Possum Season – second time around

Only one person let me know they received this morning’s post about getting two more possums. It was a long detailed post – I don’t think I can remember all of it to re-post it.

Last night I checked the barn at 10 pm to find one possum in the cat room and one right outside which Hazel and Telly found. I confined the one in the cat room behind a door, set the live trap at the open end and scooted the possum into the trap and slammed the door!

Telly and Hazel fought with the possum outside until Telly grabbed it and drug it out from under a small step. We managed to shove that possum in another trap – the only problem was that Hazel would not let go so she was in the trap, too! I pulled her out the bait door at the opposite end and the possum played “possum”.

Here is the scene this morning on our way to the wildlife refuge.

The red on the cage is not blood but red spray paint – I spray paint their tails so I can tell if they return. After that big possum hunt last night, here is Hazel this morning, all sweet and docile. You’d never know it was the same dog!

I’m going to quit right there – while I’m ahead. I hope this posts!

84 thoughts on “Possum Season – second time around

  1. Louise

    Hazel does look pretty worn out. Sorry I missed getting your post this morning.
    All better now..

  2. Sharon Geiger

    Country life is the best! Good idea to spray the tails. Good luck with the varmints!

  3. Angie Rowland

    It posted and thanks. My son thought he had a dead possum in the back yard and scooped it up with a shovel and put it in a lined trash can in the driveway. About 2days later he went to put more trash in the can to find a VERY angry live possum. We still bring it up on occasions and if you could have captured his face when he opened the can- priceless

  4. Angie

    Thanks for posting this a second time – it was worth it. So loved the part about Hazel hanging on and going into the trap. That’s focus! It was probably almost as hard to get Hazel out as it was to get the possum in. I doubt that one will be back!

  5. Brenda archambault

    Thanks for the tale/ tail of the possums. Hazel looks like one pooped out puppy, and I bet you’re pooped out too.
    I think some of our messages get lost up on the cloud and reappear a month or more later. Enough to drive us nuts!

  6. Sharon Ernst

    That Hazel has true terrier blood in her!! And she just makes me smile! SO cute! 🐾🐾

  7. Dee t

    I did receive your possem news yesterday. And about more today, sorry I didn’t reply sooner,. Hope you don’t get any more. Heard they are mean. They look like rats from pictures I have seen. Don’t know much about them.

  8. Becky from Iowa

    You and your puppies are so brave with the possums. They scare me!!!! Great idea about painting the tails. Life on the farm is amazing. Love your stories….thank you so much.

  9. Diane

    I did get this one😃😃. Hazel does look tired out– poor baby, but great job defending her territory!! My neighbor ( supposedly a farm boy) and I, a town kid, found a possum. It keeled over and both of us thought it was dead so like Angie’s son, we scooped it up with a shovel and put it in a box by the trash. I took my husband out to see it when he got home and it was gone!! He , a farm kid, laughed so hard I thought he was going to have a stroke.!!! 😃😃😃

  10. Mary

    Thank you for this post. I did receive the post where you asked if I had rceived the other post. I hadn’t so didn’t respond. I am sorry for the confusion.

  11. Carol

    Didn’t get the first post but did enjoy this installment of life on the farm! It sure is busy!

  12. Sherry Whalen

    We caught a possum last night in our trap. In town. They must be moving in for the winter.

  13. Caryn Goulden

    Didn’t get the first post. Thanks for sending a second. Hazel looks so cute—all worn out after her adventure defending her farm. Sweet!

  14. Brenda C

    This posted and was so entertaining. You certainly have an exciting life with the critters. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Virginia

    So sorry that I didn’t reply with the first email…received the second. Just love your true to life animal story…that Haxel is a scrapper!

  16. Patricia Mayer

    So glad your possum event is over for now.
    It made me tired just reading your post!
    We have critters but the only ones that really are a bother are the gophers!

  17. Vickie Lemonds

    Now, I’ll worry about the possibility of rabies. Any warm blooded animal, especially wild ones, have the potential to contract this deadly disease. Maybe call the vet and ask if a booster might be advisable given that both dogs were exposed. I love both if your dogs-actually, all your animals! Love your blog and look forward to it everyday. Even my husband asks me, “What’s happening with Mary today.”
    A hug,
    Davidson, NC

  18. Kay crandall

    Got the second post, not the first. There sure is never a dull moment on your farm! Love your adventures.

