Tuesday Update




Don’t forget to send a birthday card to Ina this week! She will celebrate her 85th birthday this Saturday and we are having treats this week to celebrate. Cards can be sent to : Ina, Country Threads Quilt Shop, 2345 palm ave, Garner, IA 50438.
Last week I found another old chair for the goats- here are Susannah and Baby Moo looking them over. Rick suggested maybe Susannah is not able to get into a chair anymore with her lame leg. That makes me sad.
This red and brown quilt is what I’m working on for May Charm School.

Just a note about Noah – yes, this is one of our patterns which is still available on our website. It started as a BOM but is now available as a complete pattern for purchase.
Yes, I’ve heard the movie Noah does not follow the Bible and yes, I’ve seen “God Is Not Dead”. I’m going for entertainment-I go to church for Bible study. Aren’t all movies considered entertainment?
Piano tuner coming this morning and the Globe Gazette is coming to interview Ina for an article being published about her on her actual birthday! Very exciting at the quilt shop this morning!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Update

  1. Another Mary

    Could you remove the legs from Susannah’s chair? A few inches may help. Or what about a ramp that fits under the seat cushion?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Good idea about the chair – the first thing I can try is removing the seat cushion – thanks for such a thoughtful idea!

  2. Mary Welker

    I too saw the movie… Yes it was different from what I was taught but still an entertaining movie. I always think there is
    Room for discussion during sunday school..
    Love the red and brown quilt.

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