Goodbye, Sam and Marty!

Sam and Marty’s mom and dad came home last night and today has been a day of putting the house back together and resting.  As the weather warmed up, Marty discovered the grove with the burrs and the yard with the mud.  Such a mischievous little boy!  He and Sam were in and out of the dog door AT LEAST 100 times a day – ha!  They had a great time!

Remember that cute little fluffy white dog?  Ha!  Just like all little boys, Marty loved getting dirty.  And Sam stayed with Harlie most of the time.  As soon as I got home from church, my next little dog arrived — meet Rylie, a bichon/shitzu mix and the cleanest little dog I’ve ever seen in my life.

And this is what the mud looks like in my yard!

It’s going to be almost 60 degrees tomorrow!  

And a good time was had by all!

10 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sam and Marty!

  1. Ann Barlament

    Doesn’t matter if those boys have 2 legs or 4…they ALL love to play in the mud!!!

  2. Diane

    Those pictures of dirty Marty are unreal! Can’t believe you let him in your house!! We were happy to see our happy dogs!!! I bet you needed a rest today! Hope you got things back in order after these 2. We know they had a great time and we thank you a million times!!! Marty did get a new haircut tonight minus the burrs. I cut a lot out of him last night and then decided it may be a good idea to get him another grooming, then he got a bath and he is fluffy again. We’ll see how long that lasts. He slept nearly all day today. Didn’t eat till supper time. Dann thought Sam was a little more laid back today than normal. Both dogs are happy and thanking us for taking them to Camp Mary!! What an action packed 12 days you had!! Thanks again, Mary for your exceptional care! Diane

  3. sandra

    Please tell me about the red and white quilt on the table.It looked like a good way to use up some left-over yardage.Sandra

  4. Phyllis

    You have the patience of Job…It would have pushed me over the top for that dog that came in full of mud n burrs…OMG!!!! You are a great person to leave ones dogs with…Bless you!!!!

  5. Sandy

    Boy did they have fun! Isn’t that what a vacation is all about?>>>>>>>smile.

    You are so good hearted Mary. They are so lucky to have you.

    Hugs, Sandy

  6. Sue Davis

    Your 4 legged kids look like mine. Except for the really clean one. What fun it is to watch them at play. That’s what keeps us young at heart. My 2 legged girls always tell me that if they would have done the things I let my dogs do now I would have spanked them, haha. With age comes patience. A little dirt doesn’t hurt so bad. You just put your hands on your head and say, what have you guys been up too?? And wait their until I get a towel!!!!
    But baths are on for Monday. Let’s see how long they stay clean.

  7. Launa

    Mud pies and all. It’s evident everyone had a great vacation time with you Mary! Sure wish we had rain here as it got so warm (80+) yesterday the attic exhaust fan cycled on.
    Come On-a My House pattern arrived yesterday (Miss Rosie’s) so I need to pull some lights and add a few new ones that came in such good mail yesterday along with a few darks for the houses and trees. No plans to start on it yet, but I like to get a box and start gathering fabrics ahead of time. Love planned scrappy.

  8. Carol

    Here in Lancaster PA it rained all day … but tomorrow promises to be lovely, just in time for the AQS show downtown. I left snowy blowy cold Buffalo NY with hopes of a big warm up …. it’s in the 50s so that is much better than what we have had.
    I love the Lancaster Quilt Show …three convention center floors filled to the gills with quilts, fabric, thread, machines and classes.
    I hope this is what heaven looks like ….’cause we know we ain’t never finishin’ all our UFOs on this earth!

  9. Linda

    I just cleaned up a Cocker Spaniel that looked like that…….but—–isn’t the weather wonderful though?????

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