The Perfect Day! 4-3-21

This was that one day that I dream about all winter – warm, 70 degrees, no wind, sunny, the absolute perfect day to work outside. The only problem is that I can’t rake and clean flower beds all day like I used to and that makes me so mad, disappointed, disgusted – you name it! I had to come in and “watch” the first game – actually I fell asleep in my chair and then I went outside again. I cleared the area alongside the ramp – raked and cut down the dead Karl Foerster grass and raked the front yard.

I am moving hydrangeas into this area this spring and moving the grasses out. There isn’t enough sun to support the grass but it will be perfect for the hydrangeas and I’ll put up the iron fence sections along the hydrangeas to keep them from falling over.

Moving on to the “rock garden area” which also has too much Karl Foerster grass – I’m going to take down the landscape block that keeps tipping over anyway. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? It will be easier mowing, too.

This is definitely a work in progress!

I have three definite areas to work on but will try to do only one per day. I have the lily bed, the hydrangeas and the area next to the quilt shop on the north side of the sidewalk. When the day comes that I can’t do this work anymore, I’ll know it’s time to move to town and life as I’ve always known it will end. It’s too hard to think about.

In the meantime, here is Connie’s #2 for April. I love it!

And I haven’t looked for my #2 yet. I have 3 projects going right now, 4 if you count the bird quilt on the longarm machine! Yikes!!

Have a blessed Easter, Friends!

PS – I got so involved in the game that I forgot to hit “publish” – have you ever seen such an ending? College basketball at its finest!

He is risen! He is risen indeed! Happy Easter to all of you!

27 thoughts on “The Perfect Day! 4-3-21

  1. Kathy

    I have always loved that Red Cross quilt, Connie! I cannot wait to see it’s progress!!

  2. LaNan Eldridge

    Happy Easter yo you too! It’s a great day for music too!! And yes it was an amazing game…WOW!!!

  3. Diana in Des Moines

    What a glorius morning in the Lord! Missing church today. My hubby had the vaccine Thursday and still sick as a dog. We will watch the live stream. Dinner at my son’s house later will probably be just me. 😟
    Happy Easter! He is risen indeed, Hallelujah!!🌄

  4. Lois Ann Johnson

    It WAS a glorious day yesterday! Bailey and I sat out on the porch when the sun was on that side of the house. I have already reached the stage where I am not able to tend to so many flower beds. I have some perennials plus annuals in pots for the patio and porch. We just have to know when it is “time.” Egg casserole in the oven baking; it’s for our church Easter breakfast. He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Hallelujah!
    Have a blessed Easter, Mary!

  5. Joyce from NY

    I know what you mean about not being able to do what we did before, I don’t like it all, my grandchildren are a big help. Just putting binding on my bullseye runner. Happy Easter everyone 🐣

  6. Lorraine McGeough

    You make me tired just reading about your yard work plans. I too get very frustrated that I can’t do what I used to do outside working or inside! Take care of yourself and just do what you can do and one day at a time.
    Happy Easter to you also.

  7. Kim T

    Happy Resurrection Day! You have ambitious plans! I have gotten to the point that I no longer get mad, but sad about what I can and cannot do anymore. And then I say to myself “it is what it is.” Have to accept that I am no longer a spry youngster. (I am 66) And I am thankful that most days, I can still walk up and down stairs, dance to music in my living room, put on 8,000 to 10,000 steps, quilt for several hours, and sit on the floor with my granddaughter (and get back up)! Also thankful for the beautiful weather! Blessings to all!

  8. Vicki in Seattle

    “Happy Easter” to you, Connie and all the blog readers! What a great day you had yesterday,
    Mary, and topped off by one of the best Basketball games I’ve seen in a long time! Gonzaga and UCLA played their hearts out! Thanks for sharing your gardening photos! Spring is such a wonderful season
    full of Hope and new growth!

  9. Kathy Hanson

    A Blessed Easter to you, Mary!
    WOW, so much work in your yard but so beautiful!!
    And what about the end of the last game last night?!!! Suggs was the hero for sure, we were on pins and needles!!! One more game on Monday! Sorry to see the last of it but what a season!

    Have a wonderful day – and, ‘BE STILL”

  10. Launa

    Happy Easter to all. Missing my 4 Grand’s and 4 Greats and their parents on this glorious Sunday!