  19. Kathy

    Thanks for resending this post so we could hear your adventure. Just keep all those adorable sweet pets safe from wildlife out there.

  20. Carolyn Boutilier

    when we set the traps for wood chucks we either catch a neighbors cat or skunk. Only once did we get a wood chuck. We give up.
    Carolyn B

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn – wood chucks are not nocturnal so you could set the trap during the day and keep an eye on it. Trying to get these possums has resulted in me trapping each one of the kittens – Reed, Darla and Danielle! That’s why I quit setting the live trap near the barn.

  21. Katie Hayse

    Got it. We had a family of four raccoons in the ceiling of our porch. We live trapped two and the others haven’t come back. Phew!

  22. Patty McDonald

    Hazel is such a cutie and so cute following the possum into the cage. During summer, our German Sheppard caught a possum. We heard all this barking in the middle of the night. Went outside and Zeus had the possum by the back of the neck. It was playing possum. He dropped it in front of me, I told him he was a super good boy, and then used a shovel to set it outside our gate. Within 5 minutes that critter got up and waddled away. Not a scratch on Zeus. Then last month at 4 am all 5 dogs were barking. They had a large raccoon cornered. Called them off and the raccoon took off with Zeus behind him/her. A few minutes later Zeus came back holding the coon by the back of the neck. He dropped it in front of me but the coon was dead. He probably broke the coons neck. There wasn’t a scratch on Zeus or the raccoon. Really hate to see possums or raccoons killed. They are good catching rats and bugs. Zeus is fearless.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patty – Zeus is a great dog! Took care of the varmints and was unscathed in the process – good boy!

  23. Delores

    Mary, Mary, Mary, all of this at the 10 PM check. Your days are long, busy and exciting! And the same for Telly and Hazel. Love the “painting” of the tails. Thanks for re-posting.

  24. Susan Sundermeyer

    Mary, what an an adventure! Maybe you have painted black stripes across those guys as convicted possums! I really think you should erect an Animal Safari Park sign on your property and start charging admission to see all the critters on your property. 😊

  25. Vickie

    I always love to read about your adventures on the farm. Hazel truly looked as though she was tired out. It is hard being a farm dog!

  26. Bobby Sutton

    We have a guy here in Chestertown that catches wildlife. He is our “Critter Getter” and that’s the name of his business! 3 possums in a week….you are definitely the Queen critter getter! Good job Mary.

  27. ANITA Fetzer

    That Hazel is a fighter…..Glad that Possum didn’t bite her. You have such an interesting life……on the farm. We do have possums in the suburbs too. Had 1 in the wood pile that my 9# poodle would not let alone. It finally went back to the woods. Have a good day Mary .

  28. Jeanne H

    Reading this post made me grateful that all DH and I have to contend with are mice. We used to have chipmunks around, but haven’t seen any this year. Last year we had a fox in the neighborhood. We think it got all the chipmunks, rabbits, and who knows what. DH saw it on top of our woodpile – sorry I missed that, so we thought it was waiting for something to come out – mouse, chipmunk or whatever. A friend had transplanted some daylilies for me, and one morning when DH went out, he noticed the lower part of a small deer leg sticking out of the daylily bed. We thought what the heck? Evidently the fox had cached it. DH tossed it into the field behind our backyard. Life in the country. ; )

  29. Janet Fredricks

    Hazel is too much lol!!. I live in florida and was wondering why you take the possums away?. Do they eat the chicken eggs or chickens, I thought they eat fruit , veg, and keep rat’s away.

  30. Ruth Cozad

    got today’s post but didn’t get yesterday’s. Thanks for you stories and adventures. A post from way back and in fact might have been something from goat gazette alerted me to a book review for “The Hangman’s Daughter and what a great book. I took the bait although with misgivings and both my husband and I got hooked on the series which is now 6 books. They were so well written and historical as well. Enjoyed them tremendously.

  31. Kathy Hanson

    WOW!! This one did post and I can’t imagine doing what you did! I would run the other way!
    Poor Hazel, she had quite the experience!

