November 1, 2021

I’ll bet you think I forgot you guys! I will explain but first….drumroll please:

November’s Dirty Dozen Number is 11. What a coincidence, huh? The number for the 11th month is eleven – 11. Because I’ve been absent I have not received many photos. I hope that changes.

Ok – my new IPad which was supposed to sync with no effort at all on my part, didn’t. Nothing. No password worked and I tried them all. It kept telling me I had no WordPress account – what? If any of you sent comments, I didn’t get a single one. You want to say stressful???? I was ready to throw in the towel but I finally called Kayla and VOILA! She fixed it in about 2 minutes. My mind just doesn’t grasp the technology behind a device. By the way, my desktop computer won’t even turn on right now. What’s with that????

Blanche’s story: Blanche has the sweetest disposition of any dog I’ve ever known! She decided to come into the house and everyday came in a little further. I was simply thrilled! But it ended when she found my chickens. My oldest bad hair day chicken was hiding in the hydrangeas and Blanche found her. I was able to get to her before Blanche killed her but her wing is broken. The next day or so she found my new “chicks” and once again I got to her in time. Blanche wasn’t a killer but chickens are fragile and it doesn’t take much to mortally wound them. She could not stay here – she would simply keep it up until all the chickens were gone. So……

I called my friend Mike in Elizabeth, Colorado, who has raised these dogs for years and has two of them currently. His wife Darlene, raises Jack Russells and I got Hazel from her. Mike would be happy to welcome Blanche into his pack. But how to get Blanche to Mike – there was only one way and that meant driving Blanche to Colorado. So last Thursday we left at 5 am and drove to Colorado. We took Rick’s extended cab pickup so Blanche could ride in the back seat where she did very well.

At our first potty stop Blanche nearly got away from me – racing blindly anywhere she could hide so I got her back to the pickup as fast as I could. I didn’t give her anything more to drink or eat the entire trip! We tried another parking lot later in the day and I left the back door open while I got out with Blanche. No way! She bolted back to the truck and jumped in. Someone in her past must have left her somewhere and she was taking no chances at getting left behind this time. Poor Blanche!

Just a side note here – I called Mike after the first incident and he told me to avoid all pet areas on the road as they are cesspools of disease. I write that here to educate all of you who travel with your dogs. Be careful where you walk your dog!

On to Blanche’s arrival in Colorado – we arrived about dark, maybe 7:30-8:00 at night. Mike and his two hounds, Bonus and Sig, met us in his yard and Blanche jumped out to meet them with a smile. She pottied and drank water and then surveyed her new home.

Mike got down to Blanche’s level and told her how pretty she was, how beautiful and how sweet…..and Blanche just ate it up!

You know how dogs smile? When they bare their teeth in a sweet way? That’s what Blanche kept doing to me as if she was thanking me for bringing her to Mike. I honestly think it was love at first sight for Blanche and Mike!

So it was time to leave Blanche and honestly I did not even cry when we drove away -I knew we had done the very best we could for Blanche! And she was happy with Mike – could there have been a sweeter outcome?

And so this is a glimpse of rescue – it’s a hard job and heartbreaking but also rewarding. The rescuer absolutely must do what’s best for the dog. There is no middle road – the dog’s welfare must be first and foremost.

And if that means driving 1400 miles in 39 hours, that’s what it has to be. Rick gets all the credit here – I did not drive even one mile – he drove it all! His truck driving past was key in Blanche’s rescue story.

So that’s Blanche’s story with a very happy ending! Did it make you smile?

76 thoughts on “November 1, 2021

  1. Pamela Dempsey

    Oh, sweet Blanche! I hope he sends you updates and pictures, I have enjoyed reading about her 🥰

  2. Lois Ann Johnson

    Yes…I am smiling! Kudos to Rick and you for having Blanche’s best interests in mind; and thank you to your friend in Colorado who welcomed her with open arms. May she live a happy and healthy life in her new home.

  3. Jan From TN

    Yes it makes me smile! Good for you & Blanche. So glad you found the right home for her. You did good, Mary!

