Book Review – “Country Girl Modern”

It is my privilege to introduce you to my friends, Jo and Kelli’s, first book, “Country Girl Modern”.  I met Jo as a customer many years ago when her children were small – that’s another story and a pretty funny one at that – but I digress.  Jo writes a popular blog called “Jo’s Country Junction” and I keep up with her life everyday.  Her past year has been spent remodeling a house in a small town in Northeast Iowa and I have loved traveling this road with her  because I can sympathize with nearly every set-back and enjoy every success.  Kelli is her oldest daughter and the co-author of this book published by Kansas City Star.

The book is a smaller format measuring 8″ x 9″ which I love and the pictures were taken at a farm in the fall during pumpkin season.  They are beautiful!  When first looking through the book, I was taken with Bohemian Rhapsody and was sure that would be my pick to start working on since I like to use lots of different fabrics.  The quilt is photographed against a red farm building which also appealed to me.  But then I came to Puddle Duck, photographed on a white picket fence and I changed my mind.

This block measures 20″ x 20″ and I didn’t want to make the entire quilt, so just one block was perfect. The cutting recipe for just one block was also included which also made points with me.  I did not have to decipher the entire cutting recipe because I only wanted to cut one block.

Here are my pieces for one block.  I followed Jo’s color palette somewhat but changed the white to gray.

The “quick reference chart” is invaluable – it tells me how many units I need of each section to make one block.  Here are my units.

And here are the units pieced together into the sections shown in the chart.  Everything was 100% correct and the instructions were flawless.  Coming from another pattern designer, that is high praise indeed.  You may or may not find this interesting – our very first book “On Behalf of Chickens” was the only book we ever wrote that had absolutley no mistakes – at least none that anyone ever pointed out to us and we never found one either.  That, folks, is called “beginner’s luck”.

And here is my finished block.  Check the blog next week because I am going to quilt this one block to use on my table.  I love it and the book, with 11 quilts, is a bargain for $24.95 (I think).  You can order it here jo’s country junction or ask at your local quilt shop.  

Every day this week Jo will be inviting other bloggers to review the book and if you leave a comment on anyone’s blog, this one included, you will be eligible to win a copy of the book.  Each of the blogs will be giving away one copy and you could be the lucky winner!  Winners from each blog will be chosen at the end of the blog hop so watch for future posts – I might be asking for YOUR mailing address!

It is a beautiful day in North Iowa – 40 degrees making it wet and very muddy but that’s March!  March Madness will be starting very soon – what teams are you pulling for?

282 thoughts on “Book Review – “Country Girl Modern”

  1. Maryellen

    I don’t really follow basketball, so I’m not rooting for a team. I’m just hoping the madness of all this snow will melt soon!

  2. Julianna

    This book looks like a keeper. Love your color selections and the block! Great idea to include instructions for just ONE block. Way to go girls!!

  3. Rhoda Ebersole

    This book looks like another winner from an Iowa quilter. I would enjoy seeing it.
    Rhoda E

  4. Penny C

    The book looks wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing. I love your block and your choice of colors!

  5. LINDA

    HELLO, such a pretty Block!
    Neat Book! Thanks for sharing on your Blog+this giveaway!
    Happy Stitching !

  6. Lisa Marie

    Great block from what looks like a great book! I’m pretty excited for March madness since I live in basketball crazy Kentucky. Watching the UK team has this season has been amazing and I would love to see them become undefeated national champions. Go Big Blue!

  7. Bette

    I have been following Jo and moving into the new house!! I love her quilts. I like your block and adding gray is new to me. I really like your block.

  8. Kim A

    I like the one block option as well. Fun to make smaller projects. I’d love the book!

  9. Jean

    I follow Jo’s blog and know her sister. I like the simplicity of the patterns in the book. I am also a farm girl.

  10. Julie in GA

    I am a big fan of Jo’s Country Junction blog and have loved hearing about their new book. I would love to win a copy of it and try out some of the patterns. Your block looks great!

  11. Jen B

    Jo’s blog is my favourite, I love all of her quilts and would love to win a copy of her and Kelli’s wonderful book.

  12. Beth T.

    You convinced me with the “quick reference guide”–I love that idea, and wish every quilt book included one. So many times we are told, “make one block before you cut the fabric for the entire quilt.” Well, that would be done much more easily with a reference guide like theirs.

  13. Brenda Simmons

    I also follow Jo’s blog. I am amazed at all she gets done especially during the time she was getting the new house ready and then the move. It gives me incentive. Would love to win the book.

