O, Christmas Tree! 12 – 3 – 23

Before I get to the tree pictures I want to warn those of you who ordered Out On A Limb that you might get 2 copies, 1 copy or even 1-1/2. I did not notice that the copier messed up on this pattern and instead of opening all those envelopes that were sealed and ready for the mail, I copied it correctly and sent it again. Just FYI. If you got two, do NOT send one back to me – give it to a friend.

Here are a few more reader quilts:

A few pets –

Sort of a pet?
Another one of Bentley

Remember the Wear Warm Clothes fabric? I still have this bag.

This has been such fun – everyone ‘s tree is unique and wonderful! I have so many pictures I will have to break this up into more than one post. You are going to enjoy this show so much! I only wish I could include all the details and stories that I’ve read but it’s impossible to cut and paste all of it so here goes!

More fun in the next post – tonight!

37 thoughts on “O, Christmas Tree! 12 – 3 – 23

  1. Vicki Ibarra

    I recently saw the second quilt in the December 2023 American Patchwork and Quilting issue. I have been working on modifications to the design that I hope to make. I bet Moe’s tree DOES smell really good. Love all the tree pictures – traditional, modern, fun and happy. Great age and wisdom picture. I read about someone doing this with both kids and pets. I recently saw a picture of a tabletop tree made of books, gradually getting smaller as the tree went up, strung with lights. Now that was a creative thought!

  2. Dee from Shell Rock

    WOW! What a great post, filled with all the things I love! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Martha W in WY

    Oh, my! So many beautiful Christmas trees. Those motivate me to get ours up. I’ve had a terrible cough for 1.5 weeks. It is improving but not very fast. Love the quilt photos also. The button tree one is a really cute idea. I could see a grandma having a grand sorting buttons.

  4. Jan Hebert

    Love all of the trees! I miss having a real tree and Moe, I love the tinsel! My cat would be eating that, for sure! I’ve never seen a white squirrel! I’ve seen black ones occasionally but never a white one. Lots of beautiful quilts too! Went with a friend to Newburyport today to tour the “Museum of Old Newbury”, an 1808 Federal style home that was owned by the Cushing family. It is filled with artifacts, and wonderful paintings from the local area. It was decorated beautifully for Christmas by the local garden club. Jan in MA

  5. Betty Klosterman

    Absolutely love every tree. Their ideas with favorite things, kids, colors, everything. And the too tall tree. Very neat. People have some great ideas. If I remember right, the tree made out of books was in a library.
    On Thursday I made a trip to Love, Inc. with a box of Christmas ribbon, etc. They take all sorts of donations of furniture, household things, etc. People who have had serious life problems and need help getting started in housekeeping can get things for their new home. With one stipulation: THEY HAVE TO WORK to earn them. Their showroom was filled with all kinds of decorated Christmas trees. It was such a pleasure to see. The trees and decorations were donated by people cleaning out their things. Not sure, but I think people can buy the trees and money is used for things they don’t have? Especially having to earn them helps with their appreciation.
    I’m down to miniature trees. Not so much work.
    Take care and enjoy this season. Always seems to be such tragic losses, but we never forget.
    Betty in Rapid City

  6. Diane in Maryland

    Such pretty Christmas trees! The button tree is so cute with very nice stipling! Enjoyed the pet pictures and the white squirrel. Years ago I would take my infant granddaughter for stroller walks around her neighborhood and one day there was a white squirrel in a neighbor’s yard. I was so excited about it! Later I told my daughter about it and she said to please not tell anyone! Seems there were quite a few in the neighborhood and everyone was trying to keep it a secret so no one would come in and kill them as a prize! I only told people who loved animals.

  7. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    Thank you for sharing all the trees! So many different styles and so beautiful! I do appreciate all the work you put into this blog. Know there are many that love it!

  8. Kelli

    Love the quilts and trees and especially the Springerle cookie! My Mom has one in the 1960’s when I was a wee tot and I was mesmerized by it! Love the holiday spirit you have going here!

    1. Jeanie S, Central IL

      Thanks for your springerle comments. My grandma made them and gave me a rolling pin and her recipe right after I got married. After she passed, dh and I did not want this tradition to die with her, so we have been making them for 50+ years. Not a fan of anise—we discovered a combination of vanilla and orange extracts can be used instead. They are very good, and the lovely, delicate texture is the same.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Jeanie – thank you for telling about the springerle – I loved the background story but just couldn’t post it all.