  4. Lorraine

    This is a wonderful story about Blanche. I think she is where she needs to be and she seems to be very, very happy at her new home. I am glad to hear this story ended with a great note even with a little saga along the way. If you get any updates, please keep us posted.
    I understand you problem with technology. I fight with my computer for days trying to do something and my granddaughter comes over and in just a few minutes she has my computer up and running smoothly!!! Glad to hear from you and that you have all technology problems pretty much solved.

  5. Diane in Maryland

    Such a happy story for everyone. We are all smiling along with Blanche. Sending a big Thank You to Kayla! These young people do not understand how frustrating technology can be to us and how grateful we are for their help. We missed you!

  6. Carla

    Loved hearing about Blanche, She reminded me of our rescue dog that looks like her. You don’t know what they have been through. She will be so HAPPY in her new home!! Kudos to you both !

  7. Connie Blyler

    Happy for Blanche. Kudos to you and Rick especially for driving 1400 miles in 39 hours…. You two are amazing animal lovers! I have a request Mary – it may seems strange – but in a previous year you wrote about Connie’s ability to winter over geraniums with huge success… coming out blooming in the spring I believe. Could you repeat that information — or have Connie write a tutorial on wintering over geraniums. I have 6 potted geraniums that are a gorgeous deep red color and I would so love to have them be healthy over the winter and be ready to show their beauty next Spring if possible. Thanks for any help.

  8. Sue Smith

    I nearly cried for two reasons.
    One, for your wonderful story about Blanche, taking her all the way to Colorado to Mike was the perfect solution. They look so happy together.
    Two because Country Threads Chicken Scratch was in my email this morning. So happy to see that. You have had quite a time of it, Mary. Darn technology problems! At least we are a part of it. Many people my age haven’t experienced it at all.
    Okay…my coffee is ready and I feel all warm and cozy knowing you are back.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    Sometimes doing the right thing means tough love like with humans and you kept Blanche’s needs first and foremost. Thank you for once again rescuing her from that farmer saying he was going to just shoot her. Horrible attitudes do not help breed compassion towards animals and so thankful you and the man who brought her to you showed true hearts of kindness.

    Kayla is once again our saving grace to keep us connected to one another. I have missed your blog so much and a big thanks to Kayla and Rick who both excelled in helping one another.

  10. Kate schrot

    Two months ago I drove 500 miles one way to pick up Hazel, a year old neglected Pekingese. Long drive but worth it. Rescues are so great. Not used to having a young dog and she is a wild child but so much fun.

  11. Tanya T. in Houston

    So tickled for you all. Blanche looks like she is with her brothers and sisters! But, a trip without a quilt store stop??? Quilt stores have the best clean restrooms and the friendliest people! Glad you are safely home.

  12. Janet

    You and Rick are amazing people for all that you do for your pets . The world needs more of you

  13. Cheryl

    It is a happy ending for all! Rescue animals have a history and as rescuer you just have to wait and see. Our SIL adopted a sweet, docile, low energy lab mix for his two boys, seven and six. The first week was great. The second week when SIL left for work the dog cried and growled all day! The third week he attacked our daughters face. And next, fortunately when SIL was home, the dog attacked the seven year old from across the room. Our SIL got between the two in time! Basically the dog was a one person dog and loved our SIL. The decision to return him was easily made. So the more comfortable the animal gets with their new home the more you learn what they are about. Kudos to you and Rick!

  14. Launa

    Just love a terrific rescue dog story with a very happy ending chapter! God bless!
    Good to know about germy dog rest stops, too!
    I finally unpacked my big suitcase from the Trail Creek Forest Fire. We never had to evacuate, but it was touch n go for a while!
    Now we need snow!

  15. Pat Smily

    Yes, I’m smiling for sure! So glad the Blanche story has a happy ending. Just seeing her with her new owner and with other dogs of her breed made me so happy. I know she’ll have a great life in Colorado. Thanks to Rick for doing all that driving! I need a Kayla in my life. I mistakenly bought a Bernina that is technologically too far out of my ability level. I need just a little simple sewing machine that sews forwards and backwards and has a walking foot. I thought I could just read the manual and figure it all out, but even the manual is too difficult to understand. I’ve so missed reading your blog and am so glad there is a Kayla in your life and that you are back with the animals stories and beautiful quilts that everyone makes.

