Pictures, 5-28-24

You’ve heard that old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, haven’t you? Our blog is no exception. Reader asked what theme I was accepting right now and I told her I take anything. And the variety is really fun! There may come a time when I’ll announce a specific subject matter but in the meantime let’s continue with “anything goes”. I think it’s almost more fun because I never know what’s coming in my email.

Reader Photos

Ivy and Keeper
Old JB
Tim’s corn across the road

This was yesterday afternoon.

We had several showers throughout the afternoon – even hail which cancelled all my mowing plans. And it’s going to rain here in a few minutes which will cancel mowing for today.

I made a single wedding ring block like Louise’s quilt.

I’m off to the cemetery this morning to pick up the flowers – I always worry about the flowers needing water while there – no worry this year.

52 thoughts on “Pictures, 5-28-24

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    Flags, flowers, quilts and pets….what could be better!
    Happy day to all.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – loved your story about the flagpoles! Just curious – did you finish your bathroom remodeling? And did you get the car sold?

      1. Jo in Wyoming

        I’m still waiting for carpet…it has been back ordered 3 times! I hope it has not been discontinued.
        I have one Jeep left to sell. 1956 CJ5.

        This is fantastic news. I saw an ad for a Certified Arborist. I emailed her, she responded the same day. She came yesterday (Memorial Day) and talked about what all needed to be done plus what I wanted done. She played with Loretta too. Her and her crew will be out next Monday to prune trees, remove bushes, trim trees and suggestions for new landscaping. She climbs trees, no heavy equipment compacting the soil. Can you believe how fast she responded and how quickly this will start?! I’m over the moon.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Jo – Fast is right! She obviously wants the job and must be good at it. Plus she likes Loretta! Win win all the way around. Oh, gosh, I hope your carpet comes – is it for the bathroom tho’?

  2. Fran in SW IA

    love all the flowers and quilts! Photos from you with my coffee every morning makes my day off to a great start.. It does not matter whether themed or not..

    Back from weekend retreat. I was at Farmhouse Quilting LLC if anyone is curious. The store is now open and we opened the retreat center being first guests. It’s in Elk Horn, IA if anyone is interested.

    I must have quilted too much, or too much fun or not enough sleep because I am under the weather today . Sick in the night but I won’t give further details—ha ha.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fran – yup, too much fun for you!! Hope you can rest today – Elkhorn-Kimballton has been in my radar lately because Jan Jensen grew up there, she being the new Iowa coach.

  3. Kathy in western NY

    I agree about watering Cemetery plants. Thanks though for the reminder to throw an empty gallon jug in back of my car for those times it’s needed which hasn’t been lately here either. Everything is so green!
    I love the variety of pictures everyone shares- pets, quilts, decorating, yards.
    I saved the one with the birdhouse on the tree post from another post you had cause I like to see yard art and need some new ideas using relics. I did buy at a craft sale this weekend a new wind chime using an insulator from telephone poles and beads and trinkets which caught my eye.

  4. Teresa in Indiana

    Love all the variety in today’s blog. The flowers are beautiful! Are the hot oink Cala Lilies? Just gorgeous! And the day Lilies- such vibrant color! Love all the flags too. It’s cooler here this week, low to mid 70s. A nice change. Have a great day everyone! 💕

    1. Diane, Squeak, Buddy

      Hi Teresa, Yes, Calla Lillies. Another sprouted after that photo so I will send again😀. I love it and know nothing about it, but it is growing well with all of our Amaryllises!!

  5. Sue in

    Thanks, Mary’s Readers, for the great photos. I studied them several times. Such fun to see the tip of someone else’s home, yard, hobby, pets, etc. I sent a couple of photos, but I must have done it wrong, again. I will try a resend later today. I have way more trouble sending from my phone than from my PC.

    Iowa is so green right now. Lush, comes to mind. It’s that way here too, but I think our dry season is right around the corner.
    What is your neighbor burning across the road? Tellie and Keeper are very interested. Tims corn is very visible already.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – probably trees and limbs that came down in the storms.

