Time Flies

It seems that I was just writing a blog post at 4 am on October 1 and that was three days ago.  Yesterday my IPad went on the blink so it was off to Verizon for that long drawn out wait for someone to help.  The “fix” took less than 5 minutes – a “software glitch” that I did nothing to cause.  How maddening and that’s how my Wednesday continued.


Reed was coming to sew on the baby quilt after school and then it was choir practice.   By the time I got home from church, I was pooped.  So today my friend Sherry and her husband came to the farm for a visit and even though she said not to bother with the condition of the house, I scurried around moving plants, vacuuming and picking up the house so I felt better and actually I should thank her because if she hadn’t said they were coming, I could have ignored it for another day – haha!  Now tomorrow I’ll have an easy day.

Here’s my progress on HIPS.  Getting those little stars made!

Here are more Dirty Dozen finishes.

And I am posting Connie’s #5 again since someone wanted measurements although the exact measurement wouldn’t matter – just make your 9 patch blocks and cut a very narrow sashing.  Connie’s 9 patch blocks were made from a jelly roll – that clue alone should tell you this finished 9 patch is 6” x 6” and  squares were cut 2-1/2”.  Sashing was cut 1-1/4” wide.

I wanted to introduce you to my nephew Dan Rose, his wife Virginia and their new puppy Ruby.

As I was cleaning up this old dishpan, I noticed the “repair” in the bottom.  Our ancestors were very frugal and adept at making things continue to work for them.  Have you ever noticed one of these?

We have another giveaway for next week – we have two more small Halloween patterns called Charlie the Cat and Jack the Pumpkin AND we came across one kit each which includes the pattern.  We are giving these two kits away – I’ll have Reed pick the winners and the rest of you can order the patterns for $5.00 each – until October 31.  Each measures approximately 10” x 12”.

Tomorrow I plan to list all current patterns available and their deadline.  Next week we really should start thinking about Christmas patterns.  Anybody ready?

These plants are so much work!  Why do I do this to myself?  Sherry helped me move some to the quilt shop and I honestly don’t have as many as last winter.  I have given away a lot of them and some I’ve planted in interesting containers which will be for sale at Gypsy Junk Fest October 25-26 at the Mason City fairgrounds.  Can you come?

That’s all for tonite, Folks!  What have I forgotten?  It never fails – I’m sure I’ve covered all bases only to have several questions from readers pop up in the comments.

82 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Casey

    Love those repairs on enamelware and old tin dishes. I once bought a vintage box of Mendits, which were a kit with metal washers and rivets used to plug holes in metal dishware. I have an old wash pan I use all the time with a mendit repair and it holds water just fine!

  2. Cinders

    Love all the #5’s! Also Connie’s quilt and the mended pan, has almost forgotten about mend-its! I will need to order fall Quilt patterns and your latest book too…

  3. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    I have never heard of a Mendit, but what a good idea. I like old metalware. Squeak would love that “ self portrait” quilt😺😺.
    Busy here with Quilt Show set up and quilt retreat this weekend. Fun. The # 5’s are really neat and so different. Working on my #7 at retreat.

  4. Diane Bauer

    We are full on into fall here–almost too cool to sit on the patio to enjoy a fire. I think we’re supposed to see some “Indian Summer” in the next few day. I will be looking forward to it!
    I haven’t sewn since the weekend when I was busily trying to get 10 more grain bags ready for the industrial machine, because I intended to take my Viking in for a much-needed service. I pulled out my #7 this afternoon, so will try to get busy on my new machine this weekend!
    My poor Akira is losing hair at an alarming rate and her skin has gotten terribly flaky. I took her in to re-check her thyroid this morning and it seems they put her on too high of a dose which may explain the hair loss and flaky skin. So we will use a lower dose this month and hope things balance out. They said her shed cycle is off because of the thyroid issue. She definitely has a ton more energy again, which is awesome!!
    Charlie and Jack are so cute, as is Ruby!!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Diane, are you feeling better? It took me a couple days to feel myself after getting my shingles shot a few weeks ago. My husband even came home from work and went to bed as he felt lousy after his and was stunned cause he never has that dragged out feeling after any inoculation. The technician told us after she saw our age bracket that it seems to be our age that has the after affects and the very elderly folks feel fine after it. But the second shot in the series we were told is not bad for after affects. Mid month we will get our flu shots and never had problem with them but I thought of you these last couple days cause I know I felt lethargic after the shingles shot. I will take those days versus weeks of agony and nerve pain with shingles as it’s awful to watch someone when they endure that.

