Oh, what a difference a day makes!

Since rain was predicted, both Rick and I mowed all Sunday afternoon trying to stay one step ahead of the grass.  I walked around the yard in the early evening and took these pictures because I thought it all looked so beautiful!


And I took these pictures this morning after heavy rain and high winds moved through the area about 6 am taking down a tree and many branches and leaves.


Another major cleanup in the yard awaits.

My leg is much better even though it is many shades of gray, black and yellow and I am thankful every day that I didn’t break it!

I tried my hand at angel food cake from scratch this morning.  It will never be as good as Emma’s but I am going to continue to practice.

And here are Izzy and Ollie who are staying until Tuesday night.

Tomorrow is Gypsy Wife post  – be ready.

19 thoughts on “Oh, what a difference a day makes!

  1. Angie Rowland

    Brave to try Angel food I never had the nerve but do love it with fresh fruit especially. Glad your leg is healing and not broken.

  2. Maryjane

    Izzy and Ollie are the cutest! Westie or mixed Westie?? Love the pawprints on the floor in the background. Your yard and property are just gorgeous. All the work you put into it has certainly paid off. So green and everything looks so healthy. Hope you can take time to just sit and enjoy it sometimes. How I miss the green midwest – here in S. Calif. Thanks for sending pictures always. Love them!

  3. Delores

    Mary, Love your beautiful yard with all the green and lovely colors and always your pets and comments. Hope you are finding time to put that leg UP!

  4. Gwen Herbert

    Your yard was so pretty!! … before the storm!! Getting so tired of the rain!

  5. Diane

    You are right, the yard is beautiful! And your little friends are so sweet. Thanks for all the great posts!

  6. helen

    Sorry for your losses in the garden. I feel for you. When I start plants from seed I have a hard time culling–“these are my babies”. Perhaps if you are not too busy, you could tell us what those beautiful plants are. I am always anxious to learn what other people have in their yard. Thanks.

  7. Betty Klosterman

    It is very wet and green in Rapid City, too. Mowing yards is almost like haying and hard to get done in between rains. Sump pumps are running very often. Luckily we don’t have it as bad as Texas, etc.
    When making angel food cakes from scratch, my gramma never “folded” the beaten egg whites into the mixture. She BEAT them in and her cakes were just as high as other peoples. I never tried it that way.

  8. Judy Rounds

    Your yard still looks beautiful!! And I love Izzy and Ollie! How I wish I could visit you!!

  9. Launa

    Sorry to see the storm damage in your yard Mary. Did the old Oriole’s nest survive the high winds?
    Looking forward to Gypsy Wife pics.

  10. Marilyn Miller

    I subscribed to you Goat Gazette through the years and always enjoyed it, now your Chicken Scratch with beautiful pictures of your yard, projects and wonderful four legged friends. I look forward to each new post. My hypertufa (which I made while at a class @Country Threads) is beautifully overflowing with plants and it sits right next to an old old tea kettle (also filled with colorful plants)which I bought off the hay wagon at your big sale a couple weeks back. My little homage to one of my favorite places.♡

  11. Becky Rose

    Mary, your yard looks beautiful! Too bad about the tree. Ollie and Izzie are sure cute!

  12. Louise

    We mow a good acre ot two and I always enjoy looking it over in the late afternoon early evening. We stay light until at least 9:30. So glad your leg is healing, please be careful, Mary. Those two little guys look ready for either fun or trouble!

  13. Dee Winter

    I live southeast of you and we too had the rain and wind. Wow, was I glad when it was over. Love your pictures, seeing your quilting and your four legged friends. How are the goose babies? Any goats these days? Thanks for being a bright spot in my day. We went shop hopping on Friday, drove by your place. Felt a pang of regret, but I know how much fun it is to be retired.

  14. Julianna

    Izzy and Ollie are my favorites – West Highland White Terriers. They looks like sweethearts.
    Maggie, my first dog ever, was a Westie and I miss her still today!

  15. Martha C Engstler

    I live near Gettysburg Pa. and we also had awful rains. Even my car took on rain. Your posts always bring a smile to me. Your yard is so pretty and I love seeing the dogs that come to visit. You are a bright spot in my day also. Thanks. I wonder if you know any Engstlers in or around Garner.

  16. Donna O

    What beautiful lush yard you have and lovely flowers too. Your two dogs are so cute and posing for the camera too. Yes, glad you didn’t break your leg.

  17. Sandy Pierson

    HI Mary,

    Your grounds are absolutely beautiful.

    My great Aunt told me the secret to Angel Food cake is to beat the egg whites with one of those “flat Beaters” She said that the electric one beat the air out instead of in. Whenever I make her Angel Food Cake, my husband whips the whites by hand for me. Oh and she said we have to beat them until you can turn the bowl upside down and they don’t move 🙂 You are right though, it does take practice. I made my first in 1968 and sometimes I bake one that is a light and tender as she did. I think of her every time I make them.

    Don’t give up!

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