Not Much New

Honestly it’s been a really busy week but nothing of much interest – mostly mowing, picking green beans, we moved our little booth at Junkin Gal.  I’m working on a pretty big project that I’m not able to show you just yet because it’s a gift and the recipient reads this blog so it’s top secret for awhile.

i did clean this antique quilt and hung it for a picture because it’s such a great scrap quilt- not at all hard, just fun piecing at the machine

I’ll measure these rectangles and post it – I like that they’re smaller.

And I picked a few of Faye’s miniature hollyhocks and used this old planter that I bought for 25 cents a few years ago at a garage sale.  Which reminds me that it’s Garner Garage Sales tomorrow and Saturday.  Sounds pretty fun!

It’s Mary Had A Little Lamb, of course.

Next week I’ll be giving away some books – mostly Martingale books but Connie and I have some duplicates that we’re going to give away, too.  You’ll be eligible to win with a comment and an ad click or two.  There’s so much I want to do but can’t do with such a bum knee.  So aggravating for a person who has been very self sufficient all her life.  Grrrrrr……..

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  1. Diane Bauer

    Cute little planter!! And I love the quilt—LOTS of pieces but looks like it would be easily rotary cut.

    Labor Day weekend was a weekend of laboring here! Jenica and I went up to a friend’s cabin and helped split and stack wood for the whole of Saturday. It was a great day in the mountains doing good work! I spent Monday working on my #5, but had to quit when I realized none of the local quilt shops were open to sell me binding fabric, so I switched to Frank and got two of them (one for me, one for Jenica) quilted and ready for binding! Felt like a pretty productive day!!

  2. the other Angie

    Sometimes, “not much new” is a really good thing!! Love the planter and that antique quilt is so simple but so wonderful! I wonder how many times the person that made that had to refill their bobbin? I hope the blog issues are all behind you cause it is so good to see these again.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      The other Angie – the blog problems are being kept at bay for now but every time I start a post, my blood pressure must go up and I just hold my breath. I’m hoping a permanent solution is coming – working on it!

  3. Donna Sproston

    Wish I was closer for the upcoming sale. When I closed ads, I had to laugh at the two for hearing aids. I think my husband and I said, ” What did you say? ” at least a dozen times today.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, Linda, it Is Prairie Mallow but my mother in law always called it miniature hollyhocks. She gave me a tiny pill bottle of seeds and now they’re growing everywhere! Love them!

  4. Jan VanDeWalle

    Love the Antique quilt. I spent the weekend on the Washington coast , Westport area. My son and family take me to visit my sister every Labor Day weekend for the last few years as the family doesn’t want me going that far by myself. my sister and I just mostly sat and visited, The kids went to the seafood fest.
    Jody and I don’t walk very well or stand in lines so we stay home. She had been gifted a large box of fabric from a friend and we sorted and she shared with me and will share with her quilting group next time the four of them are together. Beautiful fabric, lot of batiks, some big pieces and some small, and I got to pet every piece.

  5. Kathy Hanson

    So sorry that your knee seems to have gotten to the “end of its rope”. I hope you can get it fixed soon! Love the little planter and the quilt. I hope to get to the Gypsy Junk Girl Sale, sounds like fun!

  6. Launa

    Mary, Closed 3 ads. Join the older age group! Sorry about your knee. Your Oblong Pieces quilt is pretty, thanks for sharing.

  7. JudyE

    I have had knee replacement surgery in both knees. Still having problems with the
    left knee after 29 1/2 months. Best surgeon
    ever at Mayo Clinic is Dr. Rafael Sierra. Just know that surgery changes what and how you can do things. The pain relief is a blessing! Don’t wait too long too to get it done Mary!

  8. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Oops, I thought it was Little Bo Peep… who found her sheep!
    Reading along, closing ads, not always responding but I’ll BE IN IT TO WIN IT!
    My mom is home, hasn’t used her walker, itching to see friends at the senior center soon , so hopefully I’ll be back to some sewing soon . Running behind in the monthly UFOs but … I’m always running behind, so no pressure!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – I think you’re right and I’m the one who is wrong! I do think it’s Little Bo Peep! Oops! Is my face red????

  9. Barb K

    The flowers are beautiful in the little planter–and the quilt is great–would use lots of those scraps!!

  10. Donna O. St Paul

    Mary I so wish your knee wasn’t so painful & hampering what fills your days. Your little planter & sweet flowers are so cute.
    I didn’t get my 3 finished over the king weekend like I had hoped. Had to do some “unsewing” As I said my seam ripper will never rust it gets used more often that is like.
    I’m still determined to get my #3 soon & get going on #5. My furry friend “Henry” has added a few interruptions to my days now He’s handling his insulin shots like a trooper. I set my phone alarm so I remember to give him insulin 2x day.
    I don’t post often but I look forward to your blog.
    Thank you & enjoy these beautiful fall days.