  32. Nancy Poole-England

    Even here in suburban California I have possums. Young people around here think they’re HUGE rats. HaHa

  33. Sue Davis

    I was a long and productive night of hunting, have a good and long nap today Hazel, along with her “Momma” Mary.
    It’s a good day for resting here too toady, cold and rainy. 🐩☔️

  34. Marilyn H

    Possums cause too much trouble…….lucky for them you had cages and saved their lives. Just how far away do you drive so they do not return?! Good girl Hazel! ! ! Mary, guess you found her calling!

  35. Sue

    What a great opossum story!! Those look like very young ones to me. Probably from a big liter somewhere near you last summer. Hazel looks plum tuckered out after her big battle. lol Great photos of an exciting event.

  36. Carolyn Van Petten

    Got the shorter version–thank you for sharing the critter stories, been there with raccoons and skunks!

  37. Bonnie McKee

    Hi Mary,
    Received the second possum story!
    Sounds like good old country fun!
    Well, maybe not “fun”, but part of the country living adventure, to be sure!
    We have been through this with possums, raccoons and skunks! UGH.
    Makes for good story telling after the fact. Ha!
    Loved the picture of your tired pup!
    Have a wonderful day in the country Mary! You are blessed!
    Bonnie, in Oregon

  38. Marie

    I received the 2nd possum story!
    Been there done that also.
    Love how Hazel is relaxing, she is so cute.

  39. Pat Smith

    Got this one! Hope you don’t get discouraged as I so look forward to your posts. It gives me a taste of Iowa since I can’t live there even though I grew up there. I did spend a week in Forest City last fall getting the Winnie’s steps repaired. Hope to get back next summer. Love your animal stories and experiences!

  40. Helen Jane

    Hi Mary…2nd possum post did receive. Hazel looks “tuckered out” from tangling with the possum! Probably thinking what fun…possums are here too in our wooded area. Thanks for your time spent on interests around your farm…

  41. diane matthews

    Another adventure living the country life! Painting the tails is a great idea. But you have to be close enough to do it. When I lived up by Yosemite I had a 500 lb male bear visit me about twice a week. I was on his regular route to scout out good garbage bins to raid. I learned to keep everything that would attract him in the freezer until the day for collection, then call for pickup and ask for a phone call when they were at the drive. They knew what the situation was right away! Apparently it was a common problem in my area. He was a lovely cinnamon color. I also saw foxes, and coyotes but the best animal was a gorgeous bobcat. He was so well hidden I almost didn’t see him until he moved, then we just looked at each other – it was awesome!

  42. Noël

    Mary, you are brave! I am forever emotionally ‘scarred’ by possums bc when I was about 7 years old my frisbee fell through the hole in the corner of the shed roof and landed perfectly on top of a bucket. When I reached in to get it up popped a long skinny nose and teeth and I ran screaming into the house like my pants were on fire! My dogs will sometimes corner one in the yard now and I always feel like doing the same thing. :-0

  43. Felicia Hamlin

    Wow Mary! I am so glad that you take the possums someplace else. I have never seen one here, but we used to have a woodchuck by the steps of our house, also a mothuer raccoon would visit with her little ones in tow. It was funny to see the little ones on the mulberry trees flattening themselves down so we couldn’t see them. One year there were two little raccoons who were living by a tree that had a cavity on its base, one of them had something wrong with one of its legs. Don’t know what happened to them. That was before we had our dogs. Hazel is a little hunter.

  44. Vickie Devore

    Wow, finally got your possum post! Great idea about the paint. Thanks for where you keep trying to post. I sure miss what is going on when it “sticks” Thank you !!!

  45. Micky

    I had one come to our front door in town several years ago and it was during the day so I gave it some cat food and eventually left. Hurrah for Hazel, that was hard word, I would be tired also. Peace Micky

  46. SusieQ

    Man look at all these comments…. this post posted for sure.

    I really like the red paint on tail to see if a possum comes back. The city takes the possums and releases them “somewhere”. But really why are there so many possum in suburbia?

  47. Gail Bronner

    Our cousin has a donkey to keep opossums away from her barn and horses. A friend raises sheep, he has llamas. Apparently both animals act as watchers and deterrents to such critters.

  48. Mary Silver

    Got the post by email, and I got the one before. I just hadn’t read it yet. No problems on this end.

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