Points of Interest #12, 1-19-24

17 thoughts on “Points of Interest #12, 1-19-24

  1. Debbie G

    I like the rack with the folded quilts. I have a ladder to display quilts on and rotate several times a year depending on the season. How do others store their quilts?

    1. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

      I have large cardboard tubes like carpet would come in, but they are way too heavy. I got some from the HS Physics teacher that some instruments came in. I cover them in muslin or fabric I won’t use and then roll two or three quilts of each season on them. I have large closets with wire shelves so I wrap the tubes with the quilts around them in a cotton sheet and store them on the shelves. No creases😀

  2. Linda from Georgia

    Enjoying looking at every ones decore and sewing rooms. Getting so many wonderful ideas. Of course I never get tired of looking at all of the quilts!

  3. Janet Easley

    Oh, my gosh! The maple cabinet showing blue and white china took me back to my childhood. The pattern looks like our formal dish pattern: Double Phoenix Ironstone called “Ming Tree”. Happy memories!
    Jan in AZ

  4. DebMac

    Those wall niches!!! Such a nice surprise to see in a room. Nice thimble collection. And the stack of quilts. So many interesting points of interest. I do have a question. How many others had to clear out there hutches/china cabinets of a few extra things before they took a photo? I did!

  5. Martha W in WY

    That niche between the studs is such a great idea. I enjoy seeing everyone’s favorite places in their homes.

  6. Carla

    This is so fun! As someone (or many lol) has said, we are birds of a feather here. I can relate to that jar of vintage thread. I have one too! The quilts, the plates, the teacups, oh MY! Thanks everyone!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carla -YES! I’ve always said this – we are a very connected group through so many things including interests that are reflected in our homes!

  7. Lochlan Stuart

    I am enjoying your pictures of cozy niches. Wish I had room to do some of these. Thank you!

  8. Barbara Yarnell

    I love all the pictures but my favorite today is the one with the red wagon. Such a fun display!

  9. Dee from Shell Rock

    Cool pictures of everyone and everything! Lovely spaces! I thought Oh I could do this, but then realized there are others who are probably like me, I’d have to dust it and clean glass before I’d let anyone look at my goodies! Maybe a warm up next week, new back door and storm door hopefully if it’s not too bad. Be safe.

  10. patti

    more lovelies to look at today – two sets so far. i am always in awe of the things people collect. i was surprised to see someone collected thimbles – my mother collected thimbles – i don’t even know how many – or what to do with them now. she also collected spoons and tea cups/china sets along with a million other things i can’t remember. they are in texas and i still need to get there and help dispose of them. i can’t keep everything she collected. i am a quilter – i collect fabric. hahahahahaha sorry to hear about the geese. it is not always easy to deal with the circle of life. the comment about what to do with a horse or cow in the middle of the trees made sense to me. what would happen in the wild? i truly don’t know. but knocking down a grove of trees to get to a dead animal doesn’t make sense either. thanks to everyone for sharing and for info about pictures and responses to comments, patti in florida

    1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ihio

      Patti, Along with the thimbles! I also collect a few spoons andi have MY mother’s tea cup collection! I love them and hope my daughter will, too😀. It is fun to see all of the collections. I have lots of hand carved Santas and lots of angels so I have the 4 grands pick one if each every Christmas😀

      1. patti

        we tried to get my mother to share her ‘goodies’ while she was alive but she just wouldn’t let go of anything. i’m already thinking of letting go of my things while trying to figure out what to do with hers. my daughter doesn’t want any of the sewing stuff except one of the 301s. that’s all. oh well, life may change also. my son wants all the quilts. thanks for the response. patti in florida

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