      1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

        About 24 hours after I had the first of the two Shingrix shots, my heart started racing, went up to about 100 beats a minute while I had been in a resting state for a few hours. My Fitbit was my friend. It stayed at that high rate for nine hours. At one point I showered and changed into fresh clothes because I thought I might have a heart attack (the clean underwear memo our mother’s gave us came to mind!)…I stayed awake until about 4am and then fell asleep. Later in the day I checked my Fitbit information, for nine minutes my heart registered a cardio without and over nine hours of fat burning stage. All while I sat perfectly still.
        So… no second shot for me. My doctor said it was a good thing I do high intensity interval workouts five days a week, my heart could take it… age 67, we shouldn’t mess around with our hearts!

  5. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    My husband’s surgery was today, we had to get up at 4 to shower and get to the hospital by 5:30….everything went very well and he’s resting uncomfortably, poor guy… long day, my eyes are rolling in my head (east coast time, 10:00), but these eyes work well enough to enjoy all the photos, but I am particularly loving Sharon from Florida’s Black Cat quilt! I have Laura Heine’s pincushion pattern and can’t wait to make it. I think your black cat pattern is super cute, Mary! Having a tuxedo cat, this is my favorite time of year… everything is black cat.

  6. Sharon Ray

    Love the finishes. I like to see what others are doing. That’s a great grinnin cat! (your pattern)

  7. Louise K.

    Yes, time flies too fast.

    The Halloween patterns are so cute!

    Ate ancestors were so resourceful. Nothing went to waste. We could learn from that.

    Louise K.

  8. Jill of NE Iowa

    I just love the grin on ‘Charlie the Cat’!
    Do you know what type of dog Ruby is? Soo cute!
    All the finished quilts are beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing today and I look forward to tomorrow!

  9. Brenda Archambault

    Mary, I’ve finally managed to get back on your blog mailing list and can’t begin to tell you how much I missed it. Haven’t made much progress finishing my dirty dozen as I still have quilting and binding to really complete some of the “dirties.”
    Our local guild has a challenge, “I love ❤️ (our town) because …” and I’ve been busy with it, along with life in general. But, tomorrow’s another day, so no more procrastination!

  10. Chris H. in Washington

    Love the Charlie the Cat little quilt. I’ll be ordering that pattern! I so enjoy your posts, Mary.

  11. Donna Sproston

    Yes, it is time to start Christmas quilting. However, I will add Charlie and Jack to my patterns. There is always room for a small quilt. After lots of rain and warm temps, today was dry and cooler. Farmers are going to be harvesting for weeks once the ground dries a bit. Our maples are still green and lush, but the rains may help bring out the colors by month’s end.

  12. Deborah F Smith

    I received my black cat pattern today, I’m ready to dive in! Then I realized there was a difference between the pattern with stars and the cat with pumpkins and 9 patches shown in the blog. Are there 2 different pattern choices? Or is one a new take on the pattern?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Connie did several black cats – did we send you the wrong one? I’m not sure how I can figure this out – I’ll ask Connie.

      1. Mary

        Mary, just to let you know, Most of the pictures you said you sent in this post did not make it to me. Usually, I do get them, so don’t know what is wrong. Just wanted you to know.
        I did get the cat ant the pumpkin pattern. But that is all.

