No more checks! 8 -14 -21

I don’t have this many cookbooks to sell – do not write to me and say “save one for me”. I will put them in the mail in the order I receive the money! That’s all I can do! These cookbooks have been around for many years so if you miss out now, too bad. This is just an ordinary cookbook – the only thing special about it is Charlene on the cover!

I should have made them $50.00!!!

8 thoughts on “No more checks! 8 -14 -21

  1. Susie Q

    No need to save me one…. al though I did take out an envelope to address to you…… then I thought……. I have not cooked in 27 years….. no need for a cook book.

    1. Sherry Whalen

      I laughed when I thought about getting one of these cookbooks too – I still cook, but I always try to figure out how NOT to cook lol.

  2. Kathy

    Not quite the only thing special!. I have a recipe in there (or pretty sure). Gave it to my mother as a gift AND she gave it to Goodwill. Let’s see if I get lucky.

  3. Judy

    I was not surprised at the requests you had coming in. I am sure it is like all the community cookbooks I have on my shelf. It is filled with delicious recipes from the best cooks.

  4. Linda

    I’m so glad I still have mine from the Houston quilt show several years ago. One of my favorites.
    Quilty hugs, Linda

  5. B. J. Berlo

    I think you are right in sending out the cookbooks in the order of when the checks get to you. That’s the fairest way to do it!

  6. Janet S

    You can only do what you can do. Everyone who didn’t get a book will survive just fine. Thank you for your efforts.

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