Playing Catch-up, 1-2-24

After being sick I had plenty of housework to catch up on! Ivy is visiting for a few days – we hit the wilderness trail.

Here is Sunflower’s Biscuit – looks so like Ivy!

Reader photos

According to Patti this is where the drivers in the Rose Parade hang out. Did anyone see Patti’s float? I never did see it – Core Kidney was the company, I believe.

Donna and Shirley are heading to Frisco, TX for the championship game on Sunday – the Montana Grizzlies vs. South Dakota State. I wouldn’t miss it!

Remembering Norma Becker whom we sent cards to last fall – her funeral is tomorrow.

Here are the flowers I sent from all of us.

I think they’re spectacular and I hope her family knows how important she became to all of us through a simple card.

I’m feeling completely normal as if I’d never been so sick – I don’t think I dreamed it, did I?

My mailbox was full today of great cards and letters from so many of you! Very heartwarming and I’m so appreciative!

33 thoughts on “Playing Catch-up, 1-2-24

  1. Jill Klop

    Thank you for sending the flowers and sharing the picture with us. They are very pretty. I’m so glad that you are feeling better. I still haven’t started my NYD quilt, but I finally got to start weaving on my new to me rigid heddle loom!

    1. Jan Hebert

      Jill! I’d love to see what you are weaving. I bought a small rigid heddle loom a few years ago and have only done one scarf so far. I really enjoyed the process though! Jan in MA

  2. Chris H in Washington state

    Happy New Year, Mary. 🎉 The flowers you sent are beautiful. Bless you for being so kind and caring!! 💕

  3. Bonnie McKee

    Mary, your quick recovery from Covid was an answer to many prayers! I’m so happy to hear you could be out and about with the dogs today!
    Thank you for sending the beautiful bouquet of flowers to Norma’s funeral representing this group of friends. 💜
    Those parade floats are really amazing, aren’t they!?
    Bonnie, in Oregon

  4. Lynn

    Mary, glad you are feeling better. Thanks for sending the flowers. They are beautiful. Great pictures, as always. I will miss the Christmas photos.

  5. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas

    Glad you are better! The flowers are beautiful, thanks for sending them. Didn’t get any sewing done today at sewing group. We went through another’s scraps she didn’t want and talked about break ins, murderers and childhood traumas. Prayers for everyone to have a better year ahead, hugs 🤗!

  6. Jan Hebert

    So glad to read that you are feeling better, Mary. Biscuit and Ivy look like sisters! Really cute dogs. My sister in law was puppy sitting her son’s King Charles spaniel puppy this weekend. We visited – he was such a cute little dog! So calm and loving. I love the Painted Ladies quilt! It will be beautiful. The flowers sent for Norma are just perfect. I’m so sad that she’s gone. Thank you for doing that for all of us, Mary. Jan in MA

  7. JoAnn/MN

    Mary, it’s good to hear you are back to your feisty self. The flowers are beautiful.

  8. Kathy in western NY

    The flowers are beautiful to honor a beautiful lady. It was very kind of you to do that from all of us around the world who read your blog.
    People are busy sewing away from the nice pictures and comments. Busy hands, happy hearts is my motto.

  9. Mary Rhodes

    Happy your are feeling better Mary. The flowers are beautiful and so thoughtful. The Rose parade was so beautiful and seem ended quick. I do enjoy the blog.

  10. Alice in SW Ohio

    Mary, thank you for sending the flowers for Norma’s funeral. They’re are just lovely! So glad you are feeling so much better & able to take the pups out to the grove! New Year’s Eve I spent with good friends. There were 4 couples & we gals all worked together at Walmart. We all managed different depts there. I, of course had the fabric & craft dept. It certainly was much larger than it is now! We’ve all been retired 20+ yrs, but remain good friends! Monday I spent putting Christmas away. Tuesday I worked on quilting a wall hanging that didn’t get done for Christmas! Looking forward to getting it done so I can work on another UFO! Happy New Year everyone!!

  11. Susan K in Texas

    We’re playing catchup here too. My son and his crew left Monday morning. They stayed for a week. We babysat three kids and three dogs three evenings so they could go out for their anniversary and also to meet friends. We had a blast but the house was totally upside down. The cats were the only ones glad to see them go.
    It was so sweet of you to send flowers from the blog and its readers. The cards and letters and little gifts certainly were sent with love and care to. Norma.
    I’m glad you’re feeling better.