        Mary in Portland

  13. Janice Hebert

    I love seeing all of the work everyone is doing, love the #5’s! And I love your Charlie the Cat pattern too! We are starting the Topsfield Fair here tomorrow, there will be lots of traffic for the next ten days. I hope to get there to see the animals and the chickens and the agriculture barns. I don’t care much for the midway or vendors. Seems every year the midway gets bigger. Sigh… Jan in MA

  14. Betty Klosterman

    We used to have an enamel pan that also had the repair on a hole. It worked just fine. Remind you of your book?
    If I sent an attached picture to an email, would you be able to get it into the blog?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – yes, that’s the only way. Send it to my email, I copy it into my photos , upload it into blog site media, resize it and insert it in a blog post. Thanks, Betty!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, Betty, our Use It Up….book was my favorite, I think! I’m finishing a quilt now that follows that same idea and I can’t wait to show you!

  15. Jan in NW WI

    Love to see the finishes. Such talent. I love the black cat pattern and will have to order one. In all the years of fostering and rescuing cats , the bulk of them were black, and lots were polydactyl. I love all of the orphans, but am really drawn to the black ones. How sweet the Reed is making the new baby a quilt. What a kind and thoughtful person he is, and talented as well. Looks like possible frost tonight. I finished putting the gardens to “bed” for this year. Thanks for the blog Mary. I love all of the stories/news.

  16. Sunflower from Michigan

    Love the two new patterns! I keep remembering…it’s not long til I retire and THEN I can sew and quilt more! The finished quilting projects are lovely. Have a great day tomorrow.

  17. Diane Deibler

    I laughed when I saw the screw in the dish pan! I have one just like it! Probably fixed by my dad who was always repairing things in his own way.Ha.

  18. Karen Martin

    It seems the only time I clean is when I know someone is coming by, so I can relate to your tidying up. Love the expression on that scary cat—he’s been up to something naughty, for sure!

  19. MaryLou

    So hoping Fall makes it way down here in Texas – super hot n humid but got lucky this evening with a wonderful thunderstorm – said Thsnk you for watering for me. I truly enjoy & look forward to your. Log each day . Oh your cat pattern has the perfect grin & the pumpkin is adorable. Thsnk you for all the
    inspiration & wonderful Quilt show we get of others projects.

  20. Katherine Gourley

    My sweet Granny had a constantly used 1 cup aluminum measuring cup that went missing after she went home to be with Jesus. Maybe she took it with her to make biscuits, dumplings and pie crusts. It was about 20 years that she left us that I was at a garage sale and saw a measuring cup just like hers, but with a repair. The aluminum cup handle was gone and repaired with a drawer knob fastened with a nut and bolt. I took it instantly and paid the 50 cents.
    I found myself with tears running down my face thinking about the person who had used the measuring cup as much as my Granny and certainly as frugal as she had been. If something could be repaired it was and was used until it could not be put back into service. Thank you for sharing the repair to your pan

  21. Kathy Hanson

    Cute puppy your nephew and wife have!! Fun!! I have my stars cut for HIPS and the red squares – need to get more cut so I can get busy on it. So many projects in the works! Love the old dish pan remember having these things at my grandma’s house and some at ours too when I was young. Fun to see them again. The Halloween projects are really cute – you and Connie really made a lot of great patterns! Such fun to everyone’s finished projects, all so nice and wonderful to have finished!!

  22. Shirley Svoboda

    Live the Halloween patterns! My daughter is sewing the jack o’lantern kit….I bought it at your shop several years ago! Fall is definitely here in Alaska…..so beautiful!

