No more quilts! Please!

Please accept our deepest apologies for no longer accepting quilts for machine quilting. Two weeks ago we were caught up and did not have enough machine quilting for 2 quilters but since we announced our closing we have gotten more quilts than Ina can finish before October 31. We are so sorry but we can no longer accept quilts – you will just have to pay the shipping to get them back. Do not send anymore quilts to us for machine quilting! Brandi is starting her own quilting service and you can call her at 641-430-3405. She will honor country threads punch reward cards and has other specials , too. Call her.
We are sorry we have to announce this but we are swamped.

One thought on “No more quilts! Please!

  1. Holly

    Poor Ina–buried in an avalanche of quilts! It’s so nice to be appreciated, until it gets overwhelming. It’s another sign of how much you are all appreciated and how much Country Threads will be missed. But there is a time for everything and you have certainly earned a bit of rest!

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