Points of Interest #13, 1-19-24

I can finally see what my screened porch would look like if I winterized it with glass to the floor. I love it and I can just imagine sitting out there in a snowstorm. Would I miss the outdoor feeling I get when I sit there in the summer?

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  1. Marcia Rocheleau

    You love your porch so much, I say DO IT! Put the windows in. Just add screens to the corner windows and you’ll maintain a clear view out the middle windows. Fall can come abruptly, winter always seems long, and warm spring days can take forever to arrive. Summer is short. You deserve to enjoy your porch all year. ❤️

  2. Sue Hoover

    Loved all those rolling pins hanging up and yes, I too would love to sit on that protected porch and watch the snow fall. It would be so peaceful. Of course it would still be a favorite spot in the summer!

  3. Janet S

    We’re in Minnesota where we enclosed our porch. It only gets a tad bit of morning sun and basically non in the afternoon. We included a split heat/air unit which works perfectly to about zero degrees. We then installed another heat duct from our basement through the garage and into the porch which worked beautifully. The a/c unit is never used as the base of the floor is cement covered with floor tile. It was the smartest thing we ever did (my idea). I’ll try to send a picture.

  4. Kim from Wi

    Love the blue quilt made with string blocks and star blocks, how clever and so simple being only 2 blocks. I feel inspired to try string blocks. I really enjoyed seeing the great idea on displaying rolling pins above the doorway. I have a large collection of Munising Woodenware Rolling pins that I would love to showcase in a new way and this is perfect. I have some of the wooden bowls from the same company. I include the link if anyone would like to know more about this company. https://munisingwoodenware.weebly.com/history.html
    Thank you for the wonderful shares.

  5. Jan Hebert

    I love Carole S’s description of her sunroom. I can picture that. My friend has Anderson casement crank out windows with screens in summer. They just added a mini-split for winter heat and summer a/C. They live in that room! Jan in MA

  6. RuthW in MD

    I really like that first picture, the curio cabinet with the glass pitchers and such inside it! So very beautiful!

  7. Frances E

    Mary, get sliding glass doors all across your porch. That way you can slide the door back and enjoy the breeze, and then close it when you don’t want it. I would love to do that to my back porch, but so far my husband says no.

  8. Carole S.

    Mary, we have casement windows on our porch, and when we had the porch enclosed, we had a separate heating/air conditioning unit installed. I believe it’s called a split unit. I’m sitting out there now, watching the snow fall, cozy as can be. Having the porch enclosed was one of the best things we’ve ever done to the house.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Where are you located? And what direction does your porch face? My nephew here in Rapid City bought a house about 3 blocks from us. There was a large garage (almost as big as my house) that had central A/C and heat. They couldn’t afford to heat of A/C it.
      Betty in Rapid City

  9. Karen

    …to Mary P from WI – Lovely quilt, I love the blues!

    Amazing to see everyone’s collections and how many cross over items we all share.

  10. Diana in Des Moines

    If you installed glass, could they be swapped out for screens? My sister in laws room gets quite hot in the summer when the sun is beating down. Can’t use in these sub 0 temps either. Quite the conundrum….
    Starting to feel much better, may go to church on Sunday! Planning on sewing all day tomorrow. Birds feeders are empty again so when it warms up today (5), I’ll venture out. I don’t envy your chores. Days like this are why we don’t have chickens, although my hubby thinks we need them. I’d rather have a goat. Lol

  11. Jan in BE

    I have a friend who used sliding patio doors next to each other ( 2 or 3 on each side) as the windows for a porch. That way in the summer she would open the doors and it would be half screens.

  12. Gayle in Tennessee

    Hi Mary. I have a sunroom with glass windows that open with screens. Maybe that would work for you to enjoy all seasons. We keep a heater out there in the winter so our outdoor cats can come in and be warm. My husband tells people we built the sunroom for the cats. Haha! Wasn’t the original plan but it has been a blessing for them, and me, so I don’t worry about them when it is cold.

    God bless.

  13. Tanya T. In Houston

    And no screens to put up and down! Double panes windows would keep you toasty maybe!

  14. Cindy

    My friends just ŵinterized their screened in back porch. It turned out beautifully. They use it all the time now. The windows are huge and its like being outdoors. ll bet you’d love yours as well.

  15. Gail in Ohio

    I am enjoying the “Points of Interest” posts so much – always fun to have a glimpse into what other folks enjoy!
    We only have a couple inches of snow here in my part of central Ohio, but it’s enough to close the schools and keep a lot of folks at home. I’m enjoying it (born and raised in the snow belt…) – it’s so peaceful! (And I did make sure I had plenty of chocolate on hand just in case…) This is a good time for me to make gardening plans, clean out some closets, work on some music, and slow down a tad. If my knees weren’t so stiff, it would be a great day to go skiing and forget the cleaning! LOL!

  16. Shirley Andersen Smith

    Mary you coukd put glass on your pirch that you could take off and stire and just have the screens in summer.
    We are frozen here in central Oregon 3/4″ of ice on top of our foot of snow. As long as I have food and “ice tea” and the power doesn’t go out I will be ok. This has been going on since 11th.
    I love all the photos of everyones special vignettes.
    Shirley in Central OR
    Such lo

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Shirley – it needs to be sealed up tight with wind chills of -50! Impossible with removable glass.

  17. Connie in NV

    A lot of points of interest! The rolling pin collection piked my interest ~ where does one find such an assortment.
    I think a glass porch in your area would be cold in the winter and I’m sure you enjoy the screened porch in summer while drinking ice tea.

    1. DebMac

      Hi Connie, I bought the first one at a neighbor’s auction many years ago. It is the second from right and is a one piece rolling pin so quite old but not hand carved. Several were gifts from my in-laws, my dad gave me one, one came from an older cousin that passed away, and the rest I picked up at other auctions or antique stores. All the ones where I knew the people have the owner’s name on them. They were small and inexpensive and easy to pack. I have more, several I use, several that got packed in another box so the peg board didn’t get made long enough to display them, and a carved springerle pin that somehow is now living at our daughter’s house.

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