Searching For A Fix

I’m going to try to post these pics again – very, very annoying that I’m having this problem.  I have not forgotten about the list of patterns but I have to figure this out first.

Those of you who didn’t get these pictures previously, let me know if they came thru this time.  Sorry for this inconvenience- — wish this didn’t happen!

89 thoughts on “Searching For A Fix

  1. ANN D

    I was able to see your photos the first time you sent them out. Interesting that other folks did not receive, perhaps they use a different mail service? I’m on Chrome.

  2. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, your post looks great! Friends Leslie and Bobby were at my house for a visit this morning. We were talking about your baby chicks! I also showed them my Frosty Itty Bitty quilt that I finished. I got this pattern from you about a year ago! But, I did get it finished for Christmas.. this year! He turned out cute and I will get a picture off to you soon!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      We were just talking about releasing Frosty again – it’s cold and rainy here today and I just got back from checking on the chicks – Mama has them in the far corner of the goose pen – poor little things!

  3. Marsha Ransom

    I got a bunch of pictures! Especially live the finished UFOs! Congrats to everyone!

  4. Rita in Iowa

    Mary the pictures came through both times, thank you for being so persistent. Worked outside yesterday while it wasn’t raining. Inside and working on Frank (2) today. Hope to have them finished this weekend.
    Have to stop for a while as it is lightening quite a bit.

  5. Margie

    Hi, I didn’t get them the first time, but they came thru this time. Appeciate all the time and trouble yu go thru to keep us connected and happy.

  6. Cindy Nelson

    They had all come through the first time and I loved them twice as much the second viewing

  7. Rikki

    Got the pictures and enjoy the finished projects. I have pans like that with the mendits on them. Glad you reposted the pics so I could see them. Have a great Saturday Mary.

  8. Roxanne

    I did not get them yesterday, but did today. Both days I was using Safari browser on my iPhone. I’ll go check desktop in a minute and let you know if it is different.

  9. Karen Gaither

    Mary are those yours or other people’s quits that they sent to you? Do you know the name of pattern for the first picture? I am a sucker for pinwheels!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rick just came home and found this game on a completely different channel!

  10. Glenda from SD

    It came through today. Thank you! I remember one of moms pans that dad put that rivet in for her so she
    could keep using it. Like your emails as look forward to them. Took the bullseye idea to Az. with me last
    year and 5 of us made a Linus quilt, each doing some squares. I like the black one that was on your email
    also. Might have to do that also.

  11. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    I got them the second time sent. I use safari. Maybe a different one? Anyway the cat one was most intriguing!! And my mom, 93, still fixes old pans that way but had a good supply of the mend-it’s on hand. She loves her old pans! Thanks for all that you do to keep this going. I love your blog as does many others. I look forward to it every day. Is Reed related to you or just a friend? Love his love for sewing!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Reed is a friend’s grandson who is also a neighbor and goes to my church – he’s a keeper, isn’t he?

  12. Elaine Welda

    Interesting that I got all of the pictures yesterday but when I was going to look at them again last evening the only pictures that appeared were the cat and pumpkin pictures from your patterns, the rest were just yellow rectangles.
    Today I again got all of the pictures. Is someone or something trying to mess with our mines? Lol

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Elaine – I just don’t know – I keep trying to find the problem but no luck yet!

      1. Janice

        Mary, That is exactly what happened to me. I saw all of the photos yesterday. Went back in later in the evening to see if there were any more comments posted to read. On the second time, only the cat and the pumpkin quilts displayed. I tried looking at that post again today, and only two photos. Weird. I can see all the photos in today’s posting (Searching for a Fix)and . Actually, I went back in several times for today’s posting and each time all of the photos showed up. I use a MAC and Firefox.

  13. Joyce from NY

    Got the pictures both times, coming through nice & clear. Thank you!!
    Beautiful day here today after a frost this morning 34degees. My granddaughter was here early this morning, her dad had to go to work, she brought her great mountain Swiss dog with her & he got right up on my bed, what a surprise !!

  14. Sue in Oregon

    All the pics came through for me too Except the pumpkin one. Isn’t that strange? I do not recall that photo from before, but I love it. I made one too but it is not quilted yet. I changed mine up a bit. Didn’t use the squares and its all one color.
    Good luck with your#%@#^ computer problems.

  15. Sue from Duluth MN

    I had the same experience as Elaine did, photos were there then not and then got them again today (strange events that mess with our minds!)……again, thank you Mary for your persistence with all of this! Love to see all the finished projects that are getting completed, I think this getting old business get to us to finish off things!

  16. Rosemary W.

    Got them!! Not sure what you did, but it worked. I thought maybe they’d show up in the other post today, but they are not there.
    Thanks for posting again! Enjoyed the pics!

  17. Deb N

    I’m on Safari and got the pics. But I realized a few weeks ago that the only way I can see your new posts is through my email! I can’t just stop in whenever I like! Boo, hiss!

  18. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Got them both times also with at least 7 ads to close. I go back sometimes and close ads from another day or reopen the current one and close ads again. Love Connie’s quilt.

  19. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Second viewing, as fun as the first. Still loving the Heine black cat collage… kind of wanting to treat myself to that… if I win the football pool tomorrow I just might own the kit!