  12. patti

    glad to hear you are feeling so much better, mary. thanks for sending the flowers on behalf of all of us. i love the reader quilts. those trees are wonderful and i absolutely love the cats/meowed quilt. looks like it was super fun to make. i only did a bit of stitching today. recut sashing to the proper size (after guessing wrong and actually buying the pattern) and got it re-attached. made sure the next row would fit the sashings now. hugs to all, patti in florida

  13. Gloria from CC

    I am so happy and relieved that you are feeling better now. You probably feel like you have a new lease on life. Thank you for sending flowers from all your devoted blog readers for Norma’s funeral. It was such a small gesture to send her a card and yet she enjoyed the cards a thousand-fold. Prayers 🙏 for Norma’s family and friends.

  14. Vicki Ibarra

    Glad you are feeling better. We went to the Citrus Bowl game. What a disappointment! It was nice Michigan won their game. We like to see the Big Ten teams represent themselves well. I am getting ready to hunker down with a quilting project over the weekend. It is the slow time of the year for me, so I hope to do more piecing than usual. (Hope is the key word.) Best wishes for 2024 to all the blog readers.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – it wouldn’t be in keeping with this blog for me to express my true feelings about the Iowa Hawkeyes.

      1. Vicki Ibarra

        I understand. I can only say that the offense this season has about killed Iowa Hawkeye football for me. And I have had season tickets since 1975. Thank goodness for the defense and special teams.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Vicki – how do you feel about getting a new coach? I believe they had zero rushing yards towards the end of the game.

          1. Vicki Ibarra

            I am hopeful a new offensive coordinator will help. The coordinators often bring their own O-Line coaches and maybe others, so there may be more changes. If the special teams coaches and the defensive coordinator can have such success as they have had under Kirk Ferentz, I am looking for a comparable match for the offense. Recruiting players will be key as there may be high school players who are hesitant given the stats of the past few years, yet they could see great opportunity for themselves. It is really a toss up. The back-up quarterback had some nice rushing yards at the end, but I don’t know the sum total for the quarter.

  15. Connie R. in Wis.

    What a thoughtful gesture to send flowers for Norma’s funeral. A beautiful bouquet to match a lady with a beautiful smile.
    I still haven’t started my decluttering resolution but, today is the day. I’m also going to do some sewing on my New Years quilt.

  16. Janet S

    The cat quilt is so creative and darling – love it. The fun Christmas trees are something new to me. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what the one picture was until I read that it is the inside of one of the floats from the Rose Parade. It’s heartwarming to think the last stages of Normas’ life included greeting cards and happy gestures from total strangers. We should all be so lucky as to have Mary organizing this act of kindness on our behalf. Thank you Mary for being so kind and caring.

  17. Sally J. Mi.

    So glad your feeling better. Many thanks for sending the beautiful flowers to Norma’s funeral.
    Started my quilt on new years day but only about half done! Have been busy putting away Christmas things. We finally had SUN yesterday which lifted my spirit, but doom and gloom here today.
    Happy New Year to all!!

  18. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

    Mary, what a nice blog post this morning with my hot chocolate! Thanks for posting Biscuits picture. It took two bath towels to dry him off after our walk this morning. It’s misting with little ice pellets but no wind so a nice walk.
    Love the cat quilt! And Jeannie, I am picking up a fall leaf quilt this weekend from the long arm quilter. And a Halloween quilt! I had them finished before December but didn’t get them quilted til now. They’ll be new for next fall!
    I haven’t seen those quilted Christmas trees before either. They’re really nice. Could the maker share any information about them?
    All the quilts today are beautiful. The little baby helping to hold up the quilt is adorable!! She just looks so happy and cuddly!!
    Have a great day everyone!

  19. Susan K in Texas

    My oldest son marched in the Rose Parade with his high school band in his freshman year 2001. Our whole family attended. The band (some 300 kids) marched all in white uniforms. I was a member of the uniform committee whose job was to keep the uniforms sparkling white. Lots of family members attended as spectators and chaperones. There were lots of fundraising opportunities and the community was very supportive.
    It was a beautiful parade and we made many memories that still bring a smile to my face.

  20. Janet Easley

    Comfort and peace sent for Norma’s family today and moving forward. She seemed like quite a gal!
    I’ve not started a new quilting project as there are several that need completing. But, . . . I am intrigued by the triangular Christmas trees. Is there a pattern?
    I’m so happy to hear that you are feeling so much better, Mary! 🙂
    Happy New Year to All.
    Jan in Arizona

  21. Mary Etherington Post author

    Linda – oh, how fun! Yes, Pattie said the floats are parked for a few days on display and then dismantled till next year.

  22. Marsha in MI


    I’m so glad you’re feeling so much better!

    Not much is new here. No snow. I am busy with doctor and dentist’s appointments for my mother (3 doctors) and me. My husband has knee replacement on Jan. 9. I surely hope it is uneventful and successful! He’s such an active outdoorsman.

  23. Kim from Wi

    Thank you for sending the lovely arrangement to Normas family. It was very thoughtful of you.

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