Rick had an appointment at Mayo yesterday and came home with this awkward but necessary boot.

This first week he can put 25% of his weight on it, the second week 50% of his weight, etc until we go back in July and he can walk on it. So…’s another 5 weeks.

We got home at 5 pm and I jumped on the mower – Becky stayed with the dogs and had done the chores and several more jobs for me so I was free to start mowing. 4 hours later I came in and today I just have the goat pasture and around the goose pond to mow. I’m hoping Reed and I can plant the garden today.

You guys think I do so much work BUT here’s a job I hate so it’s not even started – weeding the flower garden just outside my sewing room. I really do hate weeding and it’s always so wet and clumpy in this space.

The only plants that are supposed to be growing here are the yellowish green ones – the rest are weeds! Yuck! The kiwi vine died last winter so now I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this space.

I had quite a lot of winter kill this year – this oak leaf hydrangea and a lace hydrangea which has been here for years. Makes me sad to lose them.

I’ve got a great surprise for you and I’m going to put it in a separate post. Connie is going to show you how she picks fabric for Cobblestones – step by step. I’ll make it separate so you can find it at a later date when you may want to refer to it.

Early morning on the farm.

17 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Rebecca

    Don’t feel alone after 16 years of my flower garden I have lost interest and especially weeding it. I told my husband it is now an english garden where its free to do what it likes!! I usually do the mowing also except when i can’t find time then he takes over. Bless the person who invented the riding mower.
    I love picking fabrics over the sewing and quilting. Sometimes I dont like how it looks when sewn together, oh well, move on to the next project where I can pick more. Ha

  2. Paula

    Mary, my daughter broke her ankle last July and she had the same boot and never did have a cast. Pretty easy to get on and off. She had to sleep in hers. Poor guy, you will work his butt off this winter. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula – you understand, don’t you? I begged him not to do this in the spring!

  3. Anna M

    I hate weeding, too! It seems like the weeds are much worse in the country, don’t you think? I had quite a bit of winter kill, mostly roses. Love reading your posts and seeing the farm!

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Your barn looks wonderful. There are so few nice barns around these days. When you said the lightning struck so close to the barn, it reminded me of when we first moved to Clarion. Dad was helping put a new roof on a barn and they were almost done. That night there was a big lightning storm, lightning struck the barn and the roof was destroyed. They had to start all over.
    Glad Rick is getting better. Time really drags when you are stuck in a chair.

  5. Pat Smith

    Any moving ahead is progress—great boot! I hate weeding too. Maybe someone will help with that? You need all the help you can get with as much work as you have to do. A farm is SO much work, but for one person, overwhelming.

  6. Kathy Schwartz

    Rick is resting his foot on a BEAUTIFUL throw/quilt. Gardens are lovely. Carry on.

  7. MartyCae

    That is quite the contraption on Rick! Glad it will help him be more mobile.
    I have a weed killer! My big kitty naps in the flower bed and crushes all the weeds. In addition we have had a film student out to our farm making a movie and Harry S. Truman has been assisting him. Big week here for kitty with all the company, rain and the heat.
    Love to see your garden and yard. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Kathy

    Looking forward to how Connie selects her fabric. That will be a very interesting topic. So glad to see the boot to give Rick some mobility as he continues to recover. I am with you on weeding my flower bed till I decided it can look like an English garden filled with greenery till we get some rain to make pulling weeds easier! I too lost a lot over winter this year. My lavender is what I missed this year the most.

  9. Janice

    Glad that Rick is in a boot – he must be chomping at the bit to get out and do something! Peter fertilized the lawn this year and it is growing like weeds! He’s had to mow many more times than usual. Looks like a golf course out there! So sad that you lost the hydrangeas – I’ve got to move a couple to a more shaded spot. By mid-afternoon the two out front of the house are in dire need of watering – even if it’s rained all night the night before! Would hostas grow in that damp spot? I love love love hostas and have so many different varieties. They grow fast and fill in nicely. Some are even good in sunny areas. Looking forward to Connie’s method of choosing fabrics!

  10. Dee T.

    Oh – those weeds keep on giving. Have you tried Preem? I spred it on heavy in early spring. I use a hand grass seed spreader and again later in the season. You may still get a few weeds, but it beats pulling all of them. It won’t hurt your plants. How about a clamatis vine. Your garden always looks great. And it shows how hard you work at it.

  11. Marilyn Holder

    Beautiful early morning on the farm….renews your energy for the day and, if you are like me, trying to decide which job to tackle first. Thanks, I am very interested in Connie’s selection process. This is the hardest part of quiltmaking…it is like the step before the first step.

  12. Nancy Tiede

    Rick will be glad to have the boot. At least he can open it and get some air on his leg. Been there and done that!
    Preen works good to prevent the weeds. You will have to pull them all before you use it. I do it in the spring and then again in August.
    Dense fog in Rochester today. Have a great day and take some you time!

  13. Jean

    Hey! I didn’t say I thought you worked too hard! I’m proud that we can throw ourselves at jobs in the morning and keep right on working until bedtime. It makes us who we are!

  14. Mary Barden

    Do you still have the Cobblestones pattern available. I’m late, as usual!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary – yes, Cobblestone pattern is still available for $3

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