Old Walnut Tree

We had several inches of rain over the weekend and this huge old walnut tree simply tipped over. It is caught in another tree or it would be on the ground!

6 thoughts on “Old Walnut Tree

  1. Mary Rhodes

    If you know a person that does woodworking he or she may be able to fix you up with something out of the tree. Sorry sorry! From looks of just barely missed the car! My dads two ash trees did that too! Sad.

  2. Ann Barlament

    Sorry for the loss of such a gorgeous tree!!! I am certain you had many enjoyable years from something magnificent.

  3. Carolyn-Cold in Minnesota

    Find a woodworker and have them make quilt racks–you can continue to enjoy the tree. 15 years ago same thing happened. I have a quilt rack that is as wide as a sliding door, it has a beautiful walnut shelf that holds my quilts and a single rack to display a quilt. I love it!

  4. Michele

    Mary, if you find someone to plane (?) the wood, Stan would built you anything you wanted.

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