Puddle Duck on the Table

Here is my Puddle Duck  block on the table – 3 versions.  Heidi peaked above the table to have a look and then joined in the next setting.  And I could not resist including the ivy geranium.  This plant was not this beautiful when I bought it last May – I’m not kidding.  Connie’s technique worked  beautifully – and if you haven’t read this on a past post, here it is again.  Bring the plant in before frost, cut it back, water and care for like a house plant until the end of January, cut the plant back again and start feeding the plant with Miracle Gro.  What a sweet taste of spring in my house.  I’m going to do this every year.

Rylie and Harlie are still here and Mia is arriving this afternoon.  Her family is going to Kansas City to the Big 12 Tournament and I am so jealous.  Mia and I will be watching the games on TV though.   We’re having another 60 degree day in North Iowa – truly unbelievable and so welcome!

19 thoughts on “Puddle Duck on the Table

  1. Pat C

    I am in LOVE with the puddle duck block! Which book is it in? Love all your photos, you live in my dream house!!

  2. Janet T

    Love the Puddle Duck block. My favorite from the book. Like the colors you used.

  3. Mary Hawk

    Love it Mary. I saved a geranium this year too. Now I am trying my sister’s rooting method. You cut off a leaf, let it dry a couple days, dip in rooting compound and then root in water. I have that same color of geranium and my frugal self wants to make more!

  4. Julie

    I absolutely love that table quilt!!! I would so enjoy sitting on a porch like yours every single day! What a beautiful, peaceful place for everyone!!

  5. Louise D

    Your nice room looks just what we have in Sweden with lots of flowers and sunshine.
    But your chairs are not Swedish looking!
    Louise D

  6. Helen

    Hi Mary…your room looks so welcoming for all…the flower is impressive enough that I made a note to try that next year…the table topper (puddle duck) is cute…I have always admired each and every project design from You and Connie all these many years…even the introduction to “modern”…sometime it would be fun to know the different states/places the comments come from as we have even had three snows plus ice/sleet/rain in this area of Texas. H

  7. Carol

    At first I thought, “oh no, now she’s taking it ducks!” Phew! That could get messy! Love the Puddleduck tabletopper, and your kitty! Thanks for all the peeks into your world!

  8. Launa

    It looks like sweet Heidi is checking out the beautiful quilting style on your Puddle Duck top from Jo’s new book. So many chances to win a copy! I am so enjoying all your beautiful blooms; thanks for sharing the pictures with all of us who read your Chicken Scratch.
    The rain went north and south of us today….still a little snowing in the Sierras, but with heating up for the weekend it will probably melt.

  9. Rose Mikulski

    Love the puddle duck, especially the quilting. I love how straight line quilting works with traditional quilts. I’m going to order Jo”s book, but before I do what’s this about your new Civil War book. I have the Blue and the Gray and remember the talk about another book. Is it out? I don’t remember reading about it. Enjoy the gorgeous weather, your photos are great.

  10. Holly

    Such beautiful photos! It makes me want to sit at the table with Heidi and have a cup of tea and a one-way conversation. I’ve been watching some renovation experts at work on HGTV and their results look pretty much the same. It’s all very nice in a kind of chilly clinical way, but nothing beats the down-home warmth of old well-loved and beautifully-crafted furniture, lots of color, plants and pets. At first when I read your blog title, I thought there might be an actual duck on the table! It could happen. I know it could happen at my house. But in the absence of an actual duck, the quilt block is stunning.

  11. Donna Sproston

    I love the puddle duck and have ordered that book as well as your new Civil War book. I am curious about the quilting technique. Do you sew several lines across the quilt and then fill in or do you start at one side and just keep going?

  12. Linda Hanley

    Hi Mary – I’m curious – what is the name of the plant in your last photo?

  13. Carol

    I love the quilting on this … It adds so much dimension. And really, I just love looking at everything in the photos! As always, thanks for sharing!

  14. MartyCae

    I have always said that quilts and cats go hand in hand and what a pretty girl she is!

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