Ordering instructions

Here’s how this blog works: I sit in my sewing room, dining room, porch or wherever and chat with you guys about any number of subjects. Mary Baker and the staff are working in the quilt shop filling orders and generally taking care of business. If you wish to place an order for a project I’ve just blogged about, you will have to call the shop at 641-923-3893. Some of these projects will not be posted in our online store because it takes too much time to do all that only to be sold out if quantities are limited.
Fig Tree’s newest fabric line is called Mirabelle and the charm pack is almost identical to Honeysweet. I explain this because we are sold out of Honeysweet and will send Mirabelle as a substitute. Since it’s another snowy weekend, it would lift ones spirits to work on a delicate springy project, don’t you agree?
Call the shop 641-923-3893 to order. Maybe you should put us in your contact list under “fun”!

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