  23. Christina

    I too have lots of those old dish pans but have never seen a repair like that . My dad used a galvanized watering can and when it split at the seam , he put some black tar on it . He’s been gone 12 years and I treasure that old watering can 🙂 I will be ordering that grinning Halloween Cat pattern : so cute !! Here in Alaska we’ve had some snow already . Just a bit : they call it Termination Dust 🙂

  24. Paula In Texas

    Love all the finished products. Connie’s quilt is a favorite, I love a 9 patch quilt! So glad that your IPad fix was an easy one! That is a Blessing!

  25. Marsha from Kansas

    These little quilts are right up my alley. Thank you for posting a list of available patterns. I was just a little late emailing my September Dirty Dozen for this post. But ready to get busy on October’s DD. After not completing a thing last year, it is nice finishing projects already this year. I love Christmas fabrics. In fact, one of my DD projects is a Christmas charm project from your latest charm book. Will that number be drawn next month?? The book Where the Crawdads Sing was finally available on my daughter’s wait list, so she picked it up for me today. So many of you fellow Country Threaders recommended this book, I wanted to read it. I love a good mystery! Off to DD binding and reading. It turned cool overnight so will be cuddling up under the quilt.

  26. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love your Cat and Jack patterns. Hard to think Christmas or fall when we are having 93- 94 degree temperatures here in the valley. I am ready for Fall and pumpkins.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  27. Rhoda Ebersole

    I love those patterns and have almost finished the pumpkin one you posted in the blog and no time to quilt or sew as I pack up to drive back to Las Vegas.

    I am helping a friend make your rag rug.

  28. Jennie

    the Halloween Cat is so cute. Will be glad to see the list of patterns to order. Several I wanted to order and didn’t. Has been a rainy week. tired of it. Love to see the progress on Reeds quilt. Blessings Jennie

  29. Debra Miller

    Love Charlie and Jack-so cute! I went to my basement yesterday to get the really big stainless steel pot that my Mama used to cook and can in and it has a similar repair made in the center of the bottom. it is still holding strong-I made 20 pints of chow chow.

  30. Tina W.

    I know what you mean about cleaning before company comes! Anymore, I tell people that if they want to see me, come any time. If they want to see my house, make an appointment! Ha!
    When I worked at a local quilt shop years ago, I made the Charlie the Cat quilt as a shop sample. Was fun to make and helped sell a lot of patterns & fabric!
    The #5’s coming in are great and all so different. I pulled out #7 but haven’t had a chance to work on it yet. Hope to this weekend.
    Tina W in Oregon

  31. Sue in Oregon

    The #5s are all wonderful, and the Black Cat is exceptional. Very clever!
    I am still working on processing tomatoes. Seems like they will never end. Still have lots of green ones on the vines, but the vines are now starting to go because of the rain. Can’t say I’m terribly sorry about that. Pretty tired of them. Our weather is very changeable now. Beautiful fall weather one day and cold rain the next. Back and forth.

  32. CheriP

    My mother used to tell me not to clean before a party, just clean up after. Your little quilt kitsch are cute!

  33. Sherry Whalen

    Thank you for hosting us this afternoon – it was nice to visit with you and Rick and meet the animals! (And you really should have made me work harder!!)

  34. Dorothy

    Is there a way to contact some of the #5 posters? i love the the 1st one that looks like a basket with a pinwheel for the flowers. It has a lot of movement and secondary patterns

  35. Mary

    Only 1 ad to close. Another ad didn’t have an “x” to close it. These are really cute seasonal wallhangings.

  36. Paula

    Those Halloween quilts are the best! Please do post the patterns available! I am visiting my grandkids in Alaska and don’t have my sewing machine with me so all I can do is read your blog and make plans! Thanks for that!

  37. Moe Baly

    Another fun and interesting post Mary. I want to make all the quilts in this post. Wow! Nothing to report from Chicago except the temps have drops and Autumn is on the way Hurray!

  38. Susan B.

    Mary, again I will tell you how much I love your blog. My father repaired everything, too. He was born in 1917. He even taught me to turn the collars on his shirts so he could wear them longer. I have lots of enamelware, but none with repairs. My kids would think I was nuts if I suggested that to them now!
    Love the Halloween patterns.