    2. Linda in Estherville

      Iowa is green and lush….or water after 7 inches of rain 9 days ago. Tim’s farm might be 10 miles from mine.

  6. Pat in Michigan

    Beautiful pictures today. I love to see everyone’s animals. So fun. How is Fluffy Buns? Is her calming collar doing the job?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat -FluffyBun it so much better with her collar BUT she attacked Three the other night when he wandered into her garage space. She is really the sweetest cat, one on one, and would make such a nice lap cat for someone. She’s just not good with other cats. I so wish I could find her a nice home – without other cats. I know everyone will say don’t put her down but the other night when she attacked Three I was ready to do it.

  7. Cindy Sabinske

    My quilt was the first one, have just gotten this back from the quilter, no binding just yet. I am hand sewing the binding on a graduation quilt right now. I have to quickly put together a matching pillow as well, it will all be done by 5-31. In between these things, I took flowers to the cemeteries and picked them up last evening. Mt main task has been since 5-18- has been attending to my husband Larry’s burns on his torso and top and bottom of his left arm. He was burning some landscaping fabric out at the farm, thought the flame was totally out, put some more fabric down, threw some gas on it and the flame back-flashed burning him. He drove himself to the ER and went to Regions Hospital burn unit. When my son and I got to the hospital the next morning, they taught me how to dress his wounds with gauze and Bacatracin on that then comes the roll on tape gauze and the stretch gauze netting next.. What a person does not realize when agreeing to dress the wounds, complications come up, for instance who would know Bacatracin is an over the counter product so is not sent from the medical supply place, nor are there any calls checking on how things are going. The prescription medication for pain is not helping. Just no follow-up support at all. And if you are under the care of a hospital mandated not signed off you have to call that place. When we have our teleheath call this Thursday, rescheduled from today,I shall tell them about our experiences. We asked for home health, none is available. I have a feeling our experience is not an isolated incident. Anyone else have experiences like this? This will be our summer, and most likely skin grafting ahead as well. He is lucky, it could have been worse. Never, ever burn anything with gas.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cindy – what a terrible scare! Your summer is laid out for you, isn’t it? You can talk to us any time – venting is what I’m good at! Feel free to join me. All of us here on the blog have been or are caregivers and we can help each other. Please tell the readers where you’re located and where Regions Hospital is.

      1. Cindy Sabinske

        I live in the SW corner of. Innesota. Regions Hospital is near the capital, in downtown St. Paul, MN. They have a burn unit in the hospital. Very busy place.

    2. Teresa in Indiana

      So sorry to hear what happened to your husband. Thus will take time recovering. Please let us know how things are going. Take care of you too. ❤️

    3. Jo in Wyoming

      Being a caregiver is one tough job. Bandaging burns is especially painful. It’s hard to believe he was released without home health care. Do the best you can. Take a lot of pictures when the bandages are off. If something looks odd, email them to his doctor.
      If he gets a little cross, remember, he’s not feeling good. He truly doesn’t mean it, it’s his pain taking over.

    4. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

      Oh, how horrible for you and your husband. Especially being on your own with this. I’m praying for you and your husband.

    5. Kim from Wi

      Cindy, Regions is a great hospital for treating burns. I hope you are getting the help you need to deal with this terrible situation. We are with you, feel free to vent and let us all know how you are coping. You are not alone.

      1. Cindy Sabinske

        We are continuing daily bandage changing from Larry’s unfortunate burn accident on May 18th. The body is one amazing healing machine. He has fewer areas to put the bacatracin layered gauze on, one or two particular deep burns, and we will talk with the doctor via telephone health call on Wednesday, June 5th. I do not have the time yet. Thank you Mary and all who have commented, this has been and still is tough to do. I will know more on Wednesday and will comment again.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Cindy – many of us here have been caregivers to our husbands and I admire your devotion to Larry’s care. I’ve always heard that burn injuries are the worst. Good luck to you and Larry!

  8. Cindy K

    Great photos today. Love the landscaping. The flowers are so beautiful and the crib full of plants gives me an idea-I have a similar crib stored out in the shed. Might have to dig it out and put it to use.