  11. Mary Hawk

    Mary, so sorry about your knee. Did it come on you all the sudden or just slowly got worse? If you are like me, patience isn’t my strong suit.
    I hadn’t thought of bringing malva inside- I will do that tomorrow.
    Love the scrap quilt. I am working on my Lucy Boston and from your book-twilight visions.
    My sister is wallpapering the govenor’s mansion in Maine with fancy William Morris paper. The top of the stairway is 18 feet, giving all her siblings a heart attack. Ack!
    Good book- The Plea by Steve Cavanagh.

  12. Sue in Oregon

    I think the mallow or malva you have is called Zabrina, and she does love to travel. So pretty though. I once grew her in a sandy soil and, and Oh My how she did get around. Love how you arranged her.

    The antique quilt is wonderful. Making it would use tons of scraps and be relaxing with no points at all.

    They say that those knee replacement operations are very perfected now and so much easier than they used to be. I know you will be happy you did it when it’s over and you can get around without pain.

  13. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, you’ve got to get that knee fixed. I wonder if you could get a shot or something to hold you over for a while? I went to a farmers market and found gorgeous little bouquet of flowers, then ran into one of my quilting students. She will be 99 years old next week! She is beautiful in every way. She makes everybody smile.

  14. Mary Hehlke

    I love the planter and the flower in it. We grew them, and they do well, lots of blooms. And my favorite color.

  15. Chris H. in Washington state

    Closed 4 ads. Loved the antique quilt. Sure would use up a lot of my scraps. Hopefully, you will be able to get your knee taken care of sooner than later. Everyone I know who has had knee replacement surgery hasn’t liked the recovery period but has enjoyed not being in pain any longer and being able to get around better.

  16. debby

    I had never seen miniature hollyhocks, so I read through the comments to see if someone would say the ‘name’ so I can look for seeds. They are beautiful and I will be looking for seeds! The stash busting quilt would be great, looking forward to the dimensions of the rectangles. If you click on the Country Threads banner after closing the ad at the top of the page, it will reload another ad, and another and another! Hope your knee is better soon.

  17. Joyce

    Like Larry the Cable Guy says… Get her done!!! The sooner you replace that knee.. sooner you’ll be stable walking again. Hopefully before the snow and ice come…knew a gal who was walking without a cane 2 weeks after replacement 😊

  18. Bobbie

    Hang in there Mary. If you need it replaced, just do it. You will wonder why you didn’t sooner. You do so much more than a lot of us do. I couldn’t keep up with you. I love the Mary had a little lamb vase. The flowers are a real cute choice.
    Love the Quilt will look forward to the block size.

  19. Rhoda Ebersole

    So sorry for your bum knee Mary. I just returned from a 12 day Oceania Baltic Cruise with shore excursions daily and a neuroma on my left foot sole and an old body😀
    But made it. Didn’t lose an ounce but formed up and ate everything. Learned to paint with watercolors on the ship which was a surprise activity.
    Now will be off normal sleep cycles for 2 weeks. Saw a baby quilt In an open air museum. The Hermitage art tour was incredible and FAST.
    Have you tried acupuncture to relieve your pain? It may help.
    Lots of work to get done around this house and a quilt to bind.
    Sending prayers. Thank you for your blog.

  20. Jean

    I really like that antique quilt! Now I know why I have saved all those little pieces of fabric!

  21. Angie from Baltimore

    My husband said he knew I needed to do the knee surgery when I moaned in my sleep as I turned over. To not have the knee pain was so relieving you won’t be sorry.

  22. Rita in Iowa

    Mary sorry about your knee pain. Hope you will get some relief soon. I just finished PT for a injured hamstring. Don’t ask how I did that but just sitting was a pain in the derrière. It’s getting better and I do a workout every day.
    Love your antique quilt and your flowers in the pretty vase.

  23. Paula Philpot

    Been reading and closing ads for you but haven’t posted much. Busy summer. Paula in KY


    Beautiful antique quilt! I’m looking forward to learning the size of the rectangles. I sure have the scraps for it!
    Sorry about the knee. You will be happier when it’s done. It’s not the same as it once was but at least it won’t hurt!

  25. Mrs. Goodneedle

    The simplicity of that antique quilt is inspiring! I have several bins of “bricks” already cut, this might be just the prod that I need to set them together; years ago I began cutting all of my leftover scraps into usable sizes (Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap User’s System) and those bins continue to be well fed(!)– I never have any problems finding ways to use them up and somehow I never, ever reach the bottoms of those bins! Please take it easy on your knee, so sad that you’re hurting; prayers for relief and renewed strength.

