Number 3 – August Dirty Dozen

Our Dirty Dozen Number for August is 3 – three!

Today Connie and I will find our #3’s and I will post them later today.

Off we go!

5 thoughts on “Number 3 – August Dirty Dozen

  1. Rhonda in Urbandale, IA

    Spent the last week at a cabin in northern Minnesota. Wonderful to be away from the real world – no TV on or newspaper. Yes, at home we are one of the few who still have the paper delivered each day. Don’t want to leave the lake but will be heading home tomorrow. Really anxious to see Cali, our dog, and of course to find out what my #3 is!

  2. Kathy in western NY

    Oh boy oh boy….that one is a biggie for me. Guess I will be pedal to the metal this month but that’s okay.

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