Point of Interest #4, 1-14-24

One of our reader friends, Nancy Jacobsen, sent me these pictures just tonite from Antarctica where she is on a cruise!! The dogs above are hers and being cared for at home in Florida by a friend.

Picture taken at 10:45 PM and the sun is still shining

Kudos to you, Nancy! You are an adventuresome soul!

This post wouldn’t be complete without the worst parking picture I’ve ever seen!

Just making another point about projects – see all of these containers?

Each one has similar content like this one.

I have to learn to sew faster! And what I really want to do is make a feathered star block from the book shown.

If you haven’t sent me your pictures, please do. This is just our first day but I had to break the post down since I tried to include them all in one post and the whole thing crashed. 😰

Not to worry – I’m caught up and will delete these from my IPad. As I’ve always said – if you don’t see your photo posted, resend it to me.

This was really SOMETHING, wasn’t it? Thank you!

59 thoughts on “Point of Interest #4, 1-14-24

  1. DebMac

    I spy with my little eye; another English Setter!
    Mary, life is short so eat dessert first. In your case, do the Feathered Star.
    Nice quilts, nice pets, nice POI. It’s given me some ideas of what to photograph.
    Finally felt well enough to start back on those darned eyelet stitches.
    Thanks to all.

  2. Sandy

    Hi Mary, hard to work out there are 3 dogs pictured! My friends so is in Antarctica for 6 months(over the southern hemispheres summer period) took 3 trips to finally be able to land at the new Zealand base, he is an industrial electrician chosen out of 800 applications! Really enjoying the photos, take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  3. Diana Stanfill

    I had to super enlarge the picture with the feathered star book. But I did it! Found it on Amazon and saved it to buy later.
    Well today in Florida it got up to 57. I was freezing. My cousin from Wisconsin told me I had gotten soft since I moved to Florida!!
    Haha, guess thats the truth!

  4. Vicki Ibarra

    The wooden cats in the first picture made me smile. And isn’t that the point of our areas of interest – to bring pleasure? Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lynette in Orlando

    The posts were AMAZING!!!!! I’m just like you but mine are in mesh bags…….. need to sew faster and not get distracted with new projects!!!! Impossible! The photos of quilts and displays are so inspiring. In the past month, I got 4 quilts, 2 table runners and a cover for my mixer done. There’s still a lifetime in that room to sew…… oh my! Just viewing it like the joke — you know how to eat an elephant don’t you ? One bite at a time. Have a wonderful day and stay warm and cozy!

  6. Beth Laverty

    Unfortunately my UFOs are in various containers, all around the house. I am working on some table runners at the moment that are for presents in the future… (I personally have enough table runners but I loved the pattern so had to start it and making for presents was a good excuse!!) I am presently working on it faithfully every day… so far…. LOL. I promise I will send a picture of it when it is more than little piles of 1 1/2 inch squares.
    The pictures from Antarctica are beautiful, a place I would love to see but not at this stage of my life.

  7. Elizabeth

    I really do think your blog is the answer to the January blues!
    Thanks for keeping us going!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Elizabeth – this was the perfect time to do this post, wasn’t it? The weather is very depressing.

  8. Linda in MI

    I love the picture of the dogs. The English setter is so gorgeous, I was studying him and all of a sudden I saw the little tiny face between the two dogs! Made me laugh, he knows where it’s warm! Thank you again, made my day!

  9. Kim from Wi

    The pictures from Alaska are amazing but not sure this is the time of year for me to go there, I’m not that adventurous. So glad she shared with us all. Loved the cute skinny cats on the 1st picture, so adorable. Mary, you are just like the rest of us, more projects than we will ever finish.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim from WI – yea, we are all alike! Ha! I must correct you – she is in ANTARCTICA! Not Alaska

  10. Margaret

    Oh Mary,
    Enjoyed these photos so much.. love seeing all the wonderful quilters and these precious treasures.. thank you for being such a good friend to all of us

  11. Laurie in NC

    So enjoyable to get up this morning and enjoy your blog while I have my tea! Many good pictures! Thank you.

  12. Kathy in western NY

    Mary this was such fun looking at all the posts. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to brighten all our days with these pictures you loaded to your blog, watched it crash and start all over again dividing them out. You are a bright spot ! And no shame in those project boxes at all. You’ll never run out of ideas to make nor complain you’re bored with the stash and creativity you have.

  13. Diane, Sqyeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    WOW! What fun this AM at 7.3* to look at FOUR blogs😀. I will go to computer soon so I can really check out each photo! Digs smike with their tails caught my eye as I zipped through. Thank you😀

  14. Carolyn Rector

    What an adventurous soul to go to Antartica!. Be safe Nancy.
    The projects remind me of Home Ec and the trays they provided to keep our projects in. Those were the days.
    Thanks for sharing your workroom, Mary. You are so creative. Your mind works faster than your hands.
    Carolyn from West central Ohio

  15. Connie R. in Wis.

    I love the fabric colors in the container next to your feathered star book. I am always drawn to the Country Threads colors. Aren’t those project containers fun to look through! I go through mine every so often and love everything I have planned . Quilts never go out of style so I’m not worried about getting through everything in a “timely “ manner. My projects are not nearly as organized as yours. Those containers you use are perfect. May have to get some.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie r – those containers are from Target and are perfect because they aren’t deep. I should pull them out one by one and finish!!!