  26. Pat Smith

    During the winter we live in a golf retirement community in Florida where about 80% of the population has had one or both knees or hips replaced. I’m always astonished at how quickly they come back to living a normal and pain free life. I hope you are able to do this too. Some years ago I had a ski accident and tore cartilage in one knee. I couldn’t believe how this affected my life until I finally broke down and had surgery on it. That kind of pain takes over your life, and I hope you are able to resolve the issues with at least one knee soon.

  27. Sally J.

    Enjoy your blog very much!! I keep closing ads!! Beautiful antique quilt and a good way to use scraps. So sorry that your suffering with knee pain and hope you will have repair soon. I’m working on projects but slow progress!!! Smile God loves you….

  28. Kathy in western NY

    Your blog posts are always so amusing or entertaining I guess I should say.
    Still chuckling over Donna’s comment about closing ads for hearing aids cause you can’t helo but wonder if drones see inside our homes and then put those pertinent ads on our computers! And then us having our nursery rhymes all mixed up….is it Mary had a little lamb or little bo peep. Oh it’s a good post today Mary! But seriously I know your knee hurts so I feel bad for you knowing it’s hard sorting out in your mind who will take care of every pet and critter you so lovingly tend to each hour of your day. It’s your nature and praying it will all come together for you to find the right time to help in your recovery.

  29. elizabeth a hinze

    My scrap basket is overflowing
    that cute scrap maybe and answer
    to it
    Thank you again for sharing

  30. Mary Lund

    I love your little planter. My name is Mary too. I got seeds from Country Threads years ago at one of your sales. I’ve tried 2 other starter plants and have no luck with the mallow plants growing!! Ugh. Think the bunnies love them tho. I’m not defeated yet tho I love them. Hope you knee settles down soon. Xxo

  31. elizabeth a hinze

    Sorry didn’t read my post till after I submitted it…
    what I was trying to say is that would be a great scrap
    quilt to make : )

  32. Sue Munn

    So sorry your knee is giving you fits! (Knock on wood, I have injured my knees in a number of ways over the years, but they’re holding up).

    Love that quilt! Makes me want to go & start cutting up scraps right now! Can’t do that today…going to a guild sew day to make blocks for the 2021 Opportunity Quilt for the Quilters’ Hall of Fame Celebration. In Indiana, we can’t have a raffle quilt because raffles are gambling. We can, however, sell tickets for an “opportunity quilt”. We have to pay for a gaming license to do it! We have casinos in Indiana and legal sports betting started on Sunday, so…..I do get it…by making us get a license the state makes money, but it’s still nonsensical.

    Love the planter! And I love your idea of “renting” things from the thrift store. I’m resonating some stuff I ‘ve been renting!🤓

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Iowa also requires a gaming license for raffle quilts. Some may get by without one but when I made dog raffle quilts years ago I paid for the license just to be on the safe side. It was good for two years so I used it for two raffles with proceeds going to the Humane Society of North Iowa.

  33. Gayle Shumaker

    Glad to see photos are posting. I’m not sure if this is part of a continuing problem on your end or if it’s on my end but I don’t see any ads unless I click to comment.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      It’s the same for me too Gayle on my iPad. Once I click on comments, it then takes me to the internet with her post and Its there I can click away at several ads.

  34. Kris in Naperville

    Hi Mary! Praying that your knee calms down until you can get it taken care of…. it stinks when you are hampered by that pain, especially considering how active you are. Thanks for taking the time to keep us in your loop. I appreciate you and your blog!

  35. Sue in PA

    I really like the antique quilt. It will be a good use for the bricks I cut out a few years ago for one of Bonnie Hunter’s quilts that I never got around to. I can sew it as a leader enter in between other projects. This will be fun! Love your blog!

  36. Carol

    Mary, I can relate to your knee pain! My left knew is giving me fits, so hard to sleep at night. I have an appointment with the ortho doc on Wednesday so I will keep you updated. Closing ads and hoping your blog gets fixed soon cause I so enjoy it!

  37. Nikki M in Tx

    Mary or Bo, the planter is adorable! Hope you’re able to get knee cared for ASAP. Everyone I know swears they wish had done sooner. Yesterday, today & next 3 days temperatures in the triple digits….I would not complain if it cools down. Neighbor brought me a basket of butternut squash this morning…need to look up how to store or freezer friendly recipes. Same neighbor tells me going to increase size of garden next year & wanted know if I have a request for plantings. Such wonderful, caring, good people.

  38. Earlene in Arizona

    Your quilt is fabulous. Hope you knee problem resolve soon. Pain and frustration are no fun.

  39. BarBQue

    So sorry to hear about your bum knee Mary. I can sympathize as I am having back problems and it is difficult to walk and climb stairs. All my bedrooms are on the second floor. Guess I need to downsize.

    Love your little planter. I have never heard of miniature holly hocks. They are darling!

