger.
    I’m going back to jail Tuesday. So, getting a teaching bag, samples, lesson plan, show and tell, all this together. I’m excited, scared, nervous. I only have 1 hour with them. That’s a lot to pack in one hour.

    Siri is a beautiful cat, but Miss Hazel is top!
    Happy Easter, Happy Spring

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – how exciting to be going to back to “normal” – tell the girls hi from all of us! What’s your first project going to be?

  12. Sue Smith

    Good luck with your teaching, Jo. The men will love it, as always.
    Happy Easter everyone from me to you.
    Spring has sprung in all her glory here on the Oregon coast.

  13. Donna A Wyatt

    So nice to see the tulips and daffodils popping up through the ground. We cleaned off the flower bed today. The grass is getting green and it is so fun to see the birds returning as well. Feeders are full and little kittens in the barn, soon we will have baby calves!
    I have renewed energy to get going on some quilt tops. I want to do 1 quilt a month. So far I am at my goal and the 5th one is in the process. I have been enjoying seeing all the beautiful quilts people have done.
    Can you make the Morning glory pattern available for purchase?
    Enjoy having that beautiful cat, I love her eyes and random spots so beautiful.

    Again, Happy Easter ~

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