          1. Jeanie S, Central IL

            Absolutely, I would love to share our springerle recipe. My Gram would be thrilled knowing others are interested. I will dig it out and post later today.

  9. Meredith in Cincinnati

    What a great post! Love the creativity of these trees, and really helps spread holiday spirit. Thanks, Mary!

  10. Carmen

    So many pretty trees! Mine is still without ornaments, but the cats are doing well with it!

  11. Jane

    What fun to see the different Christmas trees. Loved all the quilts and animal photos as well!

  12. Melody in Wisconsin

    Thank you so much for taking the time to show all the christmas trees. What a show! My favorites are the one on the pulley (what a great idea), the homespun tree with the red truck under it is gorgeous and the tree with the top bent over (so fun – reminds me of one in a christmas movie but cant remember what one, maybe the Grinch Who Stole Christmas?). They are all unique and so many ideas for decorating. Can’t wait for your next post.

  13. Lynette in Orlando

    Everyone’s trees are so lovely!!!! Mary – what a great idea — love seeing all the beautiful trees and decor! Quilts are beautiful as well – so much talent!!!

  14. Mary Kannas

    Love all the festive Christmas trees! I especially liked the one that was hung by a pulley from the ceiling! We have two orphan kittens living with us. They are practicing their climbing and jumping skills. Hanging a tree might work for us this year!
    Love your blog about nothing!!!

  15. Sunflower from Michigan

    Beautiful post and I can’t wait to see the next batch of Christmas trees. The quilts are wonderful also. The last quilt with the village center and coordinating fabrics is very very nice. Any information on that quilt from the maker? Curious to know if that’s a panel or not in the center. I like the button tree wall hanging too!! Have a great week everyone.

  16. Cathie

    Lovely display of Christmas trees. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday and remembers its meaning.
    Looking forward to seeing more tomorrow.
    Mary – thank you so much for your daily posts.

  17. patti

    great show tonite, pets, quilts, and trees. such inspiration. thanks for taking the time. i love them all. i tried to count the buttons on the tree. want to take this idea and make one similar for both my son and my daughter. thanks to everyone for taking the time to share your photos and to mary for sharing with all of us. hugs, patti iin florida

  18. Linda in North Carolina

    Love the tree from Woodstock IL. That’s where I was born in 1945. When I was 9 months old my parents moved to California. We visited my grandparents in Woodstock many times while I was growing up.

  19. Debbie Miller

    Love the button tree wall hanging! I will be digging in my button box to see if I have enough green ones to make myself one. Not sure where the white squirrel picture was taken but there are a lot of white squirrels around Brevard, NC and the surrounding areas. My brother had them in his back yard all the time.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Debbie – white squirrel lives in Des Moines, Iowa and is an unusual sight for us. I had no idea they were common – anywhere! Thanks for that info.

  20. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Thanks for the great tree and quilt show, Mary. The first photo of a tree is in our local Library. The plants are something that starts with B. (not a plant person–lol) I saw the Wear Warm Clothes fabric in the Mitten quilt. I have some, too:) My friend who died left me ALL of her buttons–hundreds–so a tree may be in my future. I love that each tree is different. After two kittens knocked ours over one year, my husband hooked it to the wall with fishing line. As long as we are able, this daughter of a Christmas tree grower will be having a live tree, too. We probably should put ours up!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I feel so deprived without a live tree – maybe I could get it in the stand but I don’t think I could tighten it up enough to be secure. Dang. I did not know you grew up on a tree farm!!! Bromeliad – in the library.

  21. Charlotte Shira in No. California

    What a beautiful post! I loved all the quilts, trees and animals. I have never seen a white squirrel. I’m going to be looking through my button containers to make that wall hanging.

  22. Diane in Colorado

    This is me testing again after clearing my browser history. Hope it works!

  23. Susan K in Texas

    I love the trees! Everyone has their own style and it’s fun to see. The button tree is a great idea. I have a bunch of buttons so may have to make one.
    The University of North Texas in Denton has white squirrels. If you see one on test day you’re going to pass your test. At least that’s the superstition.

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