Patterns Available For Sale

I am going to list those books and patterns that are available for sale and I will also indicate when the seasonal patterns will no longer be available.

The following Halloween patterns will expire October 31.  Order now if you think you want them.

Frank – $5.00

The Count – $5.00

Charlie the Cat, $5.00

Jack – $5.00

These Halloween patterns expire October 31.

Playhouse Pumpkin – FREE

Rugs From Rags booklet and DVD – $20

Bullseye – pattern $3.00

Gameboard – $5.00.  Here is the new Christmas Gameboard.

Beyond The Battlefield book – $31.00

A Country’s Call book – $33.00

Other special order patterns are $10.00 plus $1.50 postage.

Please bookmark this list.  New Christmas patterns will be posted very soon!

17 thoughts on “Patterns Available For Sale

  1. BarBQue

    Sorry about your “fix”, Mary. I got the first pic of a #5 and Connie’s quilt. All other pics were blank. I am as frustrated as you are.

  2. Sue in Oregon

    I think I am getting all the posts, too. I am more concerned that the ads don’t have xs to click anymore. They do seem to come and go, though.
    Bookmarked this page.

  3. Jan VanDeWalle

    I think I have gotten all the pictures that you posted and some days ads don’t have the X to close them. But sometimes if I just scroll back to the top from this comment reply spot they will be there and I can click them.
    Also if I clicked on them on the way down they will be back on the way back to the top so I get them twice.
    Jan in Oregon

  4. Jean

    I seem to be getting all the posts along with the pics. Everytime it happens I breathe a little easier after everything that has happened!

  5. Kathy in western NY

    Pictures and posts along with ads to X out are coming thru my iPad fine with safari as my browser. Course once the hackers wake up and hijack those pictures could be another story! We are on the road in the motor home (Noah’s ark with 2 dogs, 1 cat) traveling and didn’t my husbands iPhone show him this morning when he turned it on, a collage of years worth of his pictures with nature. If that doesn’t tell you someone is looking at us all. What you have gone through with this fix is frustrating but I thank you for still trying to stay in contact.

  6. Jane Dumler

    My thermometer says 21 this morning. Winter is coming.
    Everything coming through fine. I am on the ranch using an iPad and relying on a Verizon hook up that is a block and a half away for my internet. All ads and x’s come through fine. Am anxiously awaiting the new book. Thank you for all your hard work keeping this blog going.

  7. Margie

    Hi, I did get the pics the second time yu sent them. Thanks for your persistence. I appreciate all yu do.

  8. Holly Christian

    I got all the pics but one and I can click on the ads but I am reading the blog on my phone, not sure it that makes a difference??

    Is the postage for the books $1.50 as well?? I guess I would have assumed it to be more.

    Will be emailing you a story and pictures regarding your post on the mendits, can’t wait to tell you.

  9. Diane in WI

    I have had a lot of blank spaces where pictures should be. On today’s post everything came through except the picture of the Christmas game board. I was able to click on some of the ads again. Maybe my computer is too old! Finally bright and sunny after about four inches of rain. Who knows when the crops will be harvested.

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    I had only one box blank too, but I think I can figure out what should be in it

    *******don’t forget to include your name and return address label if you order*********
    It helps Mary and Connie bigly.

  11. Montana Kathy

    All but 1 photo came through (Christmas game board), and the ads were there but no x to click on so could not close them. This is the 1st time ever that I’ve not been able to close ads. Tried opening the ads and then going back but still no x. Sorry you’re having so much trouble. Please don’t give up.

  12. Montana Kathy

    Ok, this is weird. After posting my comment, I scrolled back up and there were 3 ads with x’s that I was able to close. The remaining ads were just yellow blanks, no x’s and no ads displayed this time around. By the way, I only ever use my IPad and Safari. Hope these notes help you out in figuring what’s going wrong.

  13. Launa

    I closed two ads n use my IPad n safari, too! Nice sunny 30o morning up here in Idaho. Might need sunscreen outside today! Raider game from London is starting! Thanks for all your work, Mary!

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