One Week Ago

One week ago you were caught by surprise when we announced we are closing the shop on October 31. It’s been a wild week in the shop because it’s been mainly Connie, me and Mandy who is on crutches. You have placed online orders, orders by phone and visited the shop sometimes from quite a distance away. We also had “campers” here sewing in the classroom which was very fun but we were so busy, we saw them only over dinner on the evenings. Thank you for your continued patronage!
Just a couple of reminders: our website will not accept credit cards after September 1. You will have to call us to place an order. We cannot accept any more quilts for machine quilting – Ina is swamped and needs to be finished with all of them by November 1 . The sale starts September 11 with 20% off and that discount will increase as the weeks go on. Yes, Connie and Mary Baker will be in Ohio at the Country Living Fair and I will stay home to handle the sale. Farm News will continue through October. Mandy will continue with a new online store with our complete approval and consent.
Our closing statement is posted on this blog as well as our website. Please read this statement first for an answer to any questions but my email is if needed.
Time to go to work!!

2 thoughts on “One Week Ago

  1. Ann Barlament

    Through the years I have grown to love your patterns. Was never able to stop for a visit but you grew within my heart. No matter where we are, quilters are joined at the heart.

    I am thrilled that you will now take time for yourself and I know you will enjoy retirement. I am certain you will be busier that ever before.

    I wish you all the best as you move forwarding your next adventure.

  2. Christina

    Thank you ladies for your many years of inspiration to me. Enjoy your new lives!

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