Gypsy Wife, June 23, 2015

The block for week 2 is called Pershing found on page 6.  Finished size is 9″ x 9″.  
 At the start I thought it was going to be hard but it wasn’t and all measurements are accurate.  I had a small piece of Liberty of London fabric that I had received as a gift that I started with.  Here it is:

 And here is my finished block:


And a few updates.  I believe it was Holly who suggested that maybe Dianne had an abscess which I should have thought of myself – it just didn’t feel like one but sure enough it was 2 abscesses, one on either side of her spine where another cat likely bit her.  Poor Dianne!  She would love to be an only cat because she is so timid.  The wounds are healing nicely and right now she’s living upstairs where nobody bothers her.

The flowers in the previous pictures are several different varieties of hydrangeas.  Here’s more.  They grow easily for me so I keep planting them.

My homemade angel food cake turned out great but the cooked custard frosting is so messy. Delicious but messy.  I found this loaf pan at the thrift store which is what started this whole event. Ha!

  And here is my Scrap Vortex under construction.  Lots of sewing in this project!


20 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife, June 23, 2015

  1. Diana

    I absolutely love your posts! Love your animal stories and pictures, plant stories and pictures, and best of all the quilt pictures and stories. I was born in Iowa, but moved to Wisconsin when I was in 3rd grade (I’m 63, so that’s been a few years). When our family would go “home” for a visit to Laurens, we would pass through Garner on Hwy 18. That was before your quilt store was even there. But I have fond memories of that area – seeing all the grain bins, flat farm country, etc.
    I am a quilter and host quilt retreats (6 a year) at the Bible Camp that I have worked at for 24 years. At each retreat I have the guests make quilt blocks to be used for a beautiful quilt for our quilt auction held each year. This last spring I used your scrappy chevron block pattern and everyone loved it and the quilt is a show stopper! I can’t wait to show it on our stage for the quilt auction. Thank you for your posts and for the wonderful inspiration you continue to give us all on a daily basis. I look forward to reading everyday! Diana, from Chetek, WI (Luther Park Bible Camp, Chetek for anyone interested in quilt retreats!).

  2. Mary Says Sew!

    Poor Dianne! I hope the abscess heals quickly. A neighbor’s cat had a very similar “bite in the @$$” a few weeks ago.

    I have a tuxedo garage cat, also named Squeak, who’s timid and more than a little squirrelly. Our Squeak seems to “see” things the other cats and I don’t see, especially things (apparently) flying around our garage…. In another culture, he might me a shaman or a see-er! But he’s a sweet guy, and has a protector-buddy cat. They have quite the bro-mance. Cats – so entertaining!

  3. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Glad you found the problem with Dianne and that she is on the mend. I have my first Gypsy Wife block complete and the Pershing block cut out and ready to sew. I am making my Gypsy Wife from Civil War reproduction fabrics, so it looks very different from the original! Where on your Pinterest page would you like us to post our blocks? I couldn’t see a Gypsy Wife board, but perhaps I was looking in the wrong place. In any case I have posted my block and the story of your quilt-along on my blog:
    Love your colours for the Pershing block: mine will be purple and brown.
    Kind regards, Fiona.

  4. MartyCae

    So happy to hear the pretty kitty is on the mend. I love, love, love looking at pictures of your flowers!

  5. Launa

    What wonderful Liberty of London fabric! It’s perfect for the Pershing block.
    Speedy recovery to Dianne.

  6. Judy Beck

    I am sister to Louise and I just love your Gypsy block. The Liberty fabric is one to envy. So far I have made 18 blocks. This number includes some little filler blocks, which I thought were fun to piece. Your Gypsy stitch along has motivated me to keep going, they are looking very pretty in soft colors.

  7. Bernadette Jackson

    Is there a pattern for the block that Diane is sitting on — the mostly beige/gray quilt with the colorful corners? Did you use precuts? If so, what were they, please. It is a lovely piece.

  8. Diane

    Beth L. — we wonder if all Tuxedos are a little odd? Our Squeak is even afraid of my husband sometimes!! Mary, do you still haveMillie?

  9. Beth L.

    I am sorry to hear about Dianne but glad you determined the problem. We have her “sister” living with us. We call her Spooky because when she first arrived she was spooked at every noise etc. Now she is still timid around people but is in Charge of the other two cats here… “Most of the time.” Spooky is a “tuxedo” black and white…. very long haired. They could be sisters from what I see of her back… LOL

  10. Maryjane

    Your hydrangeas are spectacular! Don’t grow like that in S. Ca. Your block is great. So happy your kitty is on the mend and it wasn’t more serious. Thanks for all your pics. So grateful you continued your blog.

  11. Becky

    What a great buy! That’s the pan I have used for angel food cake for the past 25 years and it’s perfect every time!

  12. Sue Davis

    Hi Mary.
    Those car bites are nasty. My cat got involved (I’m assuming) with a feral cat and ended up having to have surgery to finally clear it up. First cat I’ve ever had that needed surgery.
    You must tell me where to get one of those pans. Here I am 68 and have never seen one of those. I think I need one!!

  13. Diane

    Aww, poor Dianne–named for me with an extra n–haha! Our Tuxedo, Squeak, is very scared of everything, too, but was feisty with our old guy, Spike.

    Love the blocks and your garden. It’s on my list after I finish chairing our quilt show and being vendor chair!! Hot and humid in central Ohio today.

  14. Rhoda

    My mom had one of those loaf pans and I always thought that was so practical for angel food cake but just buy the mix. All you do is add water. Although you may have lots of eggs.

    Ron had another surgery for cancer in his right throat this time – Merkel Cell – and now instead of a face lift he has a face droop like Nancy Zieman who I hear is battling sarcoma in her leg. It is always something.

    I enjoy your posts Mary.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rhoda – I’m so sorry to hear cancer has again struck your husband. Hope he gets along well. There is no comparison between box angel food and scratch – but it’s sure lots more work. I do have more eggs than I can use.

  15. Louise

    Nice job on the first block! I have had issues choosing fabrics for these blocks. Have the first 6 done.
    I am composing mine from my built in stash of soft pastels. Although, the name of the quilt was kind of hinting to me it maybe should be made of bright, lively colors. My sister is also making this one.

  16. Carol

    Your new gypsy block looks like your garden! Check it out! And I love it! The garden and the block!

  17. Holly

    I’m so glad Dianne is on the mend! It’s nice that she’s getting some quiet time while she’s healing. Your flowers look fabulous. I think my hydrangeas are going to engulf my summer kitchen eventually, they get so enormous. Thanks for sharing the scrap vortex. I looked it up and I’m going to try it as soon as we get through moving and get settled back in. If you ever want to shake up your life, try a long distance move!

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