Points of Interest #5, 1-15-24

Such good advice!!

More pictures coming up!

18 thoughts on “Points of Interest #5, 1-15-24

  1. Betty Klosterman

    The hoosier!!!!! Yes. When houses had no cupboards or closets. Back when.
    Betty in Rapid City

  2. Jane

    You certainly hit a very popular request. Everyone likes to share a bit of themselves. I have not sent in a photo yet (not at home for a few days). Love getting a peek into so many homes.
    Stay warm

  3. Nancy

    I have one of those baby dolls in the photo. It is a 3 month old baby purchased in Wichita Falls Tx at Perkins Timberlake dept Store in early 1960’s. It was a lifelike babydoll but only had one sprig of hair coming out of the top of head. Ugly newborn face but felt like a newborn baby. Thanks for sharing sweet friends.

    1. San

      Hello Nancy. I made all of these dolls when I lived in Lafayette, Colorado. Each porcelain head and hands were cleaned, fired, painted, and fired again. The doll body is of muslin. Each type of doll has a name but it’s been so long, I cannot recall.

      The base they’re standing in is part of a cradle my father made for me in 1964. It took me a long time to find the right place for each item.

      Stay warm. San / Gypsy Quilter Designs / Murphy, NC

  4. Jeanine from Iowa

    All great photos, but I really like the dolls in the first picture. Thanks everyone for sending pictures to Mary.

  5. Diann

    Thanks for sharing. Having to stay inside and SNOW falling every minute makes the QUILT MAIL/ photos. Even MORE important.♥️

  6. Sandy

    Hi Mary, love the 3 little dogs at the window, and the great selection of bowls someone has. It’s interesting that there are so many colonial looking cupboards, wish l had the space for one! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  7. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love all the pictures. Thank you. CArolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va. It is snowing. Schools closed tomorrow.

  8. Sue B

    Those 3 dogs standing on the couch, looking out the window – I love it. Thanks everyone who shared pictures of their homes.

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