One Down, One To Go!

One cataract removed today and the next one in two weeks – it was virtually painless. I got there at 10:15, went to the surgery room at noon and left the building at 1:15. Rick dropped me off this morning and Becky picked me up and we went to lunch.

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I had an appointment at the clinic at 2:30, they took off the eye patch, put in more drops and sent me on my way. Then we went to Target. I took this picture of a shelf of beautiful towels.

This color combo suggested a quilt to me – from pale pink to pale coral to rose to maroon with gray as a neutral. Isn’t it pretty? I can find inspiration just about anywhere.

Oh, I forgot – at the surgery center, my nurse knew exactly which place I lived at because the fence was so noticeable from the highway. And when I got to the eye clinic, the gal testing my eye asked if I was from the quilt shop, not because she recognized me but she knew my voice which is not necessarily a good thing. I am too loud without even trying!

I also had to check out the end cap of bestsellers at Target. See any that look good? Right after the first of the month I’ll ask you for titles of the good books you’ve read in the past 30 days so get ready to update our book list.

After we left Target we attended Gayle’s celebration of life hosted by her sons, Shane and Chris. This was held at the community room in the Clear Lake bandshell and Becky and I saw and talked to many of her family and friends. I was home by 6 pm and I think it was a full day. I really miss Gayle though and tomorrow I’ll reminisce in print here on the blog.

Yesterday I forgot to post this picture with the other animal photos. Hazel wants me to throw the ball and she is being very vocal about it.

Tomorrow will be even better!

33 thoughts on “One Down, One To Go!

  1. Diana

    So glad your surgery went well. I had mine on Friday. Not cataracts but nodules on my cornea. Pain free like you, but this middle of the night burning is not fun. Up at 2 for Motrin and eye drops, we’ll see if that helps.
    Have a healing lense on that eye, and still cannot see very well. Going to see with my small group today, but think I will stick with knitting. Can’t mess that up too bad!
    Prayers for continued healing in that eye and for good results in the next!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diana – and best of luck with your eye, too! I have to wear a patch at night but I don’t envy you the burning you’re experiencing- surely that will improve?

  2. Martha Engstler

    I also am happy all went well yesterday. Glad to see the window cleaner recipe again, I too lost it. Give me snow, rain or gloom and I want to sew. Love to be out and about on a sunny day. We all pray for the ease of your second surgery. The drops are a “pain” but so very important. Good luck!

  3. Barbara

    Of course I wrote down your recipe for window washing. I bought the items you listed. Of course now I can’t find the paper it was written on!!! Could you please tell us again? Thank You-Six Bags in Seattle (not 6 old women, I purchased 6 bags FULL of treasures at your shop)

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Barbara – window cleaner: 1/4 c. Rubbing alcohol, 1/4 c. White vinegar, 1 T. Cornstarch, 2 c. Warm water.
      FYI – you can always go back to the original post for the recipe. Good Luck with the windows!

  4. Kathy Hanson

    So glad the surgery went well – if you feel like I did, I thought it was one of the easiest things I ever did. Amazing how much brighter colors look.
    I am sure you really miss Gayle and your visits with her. How wonderful to meet others that feel the same as you do.
    Hazel sure does let you know what she wants, doesn’t she. What a faithful friend you have in her.
    The second cataract surgery will go just as well. The eye drops are a lot but very important.

  5. Diane in Central Ohio

    Good news about your eye. Thanks for sending the pics of the chickens, goats, and of course, little Hazel:)
    Gayle’s celebration of life must have been helpful. She sounds like a very nice friend. Our beloved pets do help in times of sadness.

  6. MartyCae

    So glad to hear all went well with your surgery. I will be having this soon. Your experience makes me feel better!

    Love the picture of Hazel! She clearly wants to play.

  7. Brenda archambault

    So glad everything went smoothly. Did you see an explosion of colors as the cataract was removed? It’s amazing that there’s been such an advance in eye surgery of all sorts. And generally, so painless. You certainly had quite a day with not a minute wasted. And so thankful you were able to make it to Gayle’s celebration of life.

  8. Joy

    Glad your surgery went well! Sorry you lost your friend. Losing our friends is hard. Have a snuggle with Hazel and you’ll both feel better!

  9. Sharon Lowy

    Wow! Half way through! Happy it went so well and what a fun day you had. I know you miss your friend and am glad you were able to go to her celebration.
    Hazel is a “hoot”….so cute.

    Beautiful day coming today in Illinois.

  10. Judy

    Last night, I mentioned that you were to have surgery and was wondering how you were doing. Glad to hear everything went well. Take care!