    Wish I lived close enough to attend the Garner garage sales and to visit your junk space. I’ll bet there is lots of good junk! Southwest Iowa is too far for a quick jaunt to your area.

    So happy you have worked the bugs out of your blog. I was frustrated along with you as you tried to figure it out. Keep on keeping on Mary!

  40. Marcia in ID

    I love the little antique vase. The flowers are lovely too. I didn’t, however, get any ads to click on this time.

  41. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I’m happy to say I seem to always find ads to click on when I look for them. I love the Prairie Mallo flower and also bought some from you a couple years ago but they didn’t make it last year. Will try to find seeds again. I’m in with all the other bloggers about getting the knee replaced. No more pain is wonderful.

  42. Marian in Rochester

    Sorry you are having trouble with your knee, Mary. I wish you well! Love the antique quilt, so visually attractive! I collect planters, too; they remind me of my mother who had a porch with those glass shelves! Missed seeing any kitties and Hazel but maybe next time, eh? Goats and chickens, too!
    The weather is glorious here compared to out East. That hurricane is lasting so long.
    Look forward to your blogs; you do such a nice job.

  43. Penny C Maryland

    Will be glad to ft the strip dimensions for the lovely scrap quilt. Working on sorting out my sewing room can’t believe the amount of small pieces of fabric and fat quarters I have! It will make a nice charity quilt.

  44. Liz Schrader

    I love antique small vases. I have one almost like yours. Mary, my knees hurt for years before I had replacements. Pain woke me up at night. My son finally talked me into seeing a surgeon. I can get around so much better. I would love to have measurements for the antique quilt. Love your blog, read it everyday!I
    It is still 100degrees here in Dallas. Very tired of it!

  45. Connie Rademacher

    Sorry to hear that your knee is giving you a lot of trouble lately. Hopefully you will feel well enough to attend your area garage sales. I always love the posts of your thrift store and garage sale “finds”.
    Ever since you mentioned knee surgery in your blog, knee surgery ads have been coming up in your blog posts.. Isn’t that crazy. I keep closing them so all is well.

  46. Teresa

    Mary, I was just wondering about you and what you’ve been up to this week. Nice to see a post from you today. Living with pain does put a strain on everything you do. Hoping you can get that knee taken care of soon.

    I’ve been busy stitching a small quilt using your Split Square, pattern. Very quick and easy and it’s going to be my first machine quilting project. 🙂

  47. Jan B from TN

    Hi Mary! I’m reading this blog on my desktop, as usual, tonight. I have a total of 6 ads but only 4 of them were “closeable”. (I love to make up words. Ha!)
    Our guild hosted Pat Sloan Wednesday for her trunk show & then yesterday she held a technique workshop for a folksy wall hanging called “Wild & Free Applique”. I took lots of notes & no one got further than piecing the pieced background together! No applique happened in the workshop but that’s ok. First time I’ve met her but I’m sure you met her before. She’s sweet & very laid back & down to earth. I had a great time & now I have ANOTHER UFO!!
    Also, we adopted our very first rescue dog! He went from rescue to foster to us in 3 or 4 days! He’s part (mostly) Schnauzer & part Shih-Tzu, so we’re told. He’s about 3 years old so already house trained! Yay! We just didn’t want to deal with training a puppy — again! Been there done that so many times! I’ll send you an email with a picture of him. His name is Brody! You’ll love him, too, I’m sure. He’s been very good for us–no accidents in the house, no chewing stuff & getting his first grooming tomorrow so he’s not quite so scruffy & matted.

    Don’t wait too long to get that knee fixed, Mary. It could make surgery harder, longer. At least get a cortisone shot (now they’re some kind of gel shot that supposedly works faster, longer & better) to help with your pain, please! Have a good weekend!

  48. Paula Philpot


  49. Paula In Texas

    The antique quilt is eye catching. A simple quilt, yet very pretty!
    I empathize with your knee woes, I know many people who are enjoying a new knee through knee replacement.

    The Garage Sale sounds like a fun event. Best wishes for a great day!

  50. Sandy Kolarik

    The pictures are wonderful and glad to see your computer finally behaving. (Hope I didn’t jinx you) I totally get it about the knee thing. I have a bad knee which has slowed me down and I hate it. I use to be an energize bunny but not anymore. Can’t wait to see all your great finds from the garage sale. Happy hunting.

  51. Vickie in Snellville Ga

    Declofenac gel (by prescription) may help. I had a total knee replacement 6/25 and it is no fun. It’s the hardest surgery I have had and I had a double mastectomy last year so I wasn’t in the best shape. You may fare better than I have. Good luck!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Vickie – I’m so sorry you’ve had so many problems with your knee surgery. I’m not expecting any issues – I actually believe I have as much or more pain now than I’ll have post surgery. Good luck to you!

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