  39. Patti S

    I really like Connie’s quilt with the narrow border. I could see it done as a smaller, perhaps, doll quilt size. Will add it to my list of someday quilts. The Halloween quilts are so cute.

  40. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I was the one who asked for the dimensions of Connie’s nine patch. I was trying to figure (by looking at photo) if she used a charm pack (or two); I hadn’t even thought about a jelly roll which would definitely yield enough coordinated fabric. Thank you for the info, it’s a lovely quilt. The cat and pumpkin little quilts are great, I would love a chance to win a kit. Plants— yes! I, too, struggle to make room as the weather turns; I winter-over my geraniums (bare root fashion) and have had really good luck doing that, fingers crossed for success this year— I don’t have room to bring them all inside in their pots.

  41. Kathy in western NY

    I am thinking Christmas projects myself as I have a country threads pattern and beginnings of a Santa wall hanging that I found while I helped a friend clean out a relatives sewing room after she passed so looking forward to completing it. It’s now finally feeling like fall is coming here so I enjoy all the foods, sights, festivals and smells this season provides us in beautiful New York.

  42. Sandy in Indiana

    Lots of ads to close today 🙂
    I LOVE,LOVE the 2 Halloween patterns! Especially the black cat…..I love anything & everything black cat 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend!

  43. Rita AM in CT

    Love the quilts. I know other people like Christmas but I am in no rush, Fall is my favorite time of the year and it has just started. I intent to enjoy every second of it from now through Thanksgiving.
    I am not bringing in any plants this year. I gave away my baby plants and all of the parent plants are safely inside. We are under a frost warning for tonight. The Hydrangea (vanilla strawberry) blossoms have turned a bright strawberry pink and I plan on cutting some to bring inside today before the frost.
    We saw a bear in the back yesterday afternoon. I will be able to start feeding the birds for the winter as soon as the bears start hibernating.
    Strange thing with the ads this morning I kept clicking but they wouldn’t close. I will try again later to close some.
    I hope I win one of the kits but plan on ordering the patterns.

  44. Ellie

    Such pretty finishes! They are so pretty it’s hard to believe they ever got into UFO status!
    The Halloween patterns are really cute.

  45. Robin McGuire

    Yes, time flies! I haven’t gotten any sewing done this week but hope to today! Love Charlie and Jack! I’ve already started some Christmas sewing so I don’t think it’s ever too early.

  46. Kim J LeMere

    I did not know you could mend metal ware that way and I own a few pieces from my grandparents that I love to use. Both of the Halloween patterns are super cute and I really like Connies 9 patch with the skinny sashing’s, how simple. I’m looking forward to seeing the list of patterns that I may of missed, busy traveling the roads of Colorado the past few weeks and hope to be home mid October. The aspen trees are turning in the Rockies and the Elk are in the rut, there bugling is amazing to hear. I wish I was younger and my lungs could take the hikes in the high altitudes like years ago….oh well, time marches on.

  47. Marie Fibelstad

    Love the Blaack Cat pattern, Halloween has thrown up our house, so fun to decorate with colors I don’t
    normally use and they will be there till Nov something! Thanks for the fun blog!

  48. Jeanine

    I love Kay Crandall’s quilt. Beautiful colors. It is so fun to see everyone’s UFO’s. Chill was in the air this morning in southeast Iowa—–41*. Not looking forward to winter, especially if it was like our winter last year! Thanks again for keeping your blog going.

  49. Launa

    Morning Mary, only 3 ads for me to close! Interesting about the shingles shots reactions! Will pass that info to a friend who is due for one! Got my senior dose flu shot a few days ago. No effects!
    I hope Reed gets the baby quilt finished soon. He’s a real blessing for you and vice versa!
    Sun is out this 33o morning with 44o high today…possible rain and snow!
    Love the two patterns you show this morning!