  14. Carol

    Your review is high praise indeed! I have most of your books and the new one is preordered. I think this book would be a happy addition to my library.

  15. Jeanne Serven

    I think this book looks great! I would love to have it! Greetings from a nearby Illinois Quilter!

  16. Judith

    I would love to have this book and make Puddle Duck too! Making one block of each sounds awesome. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Going to check out Jo’s Country Junction right now!

  17. SheilaS

    I LOVE your block! And I can’t wait to see the book. I was literally born on a farm (we were very poor-no money for doctor’s offices or hospitals) and so in mom’s tummy, off to grandmas farm I went until just the ‘right” time. I think that started me off on my love of quilts or/and barns.

  18. Connie Field

    Would love this book! Just starting to get serious about quilting. Would love any ideas and directions possible!

  19. Anne D.

    Ditto Brenda’s comment above – those Kramer’s are amazing with all they accomplish! There are several quilts in the book I’d like to try. I also enjoy seeing the block you made; it helps me to think “outside the box.”

  20. Susan K

    I love your block. It always amazes me how much fabric choices change the personality of a block! I enjoy reading your blog and Jo’s. My son lives in Donahue, IA – so far away from our Texas home. Following your blog and Jo’s makes me feel closer to him (crazy but true).

  21. Launa

    Love to sew one block and use for table toppers. I’ve followed Jo’s blog thru her remodeling and really enjoy how she and her husband have incorporated used materials and antique pieces into the “reconstruction”. The instructions and step by step visuals in ‘COUNTRY GIRL MODERN’ appeal to me as an old quilter so should help a new quilter a great deal.

  22. Janet Gluesenkamp

    Looks like a great book. Mary, so glad you’re still letting us know about your life happenings and visitors.

  23. Toni Anne

    Thanks for the insight on Jo and Kellie’s new book, it’s on my wish list. I love that you can easily make 1 block and that it’s broken down for you. Here in eastern New York it’s still below 32 degrees but, on Wednesday we’ll be having a heatwave of 47. I can’t wait for the thaw! Thanks for the review. ;-> Toni Anne

  24. Barb K

    I, too, have followed Jo’s blog for a long time and was so excited about this first book from her & Kelli! Her pattern directions have always been easy to follow and I love the quilts in this book!!

  25. Vicki

    Am excited to learn about this book. The ability to make one block for a pillow front appeals to me. Thank you for sharing.

  26. Ann Gupton

    I bought her book and follow her blog. Reminds me of Tom and I when we first moved from Illinois to Iowa after college. Love her book…

  27. Trisha

    I follow Jo’s blog and am amazed at her energy! I love her quilts, her instructions, her recipes and her “new” house! BTW…this was one of the best reviews I’ve ever read! You went the extra mile and actually MADE a block and tested the directions. There are several quilts in the book that I’d like to crank out some day.

  28. Nikki Mahaffey

    Visited her blog for the first time via your link..thanks for the hookup will definitely be returning…enjoy the taste of spring because Easter hasnot arrived and we all know that at least one more storm is coming….

  29. Wanda Anderson

    This review is fantastic. I thought I had ordered the book but evidently messed up somewhere since it has not arrived and I have not been billed.

  30. Chris

    The book looks wonderful. Thanks for offering one as a prize. I am rooting for the Wisconsin Badgers!!!!!

  31. Mary Ann

    I read both of your blogs faithfully. I keep looking at Jo and Kelli’s book and they did a daily blog showing each quilt. I did not realize you could just make one block of the quilt you chose. Really nice as this is a favorite of mine also. Thank you for the chance to win.

  32. Susie

    Really like your color choices for the block I’ve been following Jo’s adventures as she fixes up her new home.

  33. Debbie

    There are some quilts in that book I would like to make. Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

  34. Ana Sweet

    i am so tempted to drive and visit your final sale. Dont follow sports but do love quilting and follow Jo on her blog.

  35. Diane

    Wow–Everyone wants to win that book!! I like the 20″ size and your colors. I think I’ll make one up for each season:) Fun. Ohio State and Syracuse are the teams I usually cheer for–I live in Central Ohio, but grew up in Western NY. I’m going to look for her blog, too. Warmer here today–39.

  36. Linda Scott

    Avid follower of Jo. Would so love a copy of her book. Enjoyed checking out your blog.
    Keep Stitchin’

  37. Judy Prescott

    Loved your blog today and loved the block you chose. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Dee

    Congrats on your retirement I read jos blog daily also love the colors you chose

  39. Lynne in Hawaii

    I like the idea of instructions for just one block. It could be the ceterpiece of a small quilt. Add borders that enlarge but do not distract from the beauty of the block. Love the colors you chose.

