Poor Robin

This was the scene in my laundry room this morning.  Deano was so proud of his “kill”, he wanted to show it off to Pam.  I, on the other hand, was not so thrilled but have come to expect these offerings that come in via the dog/cat door.

Ben’s bone marrow biopsy showed no cancer cells on initial examination but now was sent on to a large lab for further testing.  That sounds like “so far, so good” to me!  You can read more details at Believe for Ben.

12 thoughts on “Poor Robin

  1. melinda

    As a cat owner and animal lover I find it so terrible that cats are allowed outdoors to be able to kill our songbirds. Outside is so dangerous for cats and as evidenced by your photos for wild animals when cats can prey on them. Please, everyone, keep your cats indoors: protect them and innocent wildlife.

  2. LeAnn Keenan

    I get the same kinds of offerings. I hate it when they kill the juncos, but they are also very good mousers, and, as you say, they are always so proud of their accomplishments.

  3. Diane Deibler

    Oh, no. I just sent a big pile of old Kitchen Klatter mags to the local thrift store! Never thought of selling them on e-bay! One man’s trash,another man’s treasure! HA .Our Abby had really good taste. One spring she dropped a goldfinch,a humming bird,and and an Indigo bunting at our door step! I was just devastated!!

  4. bernadette

    PS: out here, it is probably gonna be a snake to kill birds, as in last July when we came home to an empty nest where two eggs had been, and the mother bird hanging halfway out of the snake’s mouth!!!

  5. bernadette

    Saw some Kitchen Klatter mags and recipe book for sale on Ebay. Approx 6 dollars for a magazine. Is that your new floor, Mary? Pretty wood. So happy to hear the good news about Ben’s recent test.

  6. sue blazevski

    That sounds like GOOD news for Ben. Prayers continue. Love, love, love your blog

  7. Diane

    Let’s hope the big lab doesn’t find any cancer cells either. What a brave little guy. Another funny story. My husband came ” clinking” into the kitchen. He showed me the mouse trap he was filling with peanut butter to catch a mouse we thought was in the basement rafters. Our kitty, Pyramus, kept staring at the bottom of the sink. That night at 4 AM, I heard “clink, clink, clink, coming down the hall. I got my husband awake and said,” I’ll grab Pyramus, you get the mouse!!” Yep, she had dropped the whole mouse trap with dead mouse in it at the bottom of the bed and came up to me for lots of praise!!

  8. Carol

    Oh, goodness, I’m thinking my indoor Kitty is a blessing! No critters…except one time when a generator was being installed, and during the workmen’s lunch hour, the unguarded very tiny mouse hole…oops, I mean hole for the gas line…proved to be opportune. For a few days, we heard scritch, scratch, scritch, scratch….we hoped he/she would find his/her way out. Unfortunately, it came out an unused cable line on the second floor, and hid in closets and drove Kitty crazy. One night she waited in front of the linen closet for over five hours. Then she proudly marched down to the family room with her prize, dropped it at my bare feet and the mouse, a little dazed stumbled around and tried to hide in a corner. Kitty had quite a lot of fun bouncing it up in the air and batting it with her paws, until my husband found a mayonnaise jar and captured it.

    I was standing on the sofa the whole time…after I screeched “Eek!”… Just like a cartoon!

    Praying for more good news about Ben.

  9. Launa

    Mary…so good to read about Brave Ben’s progress…sent him a card in today’s mail. Keeping up the prayers for Ben and his family.
    The pesky Crows here have been cawing and zooming near trees with Blue Jay nests. I’ve noticed so many wee Hummingbirds zooming here and there after bugs the outdoor lights attract at night. Plenty of blooms to give them energy, too.
    My morning visiting neighbor cat looks similar to your Pam only less white in her calico coat.

  10. Becky in TX

    I have a doggie door also that both the cat, Zena, and dog, Casa Cola use. Yes and we do get dead things also….but sometime they are still alive and get away in house. It’s a hoot to try to get the live bunnies or ground squirrels caught in the house when everyone is after the same thing. I have had baby rabbits carried up to the 2nd floor before i notice anything. Spring time is the worst!!!!

  11. Pat Williams

    They are always so proud of their catch and have to show it off. Unfortunately it is part of having animals. Thanks for all your info on the Kitchen Klatter “girls”. You have quite a collection of the magazines. I didn’t realize there was a cookbook too. That would sure be fun to look through. This blog so reminds me of that magazine and all the things they talked about. Still praying for Ben and hoping the final results are as good as the initial ones. Thanks again for sharing so much “info” with us.

  12. Martha Engstler

    Deano is a beauty and so proud of his catch. So glad we can keep up with Ben’s progress. We are all still praying for him and his family.

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