  9. Sharon F

    Beautiful pictures today! Love the RWB quilts, lovely flowers and kitties. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Brenda in Iowa

    Good morning, everyone!
    I love the black/red/white table runner, the red/white/blue table topper. I admire the ability of the person who made the table topper for their ability to put the squares together in random fashion.
    I also admire the valance and wallpaper border in another picture. I love the look of wallpaper.
    I live in an old farmhouse that still has plaster and lathe walls wallpaper hides a multiple of wall ‘sins’. 🤣🤣

    Have a good day everyone.

  11. Connie R. in Wis

    I love the random assortment of pictures too. I especially love that old iron crib that Old JB is in.
    Cloudy and cool here again today. No hurry in getting anything planted in this weather. We attended the Memorial Day service at our local cemetery. Very nice service with speakers and the high school band playing the national anthem.
    It’s getting more difficult to find Memorial wreaths for the cemetery. I guess they must be going out of style but, it’s tradition.

  12. Diane in Colorado

    I love seeing the Memorial Day red, white, and blue displays! I put up two Country Thread projects before I left for MN—will send a photo when I return—one is an Uncle Sam and the other is Flag Houses, I believe. They will be up all summer until after Veteran’s Day. I love this red, white, and blue season!!

    Everyone has such beautiful flowers and landscapes!! There are some great green thumbs out there!!!

  13. Martha W in WY

    Love the photo drop today. The day lilies are gorgeous! The front door vignette is eye catching. But, obviously no one uses that door. Mary, I think your grass maybe awfully high by the time you get to mow. You just might have to mow it high and then remow in a lower position. I’ve read of people doing that.

      1. Janet S

        Mary, Option B is to wait til it is higher and just bale it – just kidding.

  14. NancyTD

    Great pictures today. Yesterday was a stormy day. Glad you made the valances for the windows. It gave the room a finishing touch. I am sending a picture of the sky yesterday- lucky no severe weather came out of it.
    Took pictures of my flowers before the rain this morning. No sewing—just clean up from a storm last Tuesday. Lost part of a tree.

  15. Jackie in NY

    Beautiful pictures today Mary and friends! I love that first picture with the stream bed on the little hillside. Great patriotic quilts too! Keep the pictures coming! I love seeing the flowers and pets! All of it!

  16. Rita in Iowa

    Just a Wow. Beautiful pictures of quilts, flower beds, flowers, pets, home decor. What a great selection of pictures. Thank you everyone for sharing.
    Spent this morning finishing up weeding the south flower beds. Out by 8:30 and just came in at 2:30. Did take a lunch break. If any of you have trouble getting up and down, I have a tall bucket that I put a swivel seat on. I use that as much as possible and it limits the amount of standing and bending. Bought the seat in the hunting section of farm store. Theisons.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – I could never make it that long weeding. Wow! Your seat sounds like just the ticket?

  17. Sandy

    Hi Mary, the valances with the stars on them, are they yours?very patriotic! I have just made myself a handbag to take on my trip with Australian wildflowers on it(and secret pocke ts for passport etc!)Squeek looks like my old cat Isabel (RIP), she was diabetic, so l had to inject her every morning. So many beautiful gardens, wish l had green fingers! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  18. Cindy K-Ks

    The valances with the stars are mine. Found at a garage sale. They were actually placemats-8 for $3.00. I have 2 double windows in my kitchen so 4 per window worked perfectly. Just took the seam out at the top sides-about an inch down and slid them on the rods-easy peasy! The curtains are actually a king size linen bedsheet found at the thrift store for $1.00-enough fabric to do the 2 double windows with a bit leftover. Not so easy peasy but got it done!

    1. Sue in SE Iowa

      Your valances look so nice, what a clever way to use the placemats. I will have to keep this in mind. Reusing the thrift store sheet find is another great way of reuse. Thanks for sharing these with us.

    2. Cindy Sabinske

      I love Americana and you were so lucky to find your fabrics and placemats, sheets work great at times when we need them! I used a top sheet for a comforter quilt I did for my in-laws 50th anniversary quilt! No seams! I measured it out and candlewicked 12 Double Wedding ring squares for the back of their quilt so it wasn’t just plain fabric. I will send photos to Mary!

