So Long, Farewell…….!

Our last day is bittersweet but mostly sweet! We will celebrate with our staff tonight at the local pub.
Don’t forget Mandy’s website – she is ready to take your order starting November 3. Her email address is and her phone is 641-430-6341.

You can reach me at and on the blog, Country Threads Chicken Scratch.

Thanks to all of you for over 30 years of fun!

Mary E.

12 thoughts on “So Long, Farewell…….!

  1. Lani

    With tears in my eyes I wish you and Connie a very Happy Retirement. We’ve loved you for 30 years…
    Lani in Ventura..the CA one

  2. Diane Meyer

    Thank you for all the interesting news from the farm and shop. I enjoyed meeting many of you at the quilt show in Rosemont. Thank you, Connie, for showing me how to needle punch; I really enjoy doing it in my free time. I hope retirement is relaxing and everything all of you wish for. Good-bye, Country Threads!

  3. Kim

    Aww…good bye Country Threads! It’s been great. Thanks for everything you brought to quilting and life. I’ll see you here at Chicken Scratch. Happy retirement, happy life!

  4. Sue Davis

    Everyone has said it all. Just let me say this: enjoy every minute of everything you do. Including cleaning under your sink! When you have the time and you don’t have to hurry to do these chores it is a great day!

  5. Veronica Foltz

    Mary, I cried reading your e-mail this morning. I remember back to the first day I met you in the early ’80’s when you were so gracious and showed me the ‘chicken coop’ where you were marketing your first patterns. And over the years I watched your business grow and grow. I have brought family and friends to Country Threads for years and years. My best to you and Connie in the years ahead. I have a lot of wonderful memories of your quilt shop. I can visualize the shop and still have warm, fuzzy feelings thinking of each time I was there. My blessings!

  6. Carole

    Happy well-earned Retirement! Thanks for everything – the patterns and books, the farm and animal stories, even your tuck pictures. But most of all thank you, Mary, for being a friend when I was going through some very dark times this year. And to think it all started with my Alice writing to your Emma. Who knew 2 tabby kitties would have so much to chat about? All my best wishes to you and Connie.

  7. Lynn

    Because of you I make rugs from rags and wash my floors with peroxide and water. Thank you.

  8. Kim

    I’m curious about the Peroxide and water? What else is in this floor washing solution and how/why was the use of peroxide discovered? 🙂

  9. mrsgoodneedle

    Thanks for all that you’ve done through the years; your shop will be missed. My Country Threads publications have been among my most used books, tried and true; reached for over and over. I am grateful to Country Threads and wish you nothing but the happiest of retirements.

  10. Claire

    Thank you sew very much for your BOM 2013. I won a blue ribbon at my local fair for my beautiful quilt. looking forward to putting together the BOM for 2014.
    Best Wishes for a long healthy retirement.

  11. Emily

    Congratulations on your retirement! Thanks for all your years of promoting, supporting and encouraging quilters!

  12. Jennifer Soucie

    Hi Mary and Connie,
    I just found out about your retirement and felt happy for you and of course sad for the quilting community. I have enjoyed making many of your quilts over the years and still have a few UFO’s. The goat gazette was great and I remember when it would come I would read it cover-to-cover. I also sent many of my quilts to be quilted and will miss the great job the gals did. Thank you so much for all the years of hard work. Enjoy retirement…you deserve it!

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