Saturday Night

Got this picture from Connie today – she wants a Segway!

Yes, Rose, I finished “The Girl on theTrain” last night – what a great read!!

8 thoughts on “Saturday Night

  1. Julie Burkhardt

    I have done the Segway tour on is awesome…easy to maneuver ..but you can pick up speed quickly. Way to go Connie!

  2. Carol

    Oops, I see Sanibel on the vehicle now! Looks like the bridge to Hilton Head in the background!

  3. Launa

    I just read a review of THE GIRL ON A TRAIN so have it on my “to do” list. Am adjusting to PDSTime. If we had chickens they would have been up after us this morning. Just one grand-dog slept over so she was first one up and outside this morning.

  4. Susan K

    My hubby and I rode Segways while on a cruise. They’re awesome and so much fun!

  5. Jane

    I plan to check out “The Girl on a Train” – sounds good. Mary, I’ve missed the Goat Gazette book reviews.

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