Piano Practice


Last night capped off a busy week at the piano.  All the churches in Garner got together for a concert of individual choir selections and ending with this mass choir singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic.  It gave me goosebumps!

On Sunday morning I played for church and our choir.

On Friday morning I played for a funeral at our church.  On Friday afternoon I played for the monthly birthday party at the care center and last Wednesday I played at Prairie View senior apartments for their monthly birthday party and at night I played for choir practice. 


It’s been a busy piano week and because I’m playing so much I knew that 50 years of music needed sorting and organizing so I didn’t waste so much time looking for selections.  Here’s what I’m doing today on a chilly Monday —looking through music and sorting through it all. 


Oh, brother, what a job!  Then I stop and play some which gets me off track.  I recently picked up some old sheet music from the 30’s and 40’s which is really fun not only to play but to look at.

I have sewed very little in the last week but I have worked in the yard and played the piano.When people see my swollen, misshapen, crooked hands, they wonder how I can play but I tell them that if I didn’t play, my hands would become stiff claws.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  Ha!

22 thoughts on “Piano Practice

  1. Ann Barlament

    Wish I had practiced the piano more, I would love to be able to tickle the keys with some boogie-woogie music!

  2. carol hixson

    Hi Mary- Love the quilt pattern that you used for the quilt on the table under all your music.Could you tell me what it is? ‘ would really love to make that scrappy quilt!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pattern came from the book Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg.

  3. Launa

    Mary, I concur that you are filling your retirement hours with the many things you enjoy: P’s and Q’s (pets, people, plants, playing piano, posting pictures, piecing and quilting quilts). We all love to read about your adventures and happenings.

    1. Packer Pati

      Hi Mary!! I’m drooling at the site of pianos and quilts! My grandfather had an old piano and boxes and boxes of old music from ’30’s which I always played there(6 blocks away) so when we packed up there house I lugged all the music home Such memories !! Orchids and amaryllis and our first tulip and daffodils of SPRING. That sweet Phil—been complaining about NO time to sew and ne came home with this big bag of sewing projects–2 pairs of summer jeans to hem! What a silly Philly–Nite-nite Friend–Packer Pati–tomorrow the Packer schedule realeased and with-in hours all hotels around Lambeau all game days booked–Packers are back in town–

  4. Jan B

    Don’t you love being retired?!? Sew when you want; garden when you want; play the piano when you want, etc., etc., etc. Mostly, tho, I sew & read — when I want!! Lol!! Glad to see you’re enjoying your retirement so much!

  5. Katie

    Keep playing, it’s a good thing..God Blees for caring for folks that enjoy your music and loving u give to all animals…Katie in Gilbert,Az.

  6. Carole

    It is such a blessing to all that you share your gift, especially since it must be painful to play. I so wish that I had had the patience to practice my piano lessons when I was young but that was never one of my virtues so the pleasure of being able to play is my loss. The picture of the choirs almost brought tears to my eyes … I miss the years that I sang in the choir back in NJ so much. I have tapes of some of the concerts and played them during the chemo and could feel myself back up the loft and giving thanks to God for the opportunity.

  7. sue bruxvoort

    Handbells, organ, piano, trumpet, talented musicians and songs with wonderful messages…so much God given talent! Sunday night’s concert was wonderful!!

  8. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary, what a great musical week! Good for you! I see you have plenty of room in your music cupboard for more… Music is such a gift, and sharing it with ithers as you do is so special.
    Kind regards Fiona.

  9. Maryjane

    Piano playing seems to be a dying art. Always wish I had stayed with those piano lessons when I was a kid. How wonderful you have that talent and can share it so much. You certainly are a woman of many talents! Maryjane, Tustin, CA

  10. Amy M.

    This is what people mean when they say they are busier in retirement than they were working. I’m still not sure that is the case for you but you are getting there 🙂 The beauty is you didn’t have to sort the music today, it is what you chose to do!

  11. Janet Mayer

    I would have loved to have heard your concert. “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” os one of my favorites to sing and play.
    Your music sorting Is motivating me to do the same thing. I recognize the Reader’s Digest Song books as I have them as well. Fun music books.
    Good luck on your organizing.

  12. Penny C

    You are such a wonderful giving woman, you inspire me!!! I am going to work on organizing and getting rid of stuff I can live without, my Son has hinted that I should let some stuff go. I guess he does not want to deal with all of it one day!!! Your church and community is so blessed to have you!

  13. Judy

    I love the Reader’s Digest music books and think I have them all…. shelves and shelves of music that I should sort, too. I have several pieces of sheet music from the 30s that belonged to my dad that are my absolute favorites along with a hymnal my grandmother used to play at church in the earlier 1900s. What would life be like without music (and quilting)?

  14. Synthia Noble

    It’s obvious that you have a gift and playing for all these people/organizations is a wonderful thing for you to do. Blessings to you.

  15. Terry

    Hi Mary! Your choir concert must have been wonderful! I collect the Reader’s Digest Song Books, too, but you have one I don’t recognize. What is the title of the yellow one with curliques at “3:00 o-clock” on your table? Always love reading your posts.

  16. Louise

    They are lucky to have you Mary, you are so devoted and loyal in all your endeavors.

  17. Chris H.

    Love your updates, Mary! Your piano playing is a blessing to
    so many. Wish I lived closer – I’d want to come hear you play.

  18. Judy Brennan

    SO wonderful you share your gift with all these people. They are the lucky ones.

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