  40. Anna, Michigan

    Beautiful pictures in the quilt book! Can’t wait to check it out and Jo’s blog. Were getting ready for a remodeling/addition 🙂 🙁 I’m not looking forward to all the “stuff” that comes with it. It’s 41* and sunny here but still a lot of snow/ice every where.

  41. Janell

    Love the idea of cutting instructuions for the one block. Very helpful indeed. Your grey looks great.

  42. Shauna

    I don’t really follow basketball, and whenever I try to do the brackets I lose horribly. But since my niece is a big Baylor fan, I would pick them.

  43. Debbie B.

    I love Jo and Kelli’s book and would love to win a copy. I follow their blog and from a town just about 30 miles from them. I look forward to seeing them again this summer. Thanks for the review.

  44. Patsy Weber

    Love your background choice! Thanks for all your blog entries! Love to read them!

  45. Connie

    I like your idea of one block. It’s do-able for a smaller project, and I need a few of those in between the big projects. Your finished block looks great!

  46. Linda T

    This book looks like a winner. I’m also a big basketball fan so enjoying local tournaments now.

  47. Alvera Dothage

    Would love to win the book. Looks very interesting. Your gray background looks great.

  48. Jenelle Boxberger

    I have been following Jo’s blog too. I became interested in her blog because I was born and raised in Iowa, then at the age of 41 moved to the northwest. Now we live in central Kansas. Love the idea of doing one block for a table topper.

  49. Betty

    Your one block will make a wonderful table topper. Love the quilt in the book. I really don’t know which quilt I like best, but the one you picked is high on the list.

  50. Pat Johnson

    Hi Mary, I’ll definitely be looking for that book if I don’t win it. Love the block you made. I am looking forward to March Madness. Living in Minnesota I’ll be rooting for WI. If they get that far. I’m originally from KY so it’s ok if they do well too. Keep writing and posting your blog-love it.

  51. Susan K

    I love the block you chose. The book looks awesome. I will have to get one soon.
    Thank you for your review!

  52. Ellie

    I enjoy Jo’s blog so much! This looks like a wonderful book and I’d love to win a copy. Your block is lovely with the gray and looks so different!

  53. Kim W.

    I follow Jo’s blog and as a result have found yours.
    I would love to have a copy of the book, as several of the quilts in the book are really nice.

  54. Kim T

    Looks like a fun book! Love that there are cutting instructions for one block. 44 degrees here in Wisconsin today is feeling like a heat wave! And warmer weather to come next week.
    I have your On Behalf of Chickens book…and probably every other book you did too…have always loved your scrappy quilt look. The modern quilt look is starting to grow on me, but traditional will always be my favorite.

  55. Marie

    Love the colors of your block. The quilt on white picket fence looks so dainty!
    Book looks like it would be one that you could use forever.
    Enjoy your blog so much. M

  56. Rita S

    I love it when books are so complete with their instructions and give what you need for one block what a bonus. Thanks for pointing out this new book to us.

  57. Susan

    I love your block! I like the idea that making just one block is all you need to add some bling to your table. I’m really impressed with the quilts I’ve seen in Country Girl Modern and I think Jo and Kelli did a fabulous job on their first book!

  58. Rose Mikulski

    I’ve pinned several of Jo’s patterns on Pinterest; they are so scrap friendly. Why do I always want the fabrics you use in your quilts? And Colton’s not around either. You must have a voo-do camera. I’m going to be checking out Jo’s book. Have you finished The Girl on the Train yet?

  59. Shelly J

    I have followed Jo’s blog for a long time and their new book looks like it has a nice variety of quilts. Love March Madness and the Kansas Jayhawks!!

  60. Dee A

    Jo and Kelli’ s book looks wonderful. Your choice of block and color will make a beautiful table topper, Mary! I can see Colton “inspecting” it with a quick catnap. 🙂

  61. Diane I

    I started following Jo only to find in her close to home but still love seeing what her and Kelly create. I like the colors you took to create the one block. Thanks.

  62. Sandy A in St. Louis

    Thanks for the wonderful review of this book! I follow Jo’s blog and have loved following along with the remodel, too!

    I don’t watch basketball, so I don’t have any favorite teams. It is sunny and 60 here today, also making it a muddy mess out!

