Have you seen the movie “Noah”? It’s coming to Garner this weekend and I plan to see it. In preparation I decided to enjoy our Noah quilt in my east porch area for the week. Connie designed and made this quilt years ago and it is one of my favorites. I did finally finish my Wear Warm Clothes quilt so I’m wondering if I could complete Noah before I die. The ladies at my church made it so I enjoy seeing that one every Sunday. It is in my Top Ten Country Threads quilts! Who has tackled this quilt?

13 thoughts on “Noah

  1. Gina T.

    Never tackled “Noah” — never saw it before. But I’d LOVE to do this quilt! Is there a pattern available?

  2. Helen

    I did finish Noah and this design/ pattern is among my favorite. Noah looks splendid hanging in your porch area.

  3. Lynn Willis

    I am working on finishing the borders of my Noah quilt now. Can’t wait for it to be done. I will be interested to hear how you like the movie because I was horribly disappointed. I almost walked out on it, it’s very inaccurate. HOWEVER I saw God Isn’t Dead yesterday and would encourage every Christian to see it and anyone who is on the fence, it’s WONDERFUL!

  4. Susan

    Noah is not Biblical I would not waste money on that movie, God’s not Dead is a much better movie.

  5. Brenda Simmons

    I will not be going to see NOAH. Everything I’ve read says it is not biblical. Talked to a couple people last week who did see it and they were very disappointed.

  6. Valerie

    I have the pattern…bought it at your shop one year when you had an open house before market in MSPL….it is ‘still’ on my bucket list… along with several other of your patterns!! Love it!!

  7. Patrisha Bargo

    Lovely lovely quilt, how about a BOM or… Kit? I have a hard time locating fabs as these kinds of fabs are as scarce as hens teeth in my area : )

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      We had this as a BOM years ago – we can’t buy the fabrics anymore either! So sorry for all of us!

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