    Go ZAGS! Can’t wait for their Monday’s game!

    No yard work here yet, Mary…too much snow, pond is still thawing, and the cow Moose hasn’t returned!
    Am thankful for another sunny morning! 34o now @ 8 am!

    Thanks for the pictures.

  11. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Happy Easter to all of the bloggers and especially to you, Mary, Rick and Connie. I watched the last half of the Gonzaga/UCLA game. What a great ride for UCLA, they have been amazing, going from First Four to Final Four and they almost did it. They certainly have nothing to hang their heads about. I think the game tomorrow night is going to be something else. Glad I have nothing else on my agenda, except piecing at my machine, of course.

  12. Mary Rhodes

    Happy Easter to you husband and Connie! Yes I can’t do what I used too! Came to realize it when I totally clean the car out ! So tried. Take your time on beds! Been lots of sunshine but cold in Ohio! Gave up on flowers years ago. Do containers. Oh the wonderful music u b playing! Enjoy!

  13. ChristieB

    He is risen indeed! Happy Resurrection Day! Beautiful morning for Sunrise Service, Brunch and Church service. Enjoy the beautiful that He has blessed us with! HUGS… and stitches

  14. Jo in Wyoming

    Yes, it is a beautiful weekend all over. We still have snow so yard work is not in the plan for a while.
    Try some construction glue on that block. I see you have a friend out there to help. My big branch manager crossed the rainbow bridge last summer, so it goes faster, but it’s not as much fun. Loretta hunts prairie dogs, not big branches.
    I’m thinking about landscaping with more rocks and boulders. Lot less water and mowing.

  15. Margaret in North Texas

    HAPPY EASTER to all, Mary and Connie. Mary, get some teen age boys to clean up your yard. You can age in place for several more years–just change your method of how to do it. We all have to make adjustments as we go along!

  16. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Happy Easter, it’s not about the bunny! He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!
    Great Gonzaga/UCLA game, quite the nail biter with a fabulous ending! Go Zags!
    Such a great basketball program at such a tiny school, really our hometown heroes.

  17. Linda Zanatta

    When you can no longer do the yard work check with your schools FFA teacher we’ve been able to hire some really hard working young men who will gladly do the work to make some extra cash. We do pay well and I always manage to have fresh go made cookies and a drink for break time! Never have had any trouble with them coming back to mow or do whatever until they graduate. Win win all the way around!

  18. Diane Muldoon

    Well…I am 73 and furious just like you…absolutely bat mad crazy. I cannot even garden any more., never mind roller skate backwards or play jump rope It happened so fast. I had a cataract removed last week. I went into the waiting room and was so sure I had made a mistake. The room was full of old people with canes…Then I caught sight of myself in the glass….Alas…there was no mistake…Walking with you…enjoy what we can do…xoxo

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I’m sure glad I’m in good company!! Yup, both cataracts, then laser and then both knees!!!

  19. Joy

    Us ‘old gray mares ain’t what we used to be’. I’m going to have to clean up the shrubbery around the house in bits and pieces! My back fell apart last summer… I’ve found out I have spinal stenosis and arthritis in my lower spine and got a cortisone shot which has helped some but I have to take it bits at a time! Ugh! So we hear you and know how you feel!

  20. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Kids, grand kids, and grand dog, Finn, here this weekend. Grandkids start getting the vaccines next week😀. Talk about two evenly matched teams!! Whew! We watched the game, then went to bed, but stray cat came so we had our purrtime and I watched the highlights. Both teams played hard! Mary, my husband is having back trouble so he hired someone to mow. I’d do it, but he bought a mower the size of Mt Everest! Sooo, you can hire when need be😀. 73 here today—beautiful Easter Day.

  21. Lynn Handberg

    He is risen ndeed!

    Yes very exciting ending! It was a great game and as always only one team wins but both deserved it! Clutch shot at the end, just can’t beat that!

  22. Patty

    Happy Easter Mary!
    So happy for you to enjoy the nice weather.
    You are an inspirational woman in all you do.
    Best wishes for more good weather this coming week.
    Yes, that game was a heart stopper! In high school, I lived in Zanesville, OH for a few years. There was a wonderful basketball player, I still remember his name, Gary Steel, he would make shots like that final one in every game.

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