  11. Karen

    I’m waiting for my own cataract surgery but can’t have it done till I don’t have to lay face down for my PT and pain management injections .. I only found out about not laying face down after cataract surgery AFTER I’d made the earlier surgery appt and so had to cancel for the time being. If your dr folks didn’t say anything about that, perhaps it would be a good idea check in with them about that?


  12. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I am so glad your surgery went well, I have heard how it takes maybe twenty minutes or less and how it used to be. It is a good thing that you could go to your friend’s celebration of life, whenever I can I go to say goodbye to my friends. It gives me closure.

    That picture of Hazel reminds me of those kids who throw tantrums when they want something. Ha, ha.

    Take care of yourself, hugs, Felicia

  13. Bobbie

    So glad everything went great. This way you will be less nervous for the next one. You will really like how much better you can see.
    It was really great you got to go to your friends memorial. As we get older it seems like we lose more and more of our friends.
    Our weather has changed in Washington we are now getting our rain. It’s so gloomy out. I hate when you have to turn lights on to sew. You also don’t get into sewing as you do when it’s sunny out.
    Have a great 2 weeks, you will love your new eye site.

  14. Amy M

    I’m going to agree with everyone and say thanks for letting us know your surgery went well. I certainly didn’t think you would be able to post today, let alone shop at Target! Also glad you were able to attend Gayle’s service. She would have understood if you wouldn’t have been able to make it but it’s as important for us to say goodbye as to celebrate the life of the one being celebrated. I hope you do take it easy tomorrow, I’m not sure that is possible for you.

  15. Marcia Rocheleau

    I hope the next days go as smoothly. Follow all your instructons. Better results in the long run.

  16. Angie

    Glad one down and one to go. You will be amazed at things you thought you saw are so much brighter and clearer.
    Seemed like a good day. Happy for you!

  17. Launa

    Congrats, Mary! It’s the anticipation. Now that one eye is done you know how easy the other eye will be. Nice you were able to attend Gayle’s service. She was so fortunate to have your friendship n vice versa. Many nice memories.

  18. Jean

    I’m so glad everything went well. I know it was important for you to be at the memorial. Hazel is a kick! Thank you for sharing your life with us!
    -Jean <3

  19. Sue in Oregon

    Wonderful news about your cataract surgery and so glad you were able to go to Gayle’s service. You had quite a day and will probably fall into bed and sleep like a log. Good for you. Take good care of yourself, Mary. Can’t wait to hear about your vision now that the cataract is gone.

  20. Jo in Wyo

    Boy! That Hazel is a kick. Love her.
    I’m so glad you were able to make it to Gayle’s memorial. The two of you meant a lot to each other.
    What a full day you had. Do you wear Becky out?
    How is Connie’s quilting room coming?

  21. Rosemary

    Good to hear the eye surgery went well. Can’t wait to hear about your new vision! So glad you were able to attend Gayle’s services. You’re dedication to friends is awesome!

  22. Cheryl

    So happy that the surgery went well and that you were able to attend your friend’s celebration of life and even go to Target. (My son works at for them at their headquarters.) You are Wonder Woman!

    My husband had hip replacesurgery a week ago today. This afternoon I mixed up your window washing juice and turned him loose! He is Super Man! That is a fine recipe!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cheryl – your husband just had hip replacement and he’s washing windows! Wowser! What a guy!

      1. Cheryl

        His first outing last night to attend Bible study, went well. He complained that the van seats are too hard. I do like to think his rapid recovery is due to the superb care I give him! It isn’t true, but I like to think that!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Cheryl – take credit if you can! Most women don’t get enough credit in their lives.

  23. Kathy in NY

    I am so happy to head to bed now knowing all went well for you today. Thank you for writing and letting us all breathe a sigh of relief it’s over for you. Helps you get through the next round easier now. Nice you can relax and get your tribute to Gayle written so we can share the friendship you shared. Hazel cracks me up!

  24. Beryl Hoff

    So glad the surgery went well!! For me it was the anticipation that was the worst. It did not hurt, the doctor talked to me throughout the procedure. I was from out of town so we had to stay the night. We went to dinner with friends, went back to the motel. The eye was healing when I went in for a check in the morning. Did you decide if you are going to do mono vision or not. I have really liked that, I dislike glasses so much so only use them if I wear a contact lens for long distance driving.
    You had a full day! It was nice you were able to go to your friends’ memorial service.
    Enjoy the new sight!!

  25. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I’m so glad your surgery went so well and you were able to attend Gayle’s celebration of life – I know how important that was to you!! Praying for an easy healing with your eyes!!

    1. Debbie Archer

      I’m happy to hear your surgery went well and was painless. I’m excited to hear about how much better you will see after your next surgery.
      I love all of the pics you post.

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