    1. RuthW in MD

      Pat Smith, I hope you will go to a Bernina dealer and ask for help!! No matter how long ago or where you bought your machine, I’m sure Bernina will help you out one way or another. An actual shop is the best way to start. You can learn so much better face to face. And I totally understand how a manual is too difficult to understand nowadays!!
      ( Maybe I feel this way because I had to click out of 4 Bernina ads in the last few minutes..)

      1. Diane in Maryland

        Great advice, Ruth! I bought an embroidery module to go with my Bernina several years ago. That shop closed and I have no idea how to work this thing. I have scheduled a one-on-one class with a gal at the quilt shop in Annapolis for next Wed. They also sell Berninas and are very happy to help me. Everyone may be getting embroidered towels for Christmas…haha

  16. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hello Mary, Your story made me cry because I was so happy for Blanche and hope she finds lots of love with her new home. Thank you for sharing your stories of Blanche and taking the time to care for her. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va.

  17. Diane Bauer

    It makes me smile to know Blanche is here in Colorado!!! Glad Mike was willing as it sounds like a great match!! Bless you for all you do for all the animals!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    What a wonderful gift you gave her. A home when needed snd then a family where she will be happy. Not that she wasn’t happy woth you, but chickens…….
    What a drive though!!! You really do love animals.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Rita in Iowa

    Mary I was about to send an email to see if you were okay. Glad to hear that Blanche found a good home.
    It was your kindness that made the transition easier for her.

    Thank Kayla for us for fixing your tech issues. It can be so frustrating.

    Give yourself a rest girl. You deserve it.

  20. Holly Woodyatt

    I absolutely LOVE this story. I am so glad Blanche has a happy home. Thanks for going the extra mile for her.

  21. Kathy Hanson

    Yes, smiling for sure! Looks like Blanche is very happy and your chickens will be safe!! You are such a good rescure person and always do the best for the dogs you take on! Go Mary!!!

  22. Deb E

    THAT is a very happy dog — I applaud you for rescuing animals, while finding them the perfect new home is wonderful for them it truly is heartbreaking for you! Thank you for all you do for those who have no control in their destiny.

  23. Susan K in Texas

    Yay you’re back!! I missed you!
    I’m glad Blanche is with others of her kind. What a blessing to have other dogs like herself.
    I’ve had no finishes lately except some zipper pouches. But I’ve got stockings to make for my new grandson and his quilt to finish. November will be busy!

  24. Wonda Myers

    Wonderful story, made me tear up. Y’all went the extra mile for sure. From another animal lover❤️

  25. Sheila in WI

    I always did love a happy ending. Time for a happy dance. Wishing the best for Blanche in her new home.
    Plus it was so good to see a post from you. Time for another happy dance! Please thank Kayla for her help.

  26. Marian Stever

    I got all choked up with Blanche’s story and then I was happy. Mary, you are such a savior of animals. God Bless You.

  27. Sherri Huff

    God bless you and sweet Mike, your Blanche looks very happy in her new home! 💕💕🐾🐾

  28. Lynette W

    Beautiful message after quiet!!! I started tearing up over the chickens…… then I came to Blanche and Mike……. water works!!! I think there is a special place in heaven for those who are kind to animals and rescue them. God bless you for doing the best for Blanche!!! Happy ending all around. ps – very sorry about the chickens……

  29. Charlotte Shira

    I’m smiling with that happy ending. Very sweet outcome for Blanche and your chickens will be safe!
    Glad you are back!!

  30. Rosemary W

    Awe……sounds like she’s going to live happily ever after!! Thanks for sharing the story and taking us along for the ride!! Great Job!!

  31. Janice Hebert

    I’m smiling through tears. Yes, so happy that you were able to find a great home for Blanche. She fits right in there! Wonderful of Rick to drive. I hope that Mike keeps you posted on Blanche’s progress with his pack! So glad that you were able to get the blog working again, thanks to Kayla! Jan in MA

  32. Jean

    OMG I’m so HAPPY you are back!!! I pray that poor little Blanche will adjust to yet another new environment. Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing to pick up and drive to Colorado! Rick is a keeper for sure!