  19. Sunflower🌻 from michigan

    Just catching up with two days of the blog . From Mondays pictures, does the person who made the beautiful chicken quilt know the name of the panel? I just love it!
    Love your valances and the lights. All photos from both blogs are great. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Sunflower🌻 from michigan

    I meant to tell Cindy S. I’ll be praying for her husband. How horrible and it will be a long road to recovery. Im so sorry.

  21. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    I love that JB is around. He looks good for as old as he is. Our daughter’s family Maine Coon kitty, 17 year old Tiptoe, caught a mouse yesterday!! We are impressed. I think she is 88 in people years!😺. So sorry for Cindy’s husband and her frustration with lack of help from hospital. Good luck.
    Mary, are the squares in Wedding Ring block 2 1/2”? I really like that block😀. Thanks for sending so many beautiful photos.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – yes, 2-1/2”. Fat Quarter Shop has a free pattern available if you’re interested.

  22. Marcia-SW Ohio

    Love the red/white/blue quilts of various sizes.
    The flowers are beautiful and Tim’s corn looks great too. My corn is about 5 inches and my tomato plants have a few green tomatoes on the vines.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marcia – you’re way ahead of us! Tomatoes on your vines already? Yay!

  23. patti

    i’m going to go out on a limb here. for anyone who doesn’t know (or see) the ads to click on, you must be reading the blog on-line. not in your email. all you have to do is click on the title (today’s was Pictures – 5-28-24). then you should be able to see the ads to click on. sometimes if i don’t see the ads, i have to remind myself to make sure i’m on-line. i’m sure it helps mary. cindy, i’m sorry about your husband’s injury and lack of home health care. he’ll be in pain for a while so you’ll be a great caregiver. all the pictures of landscapes, animals, quilts, flowers, etc. are just great. such inspiration for future decorating. i spent alot of the last couple of days looking for one of my sketch books. couldn’t find it anywhere – has lots of great sketches in it. found it. also found a print of the quilt from the blocks i just put together from ages ago. it was a pattern from rosie’s calico cupboard. made a great baby-size quilt. also played with the potato chip block and made it bigger. sent pics to mary so we’ll probably see them tomorrow. it’s how i stay out of trouble. i have to do some of this to keep from hounding dh about not taking care of the pool. men, right? can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. i’m off to bed. patti in florida

  24. Lindah

    Love your photos….the beautifully decorated homes (I loved that valance with the big stars) and the big open sky with the beautiful cloud formations. There are no open fields around us here, just homes and huge old trees which are lovely, but so is your big sky vista. In yesterday’s blog, you were bemoaning the 50 degree weather and the need to turn your furnace back on, bummer. I laughed and said bummer with you ’cause it is 91 degrees here and our a/c is broken. So, we had our 3rd HVAC technician in for an estimate today. He took his time and looked it over thoroughly, on the roof/in the attic, etc and actually got it to running! Seems our regular repairman left out a main part that would not let the new motor run. OOOPs!! On purpose so we would have to buy a new HVAC$$$? Or an honest, dumb cluck mistake? Who knows. The 3rd guy is coming back tomorrow with the proper size missing part so we can run the a/c safely. It pays to get 2nd and 3rd opinions. Now, when it is time to buy, we will go to the 3rd guy!

  25. Donna Jo

    Love the variety of photos; kids; pets; quilts and flowers nothing better! Love the volunteer pansies.

  26. Linda in Estherville

    Sorry, I was a downer in my comment! My field lake is nothing compared to the hubby who is burned! Prayers for both of you.
    Who posted that beautiful flower? Is it a lady slipper or something else. And, Mary how tall is Tim’s corn? It looks tall!

    I’m still busy sewing quilts for our Community Christmas Project. I’m working on double knits I inherited from the previous church sewer! I am getting very generous with the green box recycling! I need that bedroom to be a bedroom not a storage area for double knits! Gotta go…my friend called she has fresh apple crisp and a cuppa coffee.

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