  63. Cindy

    We had a beautiful day in Ohio as well. Your review of Jo and Kelli’s new book sounds like it would be a good book to have.

  64. beth daniels

    I love the block that you made. I sure would love to make this block and others from the book. I would sure love to win this book.

  65. Ardith

    Love you Iowa girls. I now live in VA but was born and raised in Iowa. I will miss the opportunity to visit Country Threads on my return visits to home. I enjoy keeping up with Jo’s farm news.

  66. Betty Klosterman

    I love “In The Company of Chickens” but I didn’t know that was your first book. I’m partial to chickens!

  67. pam in illinois

    I also follow Jo’s blog and I have bought her book. I preordered it but sad to say I haven’t had time to read thru it yet. I have looked at the pictures tho 🙂 pam

  68. Caryn S

    I have been following Jo’s and Kelli’s blog for a while and have loved all the quilts they displayed. I would love to win a copy. I also love your idea of the single block.

  69. Robbie from MI

    I love the block! And would love the book. I’m rooting for any Big 10 schools in the tournament!

  70. Marlene

    I love following Jo’s blog as well. Love the block and thanks for the chance to win the book.

  71. Karen

    I’m not a basketball fan….come to think of it….I’m not a sports fan of anything. I like working with fabric and yarn. That keeps me busy. I would love to try one of Jo’s quilts. Your block looks good.

  72. Carol

    I will confess to not having watched a basketball game since high school, and then we really were watching the boys! However, I guess if I lived in a basketball town/city I will be glued to the TV …sadly, I am from the Buffalo area and we are not the winningest city around (aka Home of the Buffalo a Bills, the Sabers)…. see what I mean!
    So, I sew. And I too would love to make Puddle Duck! I love your 20″ block…the colors are wonderful! If you award me the book, I will root for whatever team you tell me too!

  73. Susie at ProsperityStuff

    Thanks for sharing your block and the great book review! I love reading Jo & Kelli’s blog – they’ve always got something interesting going on! I’ve been impressed by the glimpses of their new book, too! Thanks for the chance at a fun giveaway!

  74. Tami Chaulk

    Thanks for the great review of this book! Their Puddle Duck quilt hanging on the white picket fence is just adorable! I follow Jo’s blog and have loved following along with the remodel, too! I would love to win a copy of their book!

  75. Carol K

    Your block is wonderful with the gray background! I follow Jo’s blog regularly and would love to win Jo and Kelli’s book.

  76. Jody

    I follow Jo’s Country Junction blog. You sold me on the book because I sometimes just want to pare a pattern down to a smaller size and the directions aren’t always easy to decipher how much fabric required to make one block. Loved the review. For March Madness I’ll be rooting for the Big 10!

  77. Sherry Whalen

    I really like your color selections for a great block Mary! I have been following Jo’s remodel and move – I can relate to all of that as well.

  78. Karen in Breezy Point

    It’s so fun to see how different the block looks in another color way!

  79. Janet

    I’ve been watching Jo and all her adventures with everything. I’d love to win a copy of this book! Thanks for the chance ;c)

  80. Martha

    So glad you are keepint us updated on your goings on. I bought the book, and love it. If I would win the book I would give it to a dear friend. Love your block and your colors!

  81. Debbie in WV

    I’d love to win this book! I see lots of quilts that I would love to make. I follow Jo daily on her blog and have been anxiously awaiting the book’s publication.

  82. Julie

    The color change totally changes the look of this block. These colors would be wonderful for a masculine quilt.

  83. Sandy

    The photos from the book are so inviting and your review confirms that it would be a wonderful addition to any quilting library. The use of gray in your block is such a modern, but country, interpretation. And, the Gonzaga Bulldogs team is my hometown favorite. They have had a fantastic season. Go Zags!!

  84. Marty Goertz

    I’ve been following Jo and her family for quite a while and really enjoyed her work on her house. Such a multitasking person and wonderful quilter! This is a block I will definitely try!

    Marty in WA State

  85. Bonnie Larson

    Love the block. It looks great.Tthanks so much for sharing. i would love to win a coy of Jo and Kelli’s book

  86. Christine

    Going to be in the low 80’s this week here in So. Cal. (I had to brag). The book looks wonderful. I hope I win!!

  87. Charlotte Taylor

    First review I have read on the book. Sounds like it is very detailed. I love that. And you block is great too. Thanks for sharing with us.

  88. Marian

    Love the block! The book looks like a “gotta have”! I am a fan of March Madness basketball, too!!!!

