Points of Interest #6, 1-15-24

There was a second picture that came with this and I can’t find it, Pat.

11 thoughts on “Points of Interest #6, 1-15-24

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Somebody is a fan of Dirk Pitt and Mrs. Gioradino’s little boy, Al. Great books.

  1. Connie R. in Wis.

    I love seeing all the pictures. The quilts, cross stitch, butterflies, Barbie’s, and the festive fireplace. We all have similar tastes in collections and decorating. How fun!

  2. RuthW in MD

    OH, That LAST picture of the Barbies in the cupboard!! ADORABLE!! I have a puzzle of Barbies all dressed up and standing on gray tiers. Some of the pieces are missing, but I really enjoy putting that puzzle together now and then. I once had one of those first Barbie dolls. My sister had one too. We enjoyed dressing them, even sewed up the clothing kits for them. All gone now, great memories.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Ruth, those Barbies are my collection and I treasure them as some clothes were hand stitched by my grandmothers. Then I started sewing doll clothes and so loved that. I traveled around the country to Barbie conventions so met designers and flew one day to NYC for an unveiling of Rockette Barbie per an invitation. I even have a doll signed by Ruth Handler who invented Barbie for Mattel. So many fond memories of myself playing dolls and I guess I never will grow up! Making doll or minature quilts gives me as much fun.

      1. Diane and the gang

        Love seeing them, Kathy:) I never had a Barbie, but I had 8″ dolls that I dressed up. Fun to remember:) Our grand daughters played with them, too.

  3. Marie C

    All the pictures are so great. It gives me lots of great ideas. I’m going to go back and look again and again.

  4. Sandy in Indiana

    I am really enjoying all of the points of interest! What a great idea Mary…thank you to all for sharing.
    I especially loved the Barbies in points of Interest #6!

    Stay warm,

    sandy in Indiana

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Thanks Sandy.for enjoying the Barbie collection of mine. I do have so many more and have shared in the past some in an exhibit case at our local library.
      She hasn’t gone out of style yet!

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