Catching Up

Time to hang some different quilts – one down and 3 to go.  This is from a 1992 Red Wagon book called Free Spirit.

The color of my quilt is way off – bad lighting.

I measured the rectangles in this old antique quilt.

The cut size of the rectangle is 2” x 4”.

look at this funny pointed egg I got today.

Got some more #3’s.  If I have not posted your 3 and you have sent it to me, please bring it to my attention.

To those of you who have failed to put your name on the picture, please notice the ones that can be read easily.  It has to be big letters and dark and if you forget all together, I can’t go back and find your name.

Two weeks ago tomorrow we invited Telly’s previous family to come for a visit.  Armando was working for River City Fence when I was fencing in my entire 7 acres.  I was doing all that fencing to keep my dogs safe – after Janey was killed on the highway – and he kept telling me his dog would love to live here.  He took the dog when a friend moved and couldn’t take the dog with him and as it turned out, Armando couldn’t keep her contained in their yard in town.  She kept getting out and he realized he just could not keep her.  I said no, no, no, I couldn’t take in everybody’s dog who needed the perfect home.  Haha!  He did not give up and the dog named Telly came to live with us.

We have run into Armando different times in Mason City and Telly ALWAYS remembers him!  The day they arrived here she went crazy jumping and whining and twirling – she knew him without a doubt!

Sorry – I’ll continue in another post – pictures aren’t loading.  Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Donna Jean

    What a wonderful story about Telly and Armando! It took true love and courage to place Telly in a home better suited for the dog’s needs.
    And Telly remembers the Martinez ‘s family love.
    Bless all of you!

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    That is a great story about Telly and Armando. I’m glad dogs remember who was good to them, and who wasn’t. I hope my Loretta only has dreams of the good times with us, not the horrible condition she came from.
    I hope you get to do some antiquing this weekend. I wish I were there, I’d be looking for duck decoys. Love the ducks and chickens.

  3. patti leal

    i’m so sorry. that wAsn’t jane patek. it wass gerry kimmel of red wagon. boy is my face red. sorry.

  4. patti leal

    i have always loved that quilt by jan patek. i think i have all of her books. have i made it yet? no, i opened a business instead and then had no time. now retired.

  5. Joyce from NY

    Love your blog Mary! I’m way behind on my ufo’s, but I love seeing everyone else’s. Wondered if you still have a pattern for the bullseye quilt. Hope you have your knee fixed soon, I know some friends that have had it done & are doing great!! closed 3 ads.

  6. Diane Bauer

    Oh, yes, dogs have incredible memories!!! Glad Armando got such an amazing welcome!

    I just love seeing everyone’s beautiful creativity!! I’m hoping to finish up my #5 and two Franks this weekend to make room in my schedule for Count and a fall game board (the check went out this afternoon!). Too many fun projects!!

    I just felt your hacking pain a bit too closely—got a scam email that looked like it was legitimately from my bank and I stupidly clicked on the link and signed in as I would to get into the online banking system. I was scared to death when my kids told me it was a scam. I’m usually on top of those things better than that! Thankfully, a call to Chase and they had me change passwords and said all should be protected again. No weird activity on any of my accounts. So scary.

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