  89. Roxie Svoboda

    Jo has been tempting us with her glimpses into the book. Seems like I should think a little harder about ordering one.

    I am rooting for 60 degrees for my March Madness pick!

  90. Mary Lee

    Book looks like it will be useful and fun! Thanks for talking us through one block.

  91. Carolyn

    I absolutely love the block you made and the quilt colors we get a glimpse of. Must be an awesome book just from seeing a teaser.

  92. Susan

    I love the block with the gray background. It is very striking and will look fabulous on you table! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of Jo and Kelli ‘ s book. Upper 40’s today in south central Wisconsin. Spring can’t be too far off!

  93. janinne

    i don’t really enjoy basketball. Baseball is my sport – other than quilting, of course!

  94. Pam C

    I am so happy to see this blog hop for this book. There are a few pictures I saw that I liked and I want to see them all. It looks like a very nice book and I am hoping that I am one of the lucky winners! Thanks.

  95. Carol Garverick

    I love the block and think I will have to add the book to my quilt book library!

  96. Julie Burkhardt

    Love the quilt…might have to try this one..I have some fantastic batiks from Sanibel that would be beautiful. Thanks for the info.

  97. Susan

    I really like that the instructions included cutting for just one block. What a time and fabric saver!

  98. Karen A

    I’ve been following Jo’s blog for quite awhile. I’m excited to see her new book and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s posts about it. I really like the block you chose.

  99. Cyndy Knapp

    As an Iowa State grad, i am pulling for the Cyclones! Cute block. I’ll be anxious to see your finished project.

  100. Clarel Herring

    I like & follow Jo’s blog & would love to have a copy of their book. I especially like the block that you chose to make.

  101. gladys wahl

    I enjoyed looking through your blog…
    Jo and Kelli’s book / quilts are amazing and so are they.
    I many times have used a single block as a table topper
    Love the one you made.
    Thanks for being a part of the blog hop

  102. Sandra Davidson

    I love Jo’s blog, I have been following it for a year. Jo and daughter do beautiful quilts and I appreciate your review of their book.

  103. Anita

    Love the block that you chose and made from Jo and Kelli’s new book! Would be great to win a copy.


  104. Cecilia

    I love the block! The book looks great, thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  105. Jean Klein

    I think I like your switch of gray for white. Wouldn’t have thought to do that with the other colors you chose. I love the quilt pattern.

  106. Anna

    I just found your blog and feel at home already. I have been following Jo and her adventures on her blog. When she posted pictures of the quilts from her book I fell head over heals. Every time I see one of her quilts I think, this is the one, I guess I’m fickle because I can’t pick a favorite.

  107. Lori Morton

    I already follow Jo’s Blog…Looove her! & would love to win their Book!! Thanks for the chance to win too! 🙂

  108. Jill

    I have followed Jo’s blog for quite some time and am very tempted by this lovely book. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!

  109. Nell

    I am so lucky! I get to take a class with Jo and Bonnie K. Hunter in Iowa in July! I don’t have this book yet, but will need it for the class. If I don’t win it on the blog hop. . .I will be ordering it because I think I want to make EVERY quilt in the BOOK!!! I can’t wait for summer!

  110. Mary Ann

    Would be fun to win their book. I have been a follower of her for quite sometime.

  111. Sharon

    I found Jo’s blog by chance a year ago and have loved reading about the farm, the move and all of the family happenings. So happy that Jo & Kelly have written a book. The quilts she shows on her blog are awesome. The chance to win one of their books is exciting and to see all the wonderful quilts and the snippets you have shown it looks like a winner. Basketball-Kentucky Wildcats!

  112. Renea

    This looks like a great book and better yet it was written by two great ladies from Iowa. (Can you tell I am from Iowa) Thanks for the great giveaway.

  113. Dakota Gail

    I’m going to need this book as I am taking two classes from Jo in July/August as well as getting to take classes from Bonnie Hunter. Whoop Whoop!

  114. NancyB from Many LA

    I love your block! I’d also love to win the book – looks great! Thanks for the chance to win.

  115. Nancy

    I would love to try some of the patterns in this book. I read Jo’s blog and love most of the quilts she and Kelli make.

  116. Cathie Hall

    love a copy of book I just started to quilt and this would be a wonderful addition to my collection of quilts I want to do!

  117. Jan N.

    This book looks like a winner to me as there are several quilts in it that I want to make. I’ve been following Jo’s blog for quite a while and always look forward to her posts. Thank you for the chance to win this book.

  118. lorene holbrook

    love, love, love your color choices! absolutely beautiful! thanks for the chance to win!

  119. Jeri Niksich

    I started following Jo through her process of renovating her new house, I’ve loved every minute of it. I grew up is Iowa until I was 15…enough of the cold for me. I wasn’t born in Texas but got here as soon as I could. I am an animal lover & I commend you on the love you give our furbabies while their families are gone. That the most important thing to me is my dogs!

  120. Lisa Boles

    I have followed Jo’s blog for years. I love reading about not only her quilting but also her family, life on the farm, and remodeling her new home. I love the quilts in this book. Thanks for sharing in the give-away.

  121. Kristy Wilkinson

    What a lovely review of Jo’s book! I love your block and your detailed look at how she has laid out the instructions. Thanks for sharing. K-

  122. Shirl R

    I like this block too! I have followed Jo’s blog for quite some time and have enjoyed her remodeling project, her quilts and her recipes, and am amazed at how much she gets done each day. The size of this block would make a nice pillow or table topper.

  123. Lynn Mc

    Living in New Zealand, we don’t follow the US college basketball. There is a New Zealand team in the Australian league- currently a close second. The competition is very close as it nears its end.

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  125. LoriL

    Love the quilts in the book. Thanks for the heads up on directions to makes only 1 block. That is really nice as sometimes you just want to try one block. Look forward to getting a copy of the book.

  126. KT

    Love your block–can’t wait to see it finished! Would love to win a copy of Jo and Kelli’s book–thanks for the chance!

  127. Debbie Leschisin

    I will be cheering for the Wisconsin Badgers basketball during March Madness! Also, like the University of Kansas Jayhawks – my son-in-law went to college there. Thanks for the chance to win Jo and Kelli’s book!

  128. B Thoms

    I have been following Jo’s blog for a couple of years, I love her quilting style and would love to win a copy of her book.

  129. Sandi1100

    The Rhapsody quilt is beautiful! Thanks for a chance to win a copy of Jo’s book.

  130. Bev Uttech

    I too follow Jo’s blog and love her wit and laid back lifestyle. Love her quilts also. I enjoyed my visit to your blog and will be stopping by from time to time to check up on the goings on Mary and Connie.

  131. Paula K.

    I really like the block you chose to make and your color choices.
    Please pick my name for the book!

  132. amy

    Not into March Madness-just hoping it warms up enough to melt all the snow!
    Love your block and the book looks very interesting-especially that rainbow square quilt pictured on the cover!

  133. Amy Walter

    I enjoy following Jo’s blog. I would love to win her first book. Thanks for the opportunity. Country Threads has always been a favorite of mine as well.

  134. Allison Pogany

    Not a huge basketball fan- my team, UPenn, never seems to make it in! So every year I find a new way to fill out the brackets- ABC order, geographic distance from me, team colors. This year, so far, I’m rooting for UF, since that is probably where my daughter will go.
    The book looks fabulous! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  135. Gloria

    I would like to have Jo’s book. I enjoy reading her blog. I lived in Iowa for 13 years! I am alwaysvdrawn to Iowa quilters. Guess we will be cheering for VA.

  136. Ranch Wife

    It looks like Jo and Kelli have written a wonderful book – I love their quilts and Jo’s blog is one of my favorites. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. I love Puddle Duck too – cute name – cute pattern and your block is wonderful.
    We don’t follow basketball…does that make us unAmerican? 🙂

  137. Kathy Davis

    The “quick reference chart” is wonderful. I need pictures to make things make sense to me. My Missouri Tigers are not doing well this year, guess I will root for Arkansas where my son lives.

  138. Sharon Vrooman

    This is such a pretty book so full of ‘must make’ quilts. I love your fabric choices for this block.

  139. Rhonda Desgranges

    I love your block! Thanks for the chance to win!
    wigglypup2 at yahoo dot com

  140. Crystal Daniels

    Wow, your choice of gray for the background really made the design pop…Love it!!! I’ll have to check this book out, looks like something I’d enjoy adding to my library!!! As for March Madness, needless to say this Kentucky girl is a UK Wildcat all the way, of course my son is a student there so that’s an added #BBN #1 Go CATS!!!

  141. marie

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    I still wear my country threads sweatshirt from the Chicken Coop, purchased during one of my personal made shop hops through Northern Iowa….great memory….It is all ragged and ready to be made into a pillow.

    Thanks for all you do for the quilting world!

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  201. V DALE


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