  33. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! Happy day.
    Did you see how Blanche is leaning on Mike? She wanted him too. Every picture she is leaning on him.
    I’m so glad you and the readers are ok. We did miss your posts. Kudos to you for trying. Us seniors always try.
    Today starts the shop, clean, cook and eat season. Enjoy

  34. Elaine Nixon

    What a happy story! Sounds like you found the perfect fit for Blanche. Wonderful ending. Thanks!

  35. Ruthie

    Too bad Blanche went after the chickens. But looks and sounds like you found her a great home. Especially nice she will have other Wolfhounds to hang with. My husband would have thought I was nuts if I even suggested such a trip, so I think that was was awesome that you two made such a long trip to get Blanche to her new home.

  36. NancyTD

    Everyone said it all!! Thanks to you and Rick for all you did for Blanche. Thanks to Kayla and you for getting the blog up again. Missed you. Sewed like crazy,though. Will send pictures today.

  37. Donna Sproston

    Smiling from ear to ear! You rescued Blanche and found her happily ever after home.

    I started using computers in the early 90s, but I am unable to get my usual email on my new iPhone. I can’t figure out my password or how to change it because it rejects my answer to the security question.

    Life used to be easier when technology meant toilets and refrigeration.

    1. Rita in Iowa

      Donna if you call Apple support they will walk you through it. Sometimes it nothing you are doing wrong but just their security they have in place. Don’t give up!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Sproston – that’s exactly what was happening to me and Kayla says it’s because it doesn’t recognize the new device – your iPhone and my IPad. And I don’t know how to help – I wish I did!

  38. Kim

    A fairy tale ending and no doubt she’s in her forever-home now and so pleased to be there. You all did good for Blanche. Wonderful!

  39. Linda Baker

    I am so glad to see you back! The Blanche story is great, what a wonderful outcome for all of you. My daughter will be traveling with a cat soon, so I appreciate the warning about avoiding pet spots.
    You and Rick deserve a special spot in Heaven for all you do for the animals.

  40. Diane in WI

    After such a rough start, Blanche now has a wonderful ending. Mike and Blanche look so happy. I hope your computer problems are solved. Thanks to Kayla. I was glad to see you online again. Take care.

  41. Sandra Goddard

    It made me smile and cry at the same time. We have animals and complet5 understand. You and your husband are true angels what a blessing you are.

  42. Margie Braaksma

    Dang, my sister lives a half hour from there, I would’ve loved to take her for you

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margie Braaksma – are you kidding me? Good Lord, I would have certainly taken you up on that offer but Blanche was a lot to handle – could you have done it?

  43. Jackie Trembley

    I’m happy Blanche seems to have found her forever home. Sure looks like she fits right in.

  44. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Oh, Mary, what a great post! You and Rick are the special kind of passionate people who will go the extra mile (s). I love knowing your chickens are safe and Blanche is at her forever home. Thanks 🥰

  45. Shelley

    Blanche is a very lucky lady. God has given you so many gifts. All that you do for His creatures is amazing!

  46. Linda from Oconomowoc

    You and Rick are the best! What a wonderful story with a happy ending. Thank you for sharing GOOD in this world. It’s hard to come by these days. Blanche was smiling and looks very happy along with Mike. What an angel. Mary you really should think about writing a book on your animal and people rescues. People would love to read it!
    Glad you got your site up and running again. My world is not the same without you in it!


    Yes it did make me smile. Wonderful story of you and Blanch. You are her hero for sure.

  48. Julie D.

    So very sorry it didn’t work out with Blanche, but her chasing chickens would have only continued. You did the right thing to rehome her. From the way it looks, she appears to be perfectly content with other dogs just like her and Mike as well. So it’s a happy ending. You gave it your best try Mary!! Glad Rick was able to drive you and Blanche out to Colorado so both of you could be happy!

  49. Norma

    I love Blanche’s story!! Thank you for caring for her so well!! Hope your critters are happy and healthy and ready to settle in for winter.

  50. Dorothy

    You and Rick did a wonderful thing for Blanche. She And Mike look like they belong together and .she will have a happy life. Special caring folks taking care of a special animal. Such a lovely story to start the day.

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