Our New Sign

The sign at the gate says it all – Business Closed. We are getting some time to catch our breath after 30 years of working nearly round the clock. As you all know, the weather changed drastically and last Sunday I mowed lawn in the beautiful sunshine. By Tuesday morning it was 21 degrees and this morning it was 12. Brrrrr…..! It makes it easy to stay inside and clean drawers, etc. which I have been doing. Last weekend I attended Jode’s retreat at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch – and of course, a good time was had by all. Little by little I am clearing out the quilt shop and moving my own “overflow” out there. By January I should be moved in and sewing out there while I keep dogs in the kennels company.
I am now working with yet another company on our blog. Hang in there with me – I think we’ll get it but not soon enough for me. My email is maryecountrythreads@gmail.com if you need to contact me. I’m not sure of Mandy’s status at this point.
I will have pictures of the quilt shop being transformed in upcoming blogs. Next week the staff is coming for a sewing day in the classroom so we can all catch up with news.

4 thoughts on “Our New Sign

  1. Carole

    Mary Jo has said it so well. Although I only visited the shop just the once, I have received so many warm feelings and friendly smiles from you, Mary, through your blog and emails. Thanks. Love you.

  2. Judy Bickler

    Happy retirement! I was worried when your latest post didn’t come to my email, so am glad things are going so well. I retired from 28 years of teaching and can understand how you feel. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Mary Jo Jones

    Even though so many of us are sad to see you close, we also know that you deserve this retirement. Thank you for all the inspiration through the years as well as the friendly smiles and the warm feelings we have gotten as we visited your shop. Enjoy…and don’t look back. You will love your freedom!

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