    Also loving the pumpkin!

    And everything else posted… terrific quilters out there!

  20. Linda in So Cal

    Received pictures both time. Love Connie’s quilt! Do you have a warming light for the chicks. Too bad some of the chicks will not go to the Mom that lost her chicks. Too many chicks for one mother!

  21. patti

    received pictures both times. lovely lovely to look at. i use firefox on a laptop. patti in florida

  22. Jan f

    Got the beautiful photos of all the finished quilts which I sew enjoy seeing. I was also able to close 7 (!!!) ads, the most ever!

  23. Jan from TN

    Got the beautiful photos of all the finished quilts which I sew enjoy seeing. I was also able to close 7 (!!!) ads, the most ever!

  24. Diane Bauer

    Pictures both times for me, though it seems one or two may have been sideways yesterday. Today everything is upright. I have Safari on my phone, which is how I’m looking at the blog right now.

    I would like to try one of the Heine collage quilts—have a couple of friends who did a workshop with her in Billings last fall. Today I am working on Bitsy Boxes (Bodobo pattern)—fun little project!

  25. Helen Jane (TX)

    Hi Mary…did receive pics twice. Enjoy seeing all the projects. Always another idea. Back from seeing Downton Abby. Yes, to repairs as I have a stovetop coffee pot my grandpa (deceased) repaired to stop a leak. I admire their ingenuity to salvage. Looking forward to cooler weather at least for a few days.

  26. Jo in Wyoming

    I got them both times. I’m on an iPad.
    All the #5’s are great….thanks everybody for the inspiration to keep that finishing fire burning!

  27. Nancy TD

    Pics yesterday morning but just yellow rectangles last night. Closed the ads both times.
    Karen G. The quilt is disappearing pinwheel baskets from a Missouri Quilt tutorial. A pattern is available too.

  28. Meredith

    I did get the pictures this time. Thanks so much! They are great quilts and projects. Hope to send mine by Monday! Love this blog; thank you for not giving up.

  29. Marcia

    I would love to know the pattern name or where to find it for the first quilt in the above post, made by Nancy T.

  30. Jennie

    I got the pictures both time and closed all the adds. Thanks for not giving up. Blessing Jennie

  31. laurie

    I didn’t get the pics the first time, but they worked today. 🙂 Both times on Chrome.

  32. Cindy Cigrand

    I didn’t get pictures first time. Thanks for your work to send them again. I got them second time

  33. Sarah, Northern California

    Loved the quilt pictures and the mended pan. Those who fixed, repaired, mended, etc., were environmentalists/ conservationists before the words were popular. Whether by need or love, things were not so readily discarded. When younger I remember being in a home with an avocado green stove. I asked my mother why the lady would still have such an old one…and in that color. She explained that the stove served the family’s needs. End of discussion. As usual mother saw the picture in life.

  34. Carolyn Rector

    Got them this time. Thanks for all you do. Good #5s. Liked the bolt on the bowl, too.


    Reply for Karen G. The quilt pattern is disappearing pinwheel baskets from a Missouri Quilt tutorial.
    Yesterday I went back to the pictures and they were just yellow rectangles. Today they were all still there. Closed ads twice . Great day to sew with all the rain we are having.

  36. Nancy TD

    Reply for Karen G. The quilt pattern is disappearing pinwheel baskets from a Missouri Quilt tutorial.
    Yesterday I went back to the pictures and they were just yellow rectangles. Today they were all still there. Looking at the pictures twice and get to close ads twice.

  37. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    Hi Mary, Everything came through just fine the first time, but only pictures 1 and 7 came through now. But, I am in Amish country Ohio at a Quilt retreat and reception can be sketchy on my phone. Also, this is the first time ever there were no X’s To click on the ads. Strange. I will get on again when I get home and click away😊

  38. Wanda

    I only got 2 pictures, yesterday and today. It was the same on iPad as laptop, and I tried Internet Explorer, Google, and Safari. I do not receive the blog by email, but always go directly to the blog on the internet.

  39. Nikki M in Tx

    Weird I got all photos yesterday & only three today..don’t think is you or something you are doing.. server problem.

  40. BarBQue

    Still only two pics with the “fix” the first one of a #5 and Connie’s quilt. How frustrating for you and those of us who still have this problem. Thanks, Mary, for continuing to try.

  41. Sue in Marion, IN

    I got all the pictures last time…this time I could only see two. Closed two ads and the others would not close. I have an iPad and use Safari.

  42. Janet M.

    I am a little behind but the pictures cam through in this email. They did not in the previous email. Why some
    got them and other didn’t who knows. Go figure!! Thank you for all the hours you put into this. We all do
    appreciate it. Also the listing of patterns with the pictures after this came through just fine.

  43. Esther Lautenbach

    Didn’t get them all the first time or this time , I can’t understand this how some got them all and others not. Well you’ll figure it out eventually I’m sure. Hugs.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Maybe your computer needs to re-boot or you could try resubscribing to the blog – maybe the pictures would come thru then? Just an idea.

  44. Julie

    I only received two pictures today and the other day I didn’t get any. I’m sorry to tell you that.

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