      1. Connie R.

        Mary, Thanks, I will definitely check them out next time I’m near a Target store. They look perfect for what I need.

  16. Dee from Mo

    Enjoyed this so much this morning with my coffee. It’s -11 with wind chill this morning in southeast Mo. loved all the collections from everyone.

  17. Carolyn Boutilier

    Great idea of favorite places in our homes. thank you for doing this Mary. Enjoyed all the pictures.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va snow cover this morning.

  18. Pat in AZ

    These pictures are a delightful way to start the day. I need to get another cup of coffee and go back through them again. Thank you everyone for sharing!

  19. Jo in Wyoming

    This was so much fun. Thanks to all for sharing.
    Those pictures of Antarctica are amazing. I love pictures from travels.

    We got another 6” of snow last night… -13 this morning!!!

  20. Susy Boyer in San Diego

    Wonderful! When you ask Mary, you receive! Thanks for the great sharing. It makes me feel a nice connection to everyone.

  21. Linda Hart

    If Nancy has anymore tips regarding Antartica, I would love to hear them. We leave in a couple of weeks for Antartica.

    1. RuthW in MD

      If you want to read about someone else’s journey to Antarctica (with two c’s), go to the blog dancingwithfrogs.wordpress.com. Put Antarctica in the search box and off you will go. I followed her from start to finish last year and it was so much fun! Her blogger name is Frogdancer Jones.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I will forward her email with more info – let me know when you get it

  22. Joyce from NY

    Thanks for sharing all the great pictures.
    Sunny here today and 20 degrees!
    Anartica pictures are amazing!!

  23. Patty T. from Ohio

    Thank you for sharing all the pictures! Makes me feel even more connected to your readers of the blog. That red truck that parked at an angle was really something!

  24. Janet Gluesenkamp

    Great idea to show special places in our homes. Barbara Black, blogspot My Joyful Journey, is just now starting tutorials on paper piecing a feathered star. While I have some McCloskey books I just might follow Barbara’s lead on making my first feathered star. Everyone stay warm!

  25. Donna O from Wisconsin

    Wow!!! I loved your 4 points of interest posts. Thanks for taking the time to posting all these pictures. Between the snow, the below zero temps and having covid the last 4 days, this has been a special treat for my eyes.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna – oh, I hope you’re not too sick! This has been a treat for all of us. Are you feeling any better?

      1. Donna O from WI

        I am feeling better today. I’ve not done anything for days but rest,watch tv and listen to audiobooks. I just need to get my energy back. Today I am going to sit and do some mindless sewing making crumb blocks or string blocks and see how that goes.
        I am glad to see that you seem to have recovered from your recent bout with covid. Your posting of all your pictures and those of your viewers help to motivate me to get busy.
        Thanks for asking.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Donna – I think this weather has actually helped me recover because I’ve been forced to rest – too cold to work outside or go anywhere. Still -10 below this morning so another day today. Rest, Donna – I think it’s the answer.

  26. Helen

    Mary thank you for these beautiful pictures. Makes me feel like my home is a junk pile, which it is. But it’s mine! I want the Maker’s lounge shown in the 3rd picture down. That’s what my “nest” look like but not as organized. I wonder where you can get that!! I would never go t anywhere as cold as antartica. Not even in my younger days. I do like to be warm. I’m at home in southwest Georgia watching it snow on all my kids in Tennessee and NC. They love it! Stay warm and well everyone. I am!! lol! Thanks again Mary. So very interesting and inspiring! Love your blog!

  27. Sandi

    I love all the pictures! The dogs, the quilts people have made and decorating their homes with. It’s all so fun and interesting. Hugs,

  28. Lorraine

    I am definitely enjoying the photos. Thank you so much for all the work you do to share these with us.

  29. Betty Klosterman

    This is almost as good as the pictures of the Christmas trees. Did you know we looked at EVERYTHING in each picture, just like peeking in the windows! It is a pleasure to see the stuff everybody treasures. My house is very cluttered but it is all paid for and I’m in hog heaven!
    And I can find almost everything. Oh, the Klostermans are having a July Oregon. I won’t be going, but I’m sending the pictures I have taken over the years. Tons of great smiling faces. Only one problem — I can’t find the album with the Rapid City pictures…. it is beginning to irritate me!
    Thank you for all the great pictures.
    One question for the lady at the south poll? What is the temperature when the picture was taken?
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – she said it was 35 degrees!!!! At 10:45 pm! Yes, this was really fun – I’ve got some other ideas, too, because most all of us enjoy peeking and what would we have to hide anyway? Haha!!! My sewing room is very cluttered but I like it. I’m sorry you can’t go to the reunion but I know you’ll find the album!

  30. Gwen

    It seems that most of the bad parking photos are of pickup trucks. I wonder what that means.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gwen – I’ll tell you what it means – who drives pickups for the most part?

      1. Helen

        i know the parking situation can be really aggravating but in defense of a pick-up truck owner, my husband, the parking places are really TOO small for the size of trucks and some other vehicles these days. There are smaller cars now but the trucks have become larger and lots of businesses and farmers need the bigger trucks to perform their jobs. I’m sorry that people have to find other places to park. We were at Sam’s today in our truck and a larger pick-up truck pulled in beside me and their door was a 1/4 inch from the side of my truck when she squeezed out of her truck! It’s more than just bad parking people. A lot of it is poor parking lot space management.

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