  50. Montana Kathy

    I’m in love with Connie’s quilt and definitely want to make one. Thanks for the chance to win 1 of the kits. Halloween is my favorite holiday and every year I try to add another quilt, no matter the size, to add to the fun.

  51. Nikki M in Tx

    #5’s are all great..Nancy Tiede can you tell me about pattern for your quilt..love it!
    Just bought Cotton Way by Bonnie Olaveson , is a row by row quilt pattern & fabrics it is shown in are more on pastel side.. not me.. will do in more traditional colors. Don’t anticipate getting done by this Christmas. Have vowed not to start anything until get the dirty dozen completed.. however does not prevent me from planning. Lol !
    My # 7 is a rabbit quilt..16 blocks…have fabric picked out & in bin with pattern..1 block done, so only 15 to go. Yes I will get it done before leave for Houston Quilt Festival…hope.
    96 degree high yesterday and this morning a very pleasant 64…lingered on porch with morning coffee.. humidity 86%…maybe..just maybe fall is here..at least this morning it is. Just may need to get pumpkins & put out. Hobby Lobby pumpkins, that way they don’t rot. Sorry but that is what works best here.

  52. Jeri Niksich

    I’m happy that you’re going to post all available patterns tomorrow as there are a couple that I want but just too lazy to go back to previous posts to find them ☺

  53. BarBQue

    5 or 6 ads to x out but many pictures did not show up: HIPS, dirty dozen finishes, Connies # 5 and nephew & dishpan. However, the two giveaways did show up. Cute, but I am past Halloween.
    I can feel your frustration , Mary, after reading this.

  54. Micky

    The older I get it flies faster. I don’t know how to delete ads without the x. Any Ideas. Peace Mcky

  55. Darlene in TX

    I had 3 ads to click on. However, apparently a number of photos were no-shows. Absent were dirty dozen finishes, Connie’s #5, nephew and puppy, and mended dishpan. The weather in TX is still 99-100 degrees in afternoon but we if can stand another week next weekend is suppose to be a bit more seasonable after a cold front comes through. I certainly hope it does. July temperatures in October are too much.

  56. Linda

    Thanks for the chance to win one of those cute quilt kits–and I love things that size…You are ahead of me—I have to start dragging plants in tomorrow….I so hate giving up on summer…

  57. Kate

    For some reason none of your pictures showed up on my computer except that last two. I’ll check back later to see if they appear. That Cat quilt is really cute.

  58. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    Unfortunately the only pics that came through for me were the last ones. The cat and pumpkin. Sorry to inform you….

  59. Paula Philpot

    I only see the cat and pumpkin pics, glad I am not the only one. I am glad you are doing a list of the patterns for sale. I am ready for Christmas and hope there is one for December. I remember something from last winter ‘ a door qullt” and hope you will make it available again. I did know at that time that they look so good on my door. Paula in KY

  60. Debbie B

    You have been busy as usual. Love the little black cat and pumpkin quilts. Just to let you know, those are the only 2 pictures that came up on your blog this morning. Maybe it’s on my end, who knows. Thanks for sharing with us.

  61. Nancy Schulz

    Trying again to get the e-mail notification of your posts. After the hack I am not getting to the blog that way. Love your posts, can’t figure out why pictures post for some and not others. Most of the time I am getting them. Forward with hope. I am putting the last of the Hidden in Plain Sight top together today. Fun but tedious sewing!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I am still making star blocks – haven’t even started the 4 patches

  62. Carol T

    FYI….Mary, I could see the pumpkin and the cat…the other pictures were blank! Sorry….

  63. Linda Baker

    This has all become so weird! I have to hunt all over to find your blogs, so when I finally get to read Time Flies, there are no pictures. Only the Cat and Pumpkin patterns. But I will keep looking, as I LOVE this blog!
    Was able to close some ads, and will continue to do so.

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