Sorting the Quilts


Connie and I are sorting quilts by size today and hoping to start marking them soon.  My guess is that we’ll have quilts priced from $3.00 to $300.00.  As we open each one and look at it, so many memories come to us.  Many times we remember what was happening in our lives when we worked on that particular quilt or where we spoke about it, who was having babies, what dogs were living with us, who just had surgery, who just died – all those moments in life that create memories.

Sale is June 4-5-6 for those of you who live in North Iowa or those who are planning to travel here.  We will have many, many quilts for sale as well as equipment, office supplies, antiques, sewing room rummage, and yard art. 

And here are a few kitty pictures to enjoy.


JB fell asleep with his nose in the fabric pan.



Connie’s kitten named Gray-Gray.


 BC overflowing the basket that he just thought he would fit in.



Millie in a classic “cat” pose.



Ernie Joe Maurer takes over the couch.

It is a perfect spring day here in North Iowa – a good day to rake! 

13 thoughts on “Sorting the Quilts

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I do not use basting spray much anymore – the layers seem to stick together pretty well without it.

  1. Carol

    I am so interested in getting started with a succulent garden. In your opinion, are there any that you can plant into the ground that will survive our winter here in Iowa? Also, when you start new plants to you just put the cutting or leave right into the dirt or do you let it scab over first? And, do you water them?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – some sedums can survive in the ground. I always let the cutting scab over before I plant it and then I water it at the same time.

  2. Jeanie

    Thanks for sharing the cat photos; I especially liked the one of BC with his butt in the basket. Cats are wonderful, and I love watching them sleep; they make it an art form. Jeanie, SW Illinois

  3. Crystal Daniels

    Love your kitty pictures! My cat loves to make herself home on my quilts and in my cabinet of fabrics which is low enough for her to get in and hide among the fabrics…lol

  4. Carol

    Love all the “Kitty Mittys” …that’s what my boys called all kitties they came in contact with when they were little! We have a tuxedo like little Millie, and while her name is LuluBelle, she likes Kitty better! Big question: How on earth do you keep up with all the pet hair? One kitty is a lot of fur in corners and on carpets etc.

  5. Betty Klosterman

    We have over 80 degrees today in Rapid City with wind and Extreme Fire Alerts. Yesterday the “powers that be” decided it would be a good day to do a controlled burn in Wind Cave National Park and you guess it — it got away… Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler with rain, maybe.
    And while going thru my “piles of stuff” I came across 5 or 6 Goat Gazettes. They won’t be thrown away. I’d give my eye teeth to be there for your sale but that isn’t possible, plus I don’t really need anything, either. There are the pictures I’ve taken in and around your shop for years plus all of your books and patterns. How does it feel to be so memorable? You have given so many so much pleasure and inspiration over the years. Please keep up the pictures and stories. Thank you.

  6. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Love the black and white strip quilt in the last picture; great cosy modern look. Fabulous spring day here in Holland: the tulips will be blooming soon!
    Kind regards, Fiona.

  7. Diane

    Ahh yes, those “babies” do love the quilts. All of mine were pictured in The Goat Gazette at one time or another. Still miss it; but this is close:) Nice day here in Central Ohio–61, but cloudy.

  8. Launa

    Tis a blustery day here in the San Joaquin Valley. Was rather tragic on last night’s local news to see an orange grower bulldozing over acres of producing orange trees; not enough water allowed for farmers and ranchers here in CA.

    Looks like Ernie Joe has claimed his quilt!! There’s something about fabric that attracts our critters.
    Enjoyed getting a nice glimpse of the stacks of quilts you and Connie will have available in June at your wonderful sale and the cats’ photos.

  9. Louise

    Love the photos especially the one of JB with his nose in the fabric.
    My quilts I made over the last 40 years are a memory journal as you
    Say of what was happening, the ladies I met if it was a group project,
    Which Olympics were happening..I like to label all my quilts..I really appreciate
    Your blog, and still miss your newsletter but am so happy for you to be
    Lightening your work load.

  10. MartyCae

    Thanks for the kitty pictures! Ernie Joe Maurer is a handsome man!

    Did you take pictures of all the quilts you have made for a scrapbook?

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